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Save Nature Save Mankind Essay

Save nature save mankind essay

Save Nature Save Mankind Essay

It can be pretty scary to think of all the dangers of climate change. In the past, we’ve learned together why we should care, but today let’s find out how to be proactive about the situation. 

We’ll learn simple some ways we can help in reversing climate change right now! because it's our responsibility to save nature & save mankind for future generations.

Natural resources are very important for living things humans animals and plants need natural resources to survive this is why conservation is so important conservation is the protection of natural resources what happens if we don't conserve important things such as water and clean air.

This can lead to scarcity when there is not enough of something look at this dry land there is not enough water to grow healthy plants due to water scarcity this is also called a drought you can help prevent water scarcity by conserving water conservation also prevents pollution makes our natural resources such as air and water dirty and unsafe to use.

we need energy such as natural gas and electricity to use things in our homes televisions stoves and refrigerators need energy to work natural resources such as coal or gas are burned to produce energy the smoke spreads into the air which can be bad for the environment.

some energy companies use solar power or energy from the Sun instead of wind power can also be used to create electricity you can save energy by reducing the amount of electricity that you use the less energy we use the less we need to produce so how can we conserve natural resources.

1 way to help save nature is to drive less when you can. As opposed to using your personal vehicle, try to carpool or use public transport. If your destination is close enough, maybe even think about walking or riding a bicycle.

Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is a significant contributor to climate change and vehicles are a huge part of the CO2 humankind produces. In actuality, it's estimated that for each 2-mile automobile trip you take, 2 pounds of CO2 is put into the air and it increases the risk of global warming.

Please thank all those children riding skateboards, you may also help out by recycling and reusing things as soon as you're able to. As opposed to throwing away things, see if you can find another use for them or donate them to charity when the item is still excellent.

Recycling helps combat climate change because it requires less energy to create a product from recycled products than starting from scratch. Also, think about purchasing things with less packaging in the first place or items using recyclable packaging.

This next one may be a bit frightening to everybody who has taken part in a war for the thermostat, but I challenge you to attempt to let your houses become a little warmer in summer and a bit colder in the winter, even if it's only by a couple of degrees. Moving up your thermostat 2 levels in the summer and down two levels in the winter can eliminate an estimated 2,000 pounds of CO2 annually! Your diet can also play a role in the climate change battle.

Think about eating less meat when possible, since the animal agriculture industries emit a great number of greenhouse gases. The livestock sector, including things like feed manufacturing and transportation, is responsible for approximately 14 per cent of all of the greenhouse gas emissions around the planet.

I am not necessarily saying you will need to go vegetarian or vegan, but perhaps try things such as Meatless Mondays or decide on a plant-based alternative for even only 1 meal when you might have had meat. Every little bit helps! I am aware that kale salad seems scary but you can do it!

It must be noted, however, that it may not be as straightforward as all plants are better for the environment than all meats when taking everything into consideration like the energy necessary to make the food. Overall though, plant-based diets appear to be better for the fight against climate change compared to meat-based ones.

Another thing you can do is inspire others to join in the battle against climate change. This may be simply talking to your family and friends about the issues or organizing events and groups in the neighbourhood community. You can also contact your government officials and urge them to take action and have policies that result in a healthier, greener future.

There is more to life than increasing its speed or volume. If you are willing to slow down and be open to it, there is an excellent deal which you can definitely learn from nature. The lessons are all around us and they are not allowed for the special, privileged few from the smallest of leaves into the biggest, oldest trees.

They're all fantastic teachers in some manner. We discuss change like it's always coming from out as if it is always determined by something external.

If I had more money and more resources, the time would not be right, I am not ready yet but all these things, they concentrate on outside things, outside reasons why change is not possible. The focus is on the exterior.

Ultimately though, it is about you, and you alone. The constant and honest pursuit of any quality is what really matters. Because, if you look long and earnestly enough, and you'll find exactly what you seek. Exactly like the roots of a tree, burrowing deep into the shadow of the soil erosion to find water and nourishment.

It does not have a map, it does not have a manual, but it finds its own way, trusting itself to make light from inside to find the way. Trusting it is a thirst for expansion. If there is any truth in this world then it must exist not just in sacred buildings and books, but in the Little things the easiest of things.

You can learn as much from observing a tree, or a leaf, or by running water, as possible from the earliest and most ancient scriptures that we've I mean, look at the way nature is continually changing, adapting and evolving is not life like that?

Examine the cycle of seasons, everything goes through continuous growth. Then constant decay. Ups and downs, peaks and valleys. Is not life like that? Examine the water - even though it's fluid and you can not grab a hold of it, it can wear down and erode the roughest, most jagged stones.

Nevertheless, it remains flexible, malleable and flexible. Imagine if you tried to be like that in your own life, in your relationships - adapting like water to the demands of others? 

So just enjoy the bee gathering pollen from various flowers, absorb what is useful, discard what isn't, and then add what is uniquely your own. You will find lessons everywhere you simply need to observe.

Together we can protect the earth and its resources through conservation because we must save nature and save mankind.  

Thank you so much


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