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Essay on how to improve habits of cleanliness in daily life


Essay on how to improve habits of cleanliness in daily life

Essay on how to improve habits of cleanliness in daily life

For every human personal hygiene is it important as our daily food personal hygiene gives us healthy and disease-free life, in definition hygiene is defined as the science and practice maintaining good health in simple words personal hygiene is taking care of one's own body 

The four main aspects of personal hygiene are one cleanliness to rest and sleep three physical exercise four healthy habits cleanliness 

Cleanliness of hand and skin is the most essential part in our daily life on starting our day we use many things while handling them would touch the objects like furnitures coins supporting rods in buses seats etc every object that we touch or pay may carry germs which are transferred over other parts of the body and does it can also transfer into the body through food 

We can maintain personal hygiene by following some of the measures that help us to attain disease-free life 

  • Practising of daily hand wash with soap the full food is very important 

  • Many of the people ignore proper hand wash after using toilets or washrooms practice of hand wash with soap after use of toilets is very important 

  • Proper and particular cleansing and drying of various left and folds of skin like arms legs and toes 

  • Proper and daily washing off undergarments and handkerchiefs

  • Frequent washing and regular combining of hair gives not only healthy hair but also free from parasites like head lice 

  • Brushing teeth twice daily keeps deep free from germs and infections make a habit of brushing twice early in the morning and the photo bed at night is good for teeth practice of mouthwash after eating every food and after eating sweets also good for deep and guns 

  • Always while sneezing or coughing hold a handkerchief in front of nose and mouth 

  • I care is also much important as part of hygiene cleansing of eyes regularly with clear water two or three times a day prevent from infection trachoma and congestive itis are the two common diseases caused by dust and contamination never share travels with other even with the family and also never share control used by others which also leads to infection 

  • The years are one of the important organ in our body which should be cleansed properly and regularly the wax that is formed in the year should be cleansed with soft swab then put any sharp objects into the year which damages the eardrum 

  • A systematic physical exercise is necessary for every age group like children adolescents young and old people physical exercise improves blood circulation 

  • Every organ in our body needs rest bogans obtained rest when we sleep every age group requires adequate and sound sleep an average of 6 hours per day 

  • Everyone should make a habit of going to bed regularly waking up regularly and taking food at regular intervals and time 

  • Going to bed at late hours going to bed immediately after dinner are not good for health 

  • Everyday bowel should be cleared preferably in the morning 

  • Usage of tobacco should be avoided which is injurious to health and leads to cancer 

  • Consuming of alcoholic beverage is also injurious to health 

  • On the other side cleanliness of house is also very important the room should be well ventilated for fresh air and oxygen and sunlight the proper ventilation with sunlight kills the germs does we should care of everything in our daily life with prota hygiene can ensure a healthy life

Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons personal, social, health, psychological or just as a method of life, keeping a good standard of hygiene can help to protect against the development and spread of infections, illnesses and bad orders.

Here are the five personal hygiene habits which one should incorporate in their daily life.

Oral hygiene

But if you have a health problem in your mouth, You Have to see your dentist

Nail hygiene

The purpose of foods is to protect the ends of your fingers and toes from trauma and to help pick things up taking excellent care of your needs and keeping their cleanliness is very important.

Meals can be kept clean by using a simple, mild soap, warm water and a nail brush. You use a specialized moisturizer or hand. A nail product may be useful in keeping skin and nails hydrated and healthy

Bathing Ritual

Washing and bathing are the most important ways of maintaining good health and protecting ourselves from infections, illnesses and ailments. Maintaining cleanliness is also important for our self-confidence, physical and psychological well-being.

The main purpose of washing is to remove dirt and auto skin care and medical care professionals recommend that office underarms and genitals are cleansed once a day and more frequently as discothèque.

Hand hygiene

Most infections, particularly colds and gastroenteritis I've got when we place our unwashed hands, which have germs on them . Some infections are caught when other people's dirty hands touch the food we eat.

If your fingernails are dirty, dry your hands with something clean, such as people, towels or hot drills. You should always wash your hands after using the bathroom, before eating or making food, after handling dogs or other animals. If you have been around someone who is coughing and has a cold

Toilet hygiene

And both adults and children should practice good hygiene when it comes to matters in the bathroom. Hand washing, wiping properly following both urination and bowel movements and maintaining the toilet area clean are some of the best tips for good toilet hygiene.

Personal hygiene is the practice that contributes to body cleanliness and great personal appearance or private grooming. The personal hygiene may be in the form of bathing, hair, shaving or using a haircut, brushing your teeth, washing of hands and clothes. There are a number of reasons for good personal hygiene and thus it is very important to maintain.

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