Essay on Neeraj chopra

Essay on Neeraj chopra

 Essay on Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra is an India Javelin thrower, who is the first track and field athlete to win an Olympic Gold medal for India, This feat was accomplished in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with a throw of 87.58 in his second attempt on 7th August 2021, His full name Subedar Neeraj Chopra, He born on 24th December 1997 in Panipat, Haryana from Chandra Village.

His father is Mr Satish Kumar, he is a farmer and his mother is Mrs Saroj Devi, he is the first India athlete to win the U2O World Championship in track and field. He is also a Junior Commissioned Officer ( JCO ) in the Indian Army. In 2016, he joined as Indian Army with the post of subedar, His height of 5.11 Feet and his Weight was 86 KG.

Neeraj developed an interest in  Javelin at a tender age after keeping an eye on   ( Jai Choudhry ) who was used at the  Panipat Stadium, Neeraj Chopra received coaching under the German Legend Uwe Hohn. 

He is 23 years old and at this age, he has won Gold for Inda in Olympics, he won also nominated for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan Award in 2018, he also won a Gold medal in Asian Games in 2018,  he has been awarded a large number of medals, he has got a lot of gold and made his country proud.

In the 2016 IAAF World U20 Championship, Neeraj Chopra set the world under-20 record of 86.48M. Neeraj Chopra was also selected as the flag bearer at the opening ceremony for India at the 2018 Asian Games which marked his first Asian Games appearance, He is one of only two Indians to win an Individual Gold medal at the Olympics [alongside Abhinav Bindra].

He is the youngest ever Indian Gold Medalist in an individual event and the only one to have won Gold in his Olympic debut. Neeraj Chopra who has worked so hard and attained a gold medal for India shows their dedication and love towards the country. 

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