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Essay on Cleanliness is next to Godliness Essay

Essay on Cleanliness is next to Godliness Essay

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness 

 Is Cleanliness Really Next to Godliness? 

Cleanliness is one of the most common and well-known proverbs next to righteousness, which means everything for the sake of cleanliness.

Cleanliness is the way to maintain the balance of mind and soul and it is a good habit being clean means keeping yourself physically and mentally clean.

what is meant by Cleanliness? | What is it to be clean?

Proverb Cleanliness means dirt, no stains, no odour. The goals of sanitation are to avoid the health, beauty, absence of offensive odours and spread of dirt and contaminants to yourself and others. Glassware, such as windows or windshields, may also have purposeful clarity.

Why do people say that cleanliness is next to Godliness?

Phrase Cleanliness Shower hygiene means keeping your clean & healthy body hygienic to avoid dirt. The best practice is to keep everything clean.

According to the type of things, we can divide cleaning into different types like cleaning of clothes, cleaning of roads, cleaning around, cleaning houses, cleaning people, personal hygiene, etc. 

To maintain our personal hygiene, we need to exercise very carefully and make it the most important exercise. Maintaining cleanliness is very important along with our personal hygiene needs. 
We need to understand and practice the importance of cleaning ourselves and the surrounding areas. We children at home should practice cleaning their teeth, washing hands, bathing, and other cleaning practices.

People who are accustomed to dirtying themselves keep the surrounding area and environment dirty and dirty. That is why they are always suffering from weaknesses, poor health, infection, various diseases, etc.

Therefore, it is very clear that to stay healthy, happy and disease-free we must keep ourselves and the environment clean
If We talk about our health (physical, mental, social and social), we saw how much personal hygiene and environmental hygiene for us is important. The entire environment is our home which we need to keep clean in order to be healthy forever. 
Some people understand the importance of cleanliness and follow all hygiene practices; However, some of us throw useless and dirty things on the streets that ruin and make them sick. 
If a clean environment can keep our mind and body healthy; Similarly, a dirty environment has a bad effect on our body and mind.

Many people suffer from infectious diseases due to infectious agents in dirty environments. Pathogenic agents become very active in dirty and dirty environments and can cause diarrhoea, cholera, hepatitis, flu, etc. 
People in the hospital may be exposed to various diseases due to untoward techniques practised by physicians and other paramedical staff.

Some physicians do not worry about cleanliness in the hospital because of their money-making habits and the spread of various serious diseases among patients and their attendants. 

To protect the sanitation of the environment, we have to raise our hands together and stop dumping waste, especially in populated areas.

To keep us healthy and happy, we should keep our body, mind, house, road, school, office, etc very clean. There is a need to educate home and school-college children about the importance of cleanliness at national and international levels. 

Let's break this down and look at cleanliness in two ways.

Does a stainless bedroom, undressed dog, and getting out of the shower mean that you are more righteous? Do not! In fact, the New Testament clearly states that external clarity does not affect the clean heart.

Physical Cleanliness:

So, no, Hebrew religious is not the same, followed by religiosity or pioneering. But is it worth it? Yes, I would argue for the following reasons:

We are called the stewards of this world. Dominance is not a term we often use, except to refer to lords, but it means being in charge of something that ultimately belongs to another.
The world belongs to the Lord, but we are asked to take care of it. We should follow this principle in life, you have been given leadership for everything you have. If no effort is made to maintain it, it is very difficult to take care of it. It is important to keep in mind what God-fearing has given us to care for, but it will not affect our goodness.

What can it be clean?

Cleanliness can be broadly classified into two broad categories

Personal Care -- This refers to being sterile in the physiological sense. Involving bathing, cleaning and private sanitation.

That is vitally important for the avoidance of varied forms of pathogenic diseases that are increasing every day due to the rise in global temperatures (which simulates the rise of such insects and parasites).

If we don't maintain proper personal hygiene, we may end up spreading various diseases to your nearest and dearest as well concerning the overall people, which in the worst case might even cause a widespread epidemic.

Diseases like hepatitis, cholera, malaria, etc. are due to inadequate observance of individual hygiene. Various means of care for personal hygiene include Sanitizers, soap, Shampoos, antiseptic Lotions, etc.

Environmental Hygiene -- exactly like oral hygiene refers to keeping one's body clean, environmental care is the practice of keeping the environment around us free from any sort of hazardous substances

which may bring about the disruption of the ecological balance and may distort the food chain leading to an even more or less apocalyptic future where we will soon be left with no option except to get destroyed alongside all other species.

The surroundings the same as anything on the planet loves to remain in a country of homeostasis and that includes proper waste disposal and direction.

It's rather important to our survival, more so in this age of rapid industrialization, whenever we are being surrounded and getting choked by means of a plethora of hazardous substances like a byproduct of industrial processes.

This results in the aquatic life being polluted too, which consequently threatens human life when absorbed causing a superfluous variety of diseases which range from paralysis to fluoride poisoning and in the end to departure.

Issues to Pamper
Although we have been trying, we've still not achieved a creditable degree of personal or ecological hygiene.

Of the 355 million menstruating women in India, only 12% use pads. This can cause various infections and diseases such as fatal cervical cancer.

With such horrifying numbers, maybe not in our wildest dreams are we make developed India a reality.

Research done by this Hygiene Council, supported by Reckitt Benckiser, published that in a survey, 92 per cent of chopping boards were found infected,

45% of homemakers do not wash off the vegetable and fruits pre-consumption and only 44% of children are forced to clean their hands after park actions.

These numbers are amongst the very most horrifying nature for a growing nation like ours because it holds the secret to unlocking a Pandora's Box of diseases that may possibly ruin a whole generation.

As per the New Cleanliness Report of the Federal Government, 52.1 per cent of India still defecates in the Great Outdoors.

This lays the base of a generation toiling with diseases including cholera and hepatitis.

In our Arabian tine country Bangladesh, which got its liberty much later compared to ours, only 5 per cent of people defecate in the great outdoors.

What is more surprising is that in India, access to a toilet and its own following usage aren't at all connected.

Nearly 60 per cent of the population has sanitary toilets installed at their houses but just 48.9percent of the populace uses those toilets.

When it involves open crap disposal, statistically, we're in a more rundown state. We have a tendency to throw trash anywhere and everywhere.

We litter clean roads, beaches, parks as well as water bodies. Here lack of suitable instruction and awareness will be your foremost culprit.

People tend to be seeing spitting tobacco in the sterile walls and roads. They litter places where dustbins have been provided.

A dust bin culture is that which we've to build up. The use of a Blue and Green dustbin as professed by the medical Ministry enumerates the use of wet and dry waste inside them respectively.

Various steps are being consumed by individuals as well as administrative organs to mitigate the Issue of uncleanliness:

The major dilemma in India which poses a hindrance to the achievement of complete hygiene both environmental and personal is the absence of awareness.

Even though the federal government is taking steps like airing audio adverts and posters promoting cleanliness, the situation needs to be solved at the main level.

Preliminary and chief education syllabuses must involve its schools to inculcate in children the habits of personal and ecological sanitation.

Under the integral kid's Development Scheme (ICDS), children are supposed to be educated on cleanliness, washing hands, good waste disposal, and personal sanitation.

However, recent press reports have evidence supporting the fact that these kids aren't being educated, rather the meals provided to them can be infected.

The grants and profits covered by the federal government for buying free sanitary pads and hands wash soaps are gulped away by shady individuals.

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, India's own cleanliness driveway, is an equally important step taken up by the Government to the fabrication of this base for a clean India. It was announced on 2 October 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi.

This Programme targeted toward job significant cleanup of the Ganga along with various other polluted rivers as well as providing proper sanitation to the downtrodden, disadvantaged and remote areas.

Factories together with the Taj Mahal and other places of historic importance have also come under the intense scrutiny of their ecological effect assessment teams.

Spiritual cleanness

Does a Stainless bedroom, undressed dog, and getting out of the shower mean that you are more righteous? Do not! In fact, the New Testament clearly states that external clarity does not affect the heart.
So, no, religiosity is not the same, followed by religiosity or pioneering. But is it worth it? Yes, I would argue for the following reasons:

We are called the stewards of this world. Dominance is not a term we often use, except to refer to lords, but it means being in charge of something that ultimately belongs to another.
The world belongs to the Lord, but we are asked to take care of it. We should follow this principle in life, you have been given leadership for everything you have.

If no effort is made to maintain it, it is very difficult to take care of it. It is important to keep in mind what God has given us to care for, but it will not affect our goodness.
The second type of cleaning is not on the outside but on the inside. Spiritual cleansing affects our righteousness, but you can only be happily cleansed by the salvation of Jesus Christ and the grace of God. 
Once we have accepted Christ as our saviour, we have completely washed away and become righteous before the body.

Only then we can participate in their devotion. Everything we do on the outside will not be affected; It is the heart of the soul that needs to be cleaned.

The fact of the matter is that even after seven decades of liberty, we haven't achieved the goals that we set for ourselves.

We have lagged tremendously on account of the factors of red tape, in addition, to finance drainage due to legislative loopholes.

If we want more lawful and healthier drastic steps need to be used instantly or Mother Nature will invisibly into its most ferocious form crumbling each the mortality to nonexistence.

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what does the Bible say about cleanliness well if you read in the book of First Thessalonians chapter 4 says for God hath not called us unto uncleanness but unto holiness, if you read the Old Testament law, God?



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