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My favourite sport cricket essay | my favourite game cricket essay

My favourite sport cricket essay

My favourite sport cricket essay in English

Sports have much importance in our life. Sport keeps us healthy & fit. I like playing many outdoor games. I play cricket, volleyball & badminton. I like to play cricket the most. I play cricket in the park near my house with my friends as well as at my school playground. 

Cricket is played between two teams. Each team contain 11 players. There are batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keeper & fielders in each team. There are many rules & regulations in cricket. In this game, there are two parts first is batting & the second is bowling or fielding. 

The team which wins the toss gets a chance to decide whether they want to do batting or bowling. The Fielding team do the bowling to the batsman. Match contains overs & each over contains 6 balls. The team with the highest score wins. 

There is a total of 3 umpires to give decisions of out, not out, four & six. Two umpires are present on the ground. The third umpire's help is taken only for critical decisions. 

I like to do batting & I am a good batsman. We have a cricket team at my school. We also play interschool matches.  There are many forms of this game like one day match, twenty-twenty match & Test match. The test match is the longer form of cricket. 

I also like to watch a cricket match on TV. When India won the match we celebrate that moment. I have also experienced the atmosphere of the stadium. Everyone is energetic & cheers to their team. 

Sachin Tendulkar, M.S.Dhoni & Virat Kohli are my favourite cricketers. Sachin is my idol & he is considered the best player ever. 

It is actually very exciting to watch the match till the last moment. I am practising daily to become a cricketer. My parents also motivate me to play cricket. My dream is to become a cricketer in my life. I like cricket very much. 

My favourite sport cricket essay 

I play lots of games like hockey, badminton, football but I like cricket the most of all games. Cricket is a very interesting and famous game. It is an outdoor game. In cricket, there are two teams with 11 players each. Cricket is played in many forms like test matches, one-day matches and 20-20 etc. 

Test match in the form of cricket with the longest match duration and is considered the game's highest standard. A cricket match has two parts. One batting and the other bowling or 1 fielding. 

The cricket match begins with a toss. Whichever team wins the toss decides to bat or bowl as they wish. One team bats and the other team bowls, Matches are played according to the overs. 

The number of overs depends on the form of the match. There are 6 balls in each over. The team that scores the more runs that team will be the winner. 

The best performing player is declared "Man of the Match". I play cricket every evening with friends. I find this game very interesting. I love cricket so much and I play in school too and being in the cricket team of the school, I get to learn a lot new and better from our coach. I wish that I will become a successful cricketer one day. 

My favourite sport cricket essay

My favourite game is cricket, My friend and I play on the playground near our school. I am the captain of my cricket team our team has played many matches we have won many matches, two teams play a cricket match, eleven players make one team, there is a toss, the match begins one team bats the other fields.

The captain of each team is the leader the decision of the umpires is final, I like batting and bowling, I like fielding too, the game id cricket gives me good exercise, the games of cricket keeps me fir and alert, I watch great matches, I learn from the great cricketers, I want to become a cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar. Really, I like this game very much.

My favourite game cricket essay 

My favourite game Cricket is my favourite game. lt is a famous game all over the world it is played between two teams! Each team has eleven players. lt is played on a flat, smooth and vast playground. 

Cricket requires two sets of stumps, a ball and two wooden bats. An umpire conducts the game. He tells us the score. There are the different duration of cricket matches played. 

There are 20 ovens matches,50 over matches, a 5-day match called a Test match. This game keeps me active and smart. I learn discipline, rules and sportsmanship from this game. In short, I like this game very much. 

Paragraph on my favourite game cricket

Cricket is a very famous game played by many people around the world and the most loved game in India. It is an outdoor game Cricket id played with a bat and a ball on a field with a rectangle pitch in the centre. 

Two teams play and each team gets to bat and bowl there are 11 players on each of their teams, there are wickets placed at the end of the pitch. The two batsmen must try to score a good score while the bowling team tries to now them out one team sets a score which the other team must beat if they brat the score they win. 

An umpire makes sure they follow the rules, A bowler can bowl six balls in one over. The game can be played in three formats- T20, ODI and test matches countries like England, Australia, India, South Africa, etc. The ICC makes the rule for the game

Children and adults love cricket, children love to play this game on streets or on the empty ground and have a lot of fun while playing it, many people watch matches on TV or in the stadiums and cheer loudly for their team.

Paragraph on my favourite sport cricket

Cricket is one of the famous outdoor sports played all over the world at the national and international levels. There are two cricket teams, each with 11 players it is played by both teams for the very general purpose of achieving maximum score.

The team wins that score high at the end of the match, there is an action centre called the pitch around which the game is played. It is played in a large open space and the well-maintained area from the wicket is 68058 meters and the small cricket id main playing field is 2.64 meters.

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