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Essay on Tokyo Olympics 2021

Essay on Tokyo Olympics 2021

Essay on Tokyo Olympics 2021

Olympics is the leading international sports event featuring summer and winter games where thousands of athletes participate from all over the world, The 2020 summer Olympic is the next edition of the 2016 summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil,

The host country of summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo Japan, the widespread pandemic situation all over the world made the summer Olympic 2020 be rescheduled for 2021 that's why it is called as summer Olympics 2020 

All the athletes from all over the world practice and wait to showcase their talents through this greatest event of all sports events, the Olympic games represent five rings as the logo of the Olympics the five rings represent five continents of the world Africa, Asia, Australia, America, and Europe.

The motto of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is united by emotion, the flag-bearer from India at the opening ceremony of Olympics 2020 was Mary Kom and Manpreet Singh 

Miraittowa is the official mascot of the 2020 summer Olympics representing the cultural heritage of Japan, In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics 205 nations along with 11 090 athletes participated, the opening and closing dates of Tokyo Olympics 2020 are 23rd July and 8th August respectively 

Olympic always plays an important role to unite the global community with magnificent sports events Tokyo Olympics also established the same among all nations.

In Tokyo Olympics also the athletes have shown their capabilities the most successful country is the united states having total of 113 meters out of which 39 are gold, The other two countries which begged the maximum medals are china and japan had a total number of 88 and 58 medals respectively.

India made a remarkable position in Tokyo Olympics compared to the previous ones India backed a total of 7 medals having one Gold two Silver and four Bronze.

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Short essay on Tokyo Olympics 2021

The Olympic games are known as the world's foremost athletic competition, over 200 nations participate in this event that happens once in four years, the Olympic games first began in Ancient Greece at Olympia 

The first modern Olympics happened in 1896 in Athens Greece, the Olympic Games program consists of 26 sports 30 disciplines and nearly 300 events, Tokyo Olympics is scheduled to begin on July 23 after a year-long delay due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

This is the first time that the Olympic games have been postponed and rescheduled rather than cancelled, the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics 2021 will take place on July 23 at the newly built national stadium in the Japanese capital while the closing ceremony will be held on August 8, 2021, at the same venue 

Leaders from around 15 countries are expected to attend the July 23rd opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics 10 reports in Japan have suggested that those attending the ceremony in person could be as low as 1 000 due to the pandemic 

The international Olympic committee IOC approved five new sports for the Olympic games Tokyo 2020 these are surfing sport climbing skateboarding baseball and karate, a total of around 11 000 athletes from 206 countries are expected to participate in 33 sports in Tokyo Olympics 2020, Company name and logo generator

The mass code of Tokyo Olympics 2020 is named Miraitowa 14 the opening ceremony for Tokyo Olympic 2020 will start at 8 pm Japan local time, 

The sporting events during Olympics 2021 can start as early as 9:00 am japan time the gold silver and bronze medals awarded to competitors at the Olympics represents the highest levels of athletic achievement at the games, the design of the medals represents Japanese culture, 

The Olympic logo also known as the Olympic rings consists of five intervened rings and represents the unity of the five inhabited continents America, Africa, Asia Australia and Europe. 

There are the winter and summer Olympics that are held alternating as well, a body is known as the international Olympic committee oversees all matters regarding the Olympic games.

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