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A thing of beauty is a joy forever poem

A thing of beauty is a joy forever by John Keats

A thing of beauty is a joy forever by John Keats

A thing of beauty is a joy by John Keats I have the explanation of the poem and new words in it now I would like to tell you something about the poet.

John Keats was born in London in the year 1795 and died in Rome in 1821 at the young age of 25 due to illness he was considered a Romantic poet of the second generation of English literature and his poetry is characterized by sensual imagery which is most prominent in his most popular work which is a series of ODEs.

ODEs are lyrical poems that are meant for a particular subject today its poems are one of the most sought-after creations in English literature this particular piece of poetry is an extract from his poem enemy on a poetic romance which was published in the year 1818 and is considered to be an epic poem

Nowhere is the background of the poem it is based on Greek mythology which is about a shepherd by the name of the enemy on his quest for his love Diana and how in his quest

He falls in love with an ugly maiden who later turns out to be Diana herself here is an explanation of the poem line by line.

Line 1:- (the first one is a thing of beauty is a joy forever its loveliness increases it will never Pass into nothingness)in this line the poet is saying that beauty is eternal it is forever and it never fades away rather it enhances with the passage of time.

Line 2:- (but will keep a bower quiet for us and a sleep Full of sweet dreams and health and quiet breathing) here the poet is saying that beauty acts as a shade of the trees a relaxing cooling shade of the trees which helps all the living things to relax under it and peacefully.

Line 3:- (therefore on every model are we reading a flowery band to bind us to the earth) here the poet is saying that every day every moment we have a desire to live further which is because

we get encircled in our love towards these beautiful things and as we get wrapped up in the beautiful flowery band this beautiful flowery band is our entrapment is our attachment to these lovely pretty beautiful creations of God and they give us reason to live further

Line 4:- (spite of despondence of the inhuman dearth of noble nature's of the gloomy days of all the unhealthy and darkened ways made for our) 

In this line the poet is saying that without beauty the earth is full of gloom and sadness there is nothing else to feel happy about other than the beautiful creations on the earth, there is cruelty all-around a lack of good-natured humble people.

Line 5:- (searching, yes in spite of all some shape of beauty moves away from the pall From our dark spirits) in this line the poet is saying that it is this beauty the beautiful creation of God which removes the sadness and darkness of this world from a mind and soul

Line 6:- (such the Sun the moon trees old and young sprouting a shady boon for simple sheep) here the poet has named a few beautiful creations of God

He says the Sun and the moon are very beautiful and inspiring the trees to give us valuable shade which is a boon for all the living creatures here he has used sheep which indicates all the living beings.

Line 7:- (And such are daffodils with the green world they live in and clear ills that for themselves a cooling covered make against the hot season) in this line the poet is trying to tell us that the daffodils have a lot of greenery in them

They give us a lot of colors and make the world so vibrant the clear flowing streams of water are very cooling and help us cool in this hot summer season.

Line 8:- (the Mid forest brick rich with a sprinkling of Fair Musk Rose blooms) this line says that the thick green bushes of forest fern are very pretty and further he says that the beautiful fragrant Musk roses which grow in this forest fern are very fragrant full of fragrance and are very beautiful.

Line 9:- (and such too is the grand of the domes we have imagined for the mighty dead all lovely tales that we have heard or read) in this line the poet says that other than the natural creations the natural beauty

The stories of brave men who have sacrificed their lives are very inspiring for generations to come these stories are also beautiful according to the poet

Line 10:- (an endless fountain of immortal drink pouring unto us from the heaven's brink) this line suggests that these beautiful things made by God are like an endless fountain they are like nectar

Which falls upon humanity which falls upon us mortals these immortal things are so precious that they give our life meaning and help us in living our lives happily. 

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Youtube video of this poem

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