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Reducing single use plastic pollution Role of youth essay

Reducing single use plastic pollution Role of youth essay 

"Say 'No' to Plastic, 

Otherwise Future will be More Drastic"


Today Single-use plastic is one of the most prevalent causes of pollution including environmental as well as water pollution. It has a devasting impact on oceans, sea animals and hydrophytes. 

Every year, we produce millions of tons of single use plastic. Most of which cannot be recycled. Therefore, in view of the harm caused to the environment by single-use plastic, it has become necessary to take steps to reduce its use. 

Single use plastic:

Single use plastic also referred to as disposable plastics, are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. These items are things like plastic bags, straws, coffee, Stirrers, soda, water bottles and most food packaging. Today single use plastic is a huge problem. Every day Half a million straws are used in the world. If we look at the data, out of 9.46 million tonnes of plastic waste generated every year in our country, 43% is single use Plastic. 

Harmful effects of Single use plastic:

Today plastic has become an important part of our everyday life but is a big problem for the environment. Today the most Common Single-use plastic is found in the environment are plastic drinking bottles, plastic bottle caps, food wrappers, straws, stirrers and other types of plastic bags. According to UN reports that only 9% of the total plastic is being recycled and the remaining plastic is Dumped in the landfills and the oceans. 

Then this will in turn Affect us because it disrupts the ecological balance of the environment. In oceans, marine life consumes the plastic and Break it into microplastic and store them in tissues. When we Consume seafood, it enters our body, leading to the accumulation of harmful non-biodegradable Substances in our body. This leads to diseases or disorders. 

Role of Youth in Reducing Single-Use Plastic Pollution:

Today India has the largest population of Youth. If they take steps to reduce single use plastic pollution then this problem can be solved easily. Youth can play an active role in reducing Single use plastic pollution and protecting the environment. 

Saying 'No' to single-use plastic is one way for youth to get involved in the problem of plastic pollution. If single-use pollution is to be reduced then first of all the youth will have to be aware of using less plastic. Like using a bamboo bottle or a steel bottle instead of using a plastic bottle. 

Role of Youth in Reducing Single Use Plastic Pollution:

Apart from this, if they go shopping then they should carry Cloth bag or paper bag from home. Also, youth can help in Reducing single-use plastic pollution by making people aware About reduce, Reuse and recycle of plastic. 

Today most Chewing gum on the market contains plastic. So to stop Single-use plastic pollution, youth should try to buy less Chewing gum or can also opt. for natural and organic chewing Gums. 

Also before throwing plastic waste into a container, youth Should throw the waste in the correct Recycling container Instead of the wrong container. So, just making a few small changes by youth in their Lifestyle can have a big impact on reducing single use plastic pollution. 


In conclusion, I just have to say that now the time has come, we should not become selfish and Spread awareness about protecting our environment and the Earth from single-use plastic pollution. Plastic Should be used sparingly. Raise your hands to end plastic pollution, To save the environment, it's only the Solution.

Reducing single use plastic pollution Role of youth essay 

" Plastic give a helping hand, but

they are polluting our land"

Plastic is one of the most important things in the modern life of a human being, It can be moulded into any desired shape. It is cheap, it's compared to other materials and has more strength. It is a part of our day to day life like food. 

Plastic is everywhere nowadays people are using it endlessly just for their comfort. However, no one realises how it is harming our planet we need to become aware of the consequences so that we can stop plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is affecting the whole earth including mankind wildlife and aquatic life.

"We humans have become dependent on plastic for a range of uses, reducing our use of the plastic bag is an easy place to start getting our addiction under control"

The toxic chemical released during the production of plastic is another demerit, It looks at the negative effects of plastic on our whole earth, plastic buried in soil can release a toxic chemical which is mixed into the ground making it harmful for agriculture. In many rural and even urban areas, people set old plastic objects on fire in the hope to get rid of them.

In the present time, the participation of today's youth is very necessary to save the future plastic-free, every youth has to take their step forward reduce single-use plastic pollution for this the following efforts have to be made firstly avoid buying plastic bottled and bring your own reusable cup or bottle.

Always pack a reusable bag when we go to the shopping second, around the world one half of the population is under the age of 25 and that means together they can bring change in society because for any changes it is absolutely necessary to awaken the youth.

Today every youth needs to take a pledge that neither it will cause plastic pollution nor will it use plastic in future. just as a single pearl can be made into a garland. In the same way, the future can be saved from plastic pollution by connecting one youth. If this is done then I can say with complete confidence that name of plastic will be eradicated from this earth.

" Say bye-bye to plastic"

Reducing single use plastic pollution Role of youth essay 

What exactly is single-use plastic? 

It refers to the disposable plastic that is commonly used for plastic packaging and includes items intended to be used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. 

Now, these are everyday items which we all use police carry bags, plastic bottles, straws, the rappers, the packaging which comes along with online delivery sashes for different things in smaller sizes like Ketchup, shampoo. All of this is nothing but single use plastic, 

As such, there is no fixed destination for single use plastic. It varies from country to country. The only thing to be remembered is that it is intended for one-time news only and they end up in your bin trying to find a way to the local disposal system once you have used it. 

Now, after understanding what it is, the next question is what is the problem with its use? 

The first one would be the manufacturing process:

The manufacturer processor of all plastic in both they use of fossil fuel so as you increase the usage of this plastic, you are also increasing the greenhouse gas emissions. 

The second issue is their non-biodegradable nature:

Non-biodegradable materials can be the ones that cannot be broken down by natural organisms and serve as a source of pollution. So that means the plastic cannot be decomposed by or natural decomposers like bacteria and fungi and other smaller organisms. Because it is not biodegradable, it is going to enter your food chain through contamination from land and water resources.

In the food chain, it is going to accumulate. What would this be? This is what we call bioaccumulation, which occurs when an organism absorbs a substance at a rate faster than that at which the substances are lost from the body.

So as our natural systems cannot disintegrate or degrade this plastic, they are going to accumulate at the different levels of er who chain and for specific problems in different organisms leading to the human being.

With this whole situation, civility is increased because of the lightweight nature of the single-use platforms. They could travel large distances and they contaminate land and water bodies.

Inland they can even lead to problems like choking and strangulation in animals which come across these in landfill sites and to aquatic animals also, they are very dangerous to the extent of being lethal.

It may be interesting for you to know that more than 90% of the plastic used all around the world does not recycle and an astonishing 32% of the 78 million tonnes of plastic packaging is produced. It makes it way into the ocean every year and the rest of it is lying inland. 

That is the same say as one dump truck of plastic dumping right into the ocean every minute, If we don't do something, this is likely to double five 2030 and double again by 2050.

Why specifically in India and what is the buzz here.

India has for now decided to hold back the blanket ban on the use of single-use plastic. why would India do that? 

At times the definition itself is not clear and India is trying to develop for most people single-use plastic is understood as being only polythene bag, which is not the Cate. 

The second problem we are facing is that we do not have effective alternatives of the single-use plastic. If we use different alternatives which we have currently in the market, they would increase the margins of the production and that would increase the overall cost of the product.

What about the low price point product like the small shampoo packets or the small oil cash, which we get our five groups biscuit packets? 

They would not be viable at the end of the day the production would have to be stopped. but despite the blanket ban, there are still a lot of initiators which have come to the national level in India through different rules and laws which have been brought about. 

List of few initiatives

The Plastic Waste Management Tools 2016 

which was amended again in 2018 so these rules make it mandatory for plastic bags to have a minimum thickness of 50 mice. This is supposed to serve two objects. Is one is that the free giving away of these Politan bags that would be lesser and the second thing would be that because they are heavier in which they will not fly away, that easy

Only the registered shopkeepers who pay a specific registration fee to the local body, they would be allowed to give out a plastic bag. this is also now the responsibility of Street vendors and retailers and whatever plastic is there, it is going to be used for road construction or energy recovery. So that means an alternative means of this poison for them has been created. 

The National Marine Litter Policy

It is to identify the source of litter, especially the plastic way that flows into India's coastal water, on similar lines different national organisations have also been working to set a framework for managing the menace of single-use plastic. 

The first such initiative has been by the United Nations Environment programme which has declared the theme for World Environment Day 2018 as "Beat plastic pollution"

G 20 also had this implementation framework for action on marine plastic litter, which is aimed at facilitating for their country action on Marin waste go on a voluntary piece.

UN Environment also launched the Hashtag Clean Seas Campaign to eliminate major sources of marine litter and the excessive wasteful use of single-use plastic by the year 2022. 

We have the Honolulu Strategy

It is the framework for comprehensive and global collaborative efforts to reduce the ecological, human health, and economic impact of Marine debris worldwide 

In India now, a number of states have announced already their own initiatives, like Bihar, Orisa, Goa, Andra Pradesh. But until this can be replicated at a nationwide level, we all have to take individual responsibility, carry your own shopping bag by-products and larger sizes, and recycle reuse whatever form of plastic we can possibly. Every little action counts.

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