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Elimination of Single Use Plastic Essay

Elimination of Single Use Plastic Essay

Elimination of Single Use Plastic Essay

"Plastic is threatening the 

Life of humans, as well as 

the environment of the earth"

Single-use plastic is one of the most prevalent causes of pollution including environmental as well as water pollution. we produce millions of tonnes of single-use plastic ever. These single-use plastic are used only once and then thrown away as garbage for recycling.

It has a devastating impact on the ocean, sea, animals and hydrophytes. therefore, the elimination of single-use plastic is very important.  The government in many countries including India has started campaigns to stop single-use plastic and use environmentally friendly carry bags. 

Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi gave a clarion call to phase out single-use plastics by 2022 and the government has taken effective measures to manage plastic waste.

 Sri Javadekar announced that " India plastic challenge Hackathon 2021"

"Do something Drastic

Cut the plastic"

The production of plastic bags that is single-use plastic releases toxic chemicals that can cause serious illness among those involved in the production of it. plastic is one of the major causes of environmental pollution, pollution environment is a major cause of various diseases in human beings.

In view of the above plastic is a substance that is made up of certain chemicals, therefore to use it means to harm nature and this has to put the lives of animals as well as humans in danger.

It is our responsibility towards our natural planet and all living creature to Eliminate Single-Use plastic to stop using single-use plastic to enable them to be happy, healthy and prosperous.

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