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Essay on harmful effects of plastic bags

Essay on harmful effects of plastic

Essay on harmful effects of plastic bags

Plastic is one of the most important things in the modern life of a human being. It can be molded into any desired shape. It is cheap, it's compared to other materials and has more strength. It is a part of our day to day life. Plastic materials also carry a lot of disadvantages.

It is harmful to the environment. Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance. It doesn't get disposed of in the soil or water. It remains in the environment for hundreds of years and causes air, land, and water pollution. 

Plastic can take around 1000 years to break down and it also has the potential to flow harmful pollutants into the soil. The chemical elements of plastic can be absorbed by people and may lead to negative health consequences.

The toxic chemicals used to manufacture plastic gets transferred to anyone’s tissue and finally entering the human food chain huge amount of disposal of plastic like plastic bags, drinking bottled can block waterways and causes natural disaster plastics Debris is found absolutely everywhere. It clogs street drains in our cities. 

Manufacturing plastic on large scale, reducing the production of harmful greenhouse gases which adversely affect the environment. Plastic has become an integral part of our daily life, and it's used excessively in all the places like schools, colleges, houses, offices, hospitals, etc. 

The most important step towards beating plastic pollution is to ban plastics and avoid the usage of plastic products, paper bags, and jute bag can be used as an alternative to plastics. These are very environmentally friendly and biodegradable and far from these governments should take some serious expense to stop the plastic uses. 

It is the time that we must realize the harmful environmental effects of plastic and contribute our effort towards bringing it down, effect of plastic on the environment is a very serious issue and needs to be stopped.

The plastic manufacturing industry uses up a large number of our fossil fuels. A report based on 2008 statistics discovered that the amount of chemical energy contained in the millions of tons of plastic in US landfills was equivalent to about 37 million tons of coal or 139 million barrels of oil and that was 9 decades ago!

So What do we do after using the plastic articles after we realized that they're no longer of any use to us we throw them away right, but have you ever wondered what happens after that what is the journey of the plastic once it enters the garbage bin?

You may wonder why is it so important to know about plastic which is waste after it's thrown away just think for a moment, plastic is a type of solid waste that means it will occupy space when we throw it away and can be a fourth of the consumption of space by waste materials at this point of the growing population absolutely not.

That makes us find an alternative to just dumping off the plastic let us think about what can be done with the plastic after we throw it away,

One option is that we can burn it what will that result in by burning plastics we could effectively get rid of them this will make sure that no space will be occupied right, wait just think for a moment is it really advisable to burn plastic,

We know the fact that plastic just melts on heating it does not completely turn into ashes what remains behind is simply an unusable form of molten plastic and is there any other ill effect yes,

Burning plastics leads to the release of various harmful fumes the chemicals released can cause severe health issues in humans and other living organisms, so that means the option of the burning of plastics is completely ruled out from our list,

What other option can we think of maybe we can try burying the plastic in the soil can this be a good option may be yes because that would not lead to the release of harmful fumes and neither will it occupy space.

So can we bury All of the waste plastic that gets generated wait a second will the microbes in the soil get affected if we plastic in their hopes yes, the stress given to the natural living organisms in the soil by plastics is quite significant but why do they get stressed?

We know that when organic matter gets into the soil the microbes present will degrade it this is called the decomposition reaction but the reaction is possible only when we have organic matter and as far as we know plastics are nowhere close to being organic.

Does their inorganic nature make them unfit for decomposition how do we address such substances scientifically, well those which can be degraded by the microorganisms are called biodegradable parez materials like plastics which cannot be degraded are called non-biodegradable?

Does it is the nonbiodegradable nature of plastics that do not make them fit for burial if we still bury them then they will only occupy space in the soil and it will also lead to soil pollution and what's worse is that they will harm the natural microbes in the soil 

So plastic is bad for the land organisms, but what about the water organisms?

If you have a peek at the waters of the world, you'll find that plastic contamination can really wreak our marine life in the seas and oceanic ecosystems. Nobody understands this more than our sea turtle buddies, where the vast majority of the population is going to be injured or killed by compounds within the course of their life.

Additionally, but plastic is often found blocking their breathing passages and intestines along with doing the same to countless other marine species like dolphins and whales.

Plastic can also break down from the sea into little particles that the size of plankton. These small bits accumulate toxins such as DDT and PCBs at levels around a /million/ times that of the amounts seen in seawater! These toxins then enter the food chain when any aquatic life accidentally ingests the plastic. It may even make its way to you the next time you visit a seafood buffet!

Trash and plastic in the sea go farther down the rabbit hole of despair by threatening biodiversity. Plastic debris can function as floating transport to foreign and alien species, allowing them to hitchhike to new and unknown areas of the world.

This is common with barnacles and algae. These brand new invasive species can become harmful to the ecosystem. I don't know about you, but The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Ocean seems like a fairly trashy prequel to me.

So what do you do to help

So the option of burying plastics also gets ruled out so we cannot burn them or bury them what option are we left with then what can be done with the plastic waste generated well the simplest most convenient and environmentally friendly option is recycling yes.

Plastic has the property to melt when heated and the molten plastic can be further moulded into different forms right thus the plastic waste can be recycled to form newer useful items so can we say we are sorted with the plastic waste actually not

Shouldn't the best option be to not generate plastic waste in the first place don't we have a substitute for the smaller plastic items that we use daily for instance the bags that we use for shopping in markets the plastic ones can be replaced with jute or any such natural material 

This will help unless the generation of plastic waste it is our responsibility to keep the environment clean and safe for other organisms as well and is there a better solution to this yes.

We can Remember the four R's and what are the four R's by the way it simply stands for reduce, reuse, recycle, and recovery isn't this principle self-explanatory of course yes, it says that we should reduce the use of plastics in the first place if we use it then we should use it repeatedly 

That is it has to be reused once it turns useless we should recycle it that means we should convert it into a similar or a different product That's useful and what does recover me there are many Substances which are complex in nature

These cannot be directly recycled so we opt for recovering the energy stored in them in such cases we process the materials in various stages to get the energy stored inside them following such rules can help us keep the environment healthy.

While it's going to certainly take a global effort to counter the negative effects of plastic waste, you can still be part of this shift! You can begin with picking greener options when you have the chance, like bringing your own reusable bags to the supermarket.


we must not forget that a Gorgeous planet is shared by many other living organisms - keeping the environment clean for ourselves as well as for other organisms is among our most important responsibilities.

Many different types of plastic are also now recyclable, so make sure to recycle when you can and not throw them in the trash or let them litter your beautiful planet. Your friendly neighbourhood Blocko is on the job! See, if we all work together, we can keep this wonderful world a beautiful place to live our lives.

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