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Essay On Principles of Reduce,Reuse, Recycle in plastic waste management

Essay On Principles of Reduce,Reuse

Principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in Plastic Waste Management Essay 

To Manage Plastic Pollution Reduce Reuse And Recycle, Follow these Principles for Environment Survival. 


Today Plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental challenges facing India. The current situation is that 56 lakh tonnes of Garbage are accumulated every year I.e 9205 tonnes of plastic every day. Be it seas or rivers, mountains or an empty plain, Plastic waste is harming our environment everywhere. 

It is impossible to believe that the plastic which people invented decades ago for convenience has slowly become an environmental scourge today. Therefore, in view of the harm caused to the environment by plastic waste, it has become necessary to take steps to reduce its use. 

Today everyone is familiar with the three principles of reducing, reusing and recycling. These principles are also beneficial for our environment. So today if we follow these three Principles Reduce, Reuse and Recycle properly then it can play an important role in managing plastic waste.


To manage plastic, the first principle is to Reduce. Today the most effective way to manage plastic waste is to not create plastics in the first place. 

Yes, it's possible to recycle a plastic bottle after use but it's much better to never use it in the first place. If we reduce the use of plastic then surely plastic waste will also decrease. 

Apart from this, we can also reduce plastic usage by simply buying products in bulk like instead of buying two bottles of shampoo in a month, buy a large bottle of shampoo. 

By doing this, the plastic and the packaging material used in other bottles will also be saved. So, if we use plastic wisely and carefully, we can reduce plastic waste to a great extent. 

Reuse:- To manage plastic waste, the second Principle is Reuse. Today If we want to manage plastic waste then we should emphasize the reuse of plastic. 

Today instead of throwing away plastic, We should change it in a creative way and reuse it. Like, If we have some empty plastic boxes then instead of throwing them away we can use them by planting flowers in the gardens. 

Apart from this, if any plastic thing which is not useful for us, then instead of throwing it away give it to someone else because Some things which we find useless are very helpful for others. This will reuse the plastic. 

Simply, if we will reuse the plastic then it will reduce the production of new plastic and then there will be proper management of plastic waste. 


To manage plastic, the third Principle is Recycle. At present, Plastic is a necessity of modern life but it is also a major cause of pollution. But today with perfect planning, understanding and effort, we can reduce plastic pollution to a great extent. Today with the help of Recycling, a lot of the earth's waste is reduced.

So by Recycling, we can also manage plastic pollution. In Recycling, plastic is broken down into smaller blocks to make new materials so that we can again use them. So Recycling makes plastic waste reusable. 


It is true that today plastic has become a part of our life and it is also dangerous for the environment but plastic waste can be well managed with the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 

So now the time has come that we should take steps towards making our earth clean and healthy by eliminating plastic waste. 

"Raise your hands to end plastic pollution, To save the environment that's only the solution". 

Essay On Principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in plastic waste management

"If we say no to plastic then  

the 56environment will smile towards us

So, Principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in plastic Bags..."

Plastic water makes its way from our homes and offices to landfills and bodies of water causing contamination, plastic pollution is becoming more of global problem governments, foundations and some social media organisations are all attempting to raise awareness about this issue, plastics goods are commonly used in industry because they are more effective and less costly than, other materials.

Plastic Pollution has a number of negative effects on our climate but the three most important are ocean pollution, land pollution and food pollution, A plastic bag speaks... " That today you have thrown me tomorrow I will destroy you".

When plastic is produced, it's made from toxic material such as benzene and vinyl hydrochloride, these chemical are known to cause cancer and the manufacturing by-products contaminate our air and soil.

In today's time, it is important that plastic pollution should be stopped and a better solution should be used for this, the most effective principle is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle it is also known as 3R.

The most effective way to reduce plastic pollution is to not create plastic in the first place, Reduce and Refuse it is great to recycle plastic a plastic water bottle, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the three formulas of keeping our environment clean and healthy, 

If these tools are used positively by everyone, soon we change our world to be a better place for surviving in a more pleasing way, we should use cloth, newspaper and jute bags to replace plastic bags. 

If these three principles are adopted to reduce plastic, then the future will be very golden and the sight of our earth swinging in the cradle of laughing greenery.

Essay On Principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in plastic waste management

Introduction:- We use plastic in virtually every shape and form in our daily lives, It carries our drinks, holds our shampoos, and keeps our veggies fresh, In this custom essay paper, we go to see how to stop plastic pollution at the source, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Why do we use plastic:- Data indicates that during the 20th century, global materials use rise at about twice the rate of pollution, we love plastic because it is waterproof, cheap, durable, versatile, convenient, and easily disposable.

Effects of plastic pollution:- Unlike other materials, plastics never goes away, plastic break down but in a landfill, it takes up to Aoo hundreds of years; worse. it is non-biodegradable. Plastic is made from toxic materials such as benzene and vinyl hydrochloride. These chemicals cause cancer and by-products contaminate our air and soil.

3R in plastic usage:- we all know the phase 3R- Reduce, reuse, recycle, and its common knowledge that these steps are generally for the environment.

The first step is Reduce: The most effective way to reduce plastic pollution is to not create plastic in the first place, reduce and refuse! Sure it's great to recycle a plastic water bottle after you are done with it. Every child who brings non-reusable bags for launch to school every day generates pounds of waste every year, the straw for cool drinks, deodorant tubes, extra plastic bags can be avoided to reduce plastic usage. 

The second step is reuse: If you are like most people, it's difficult to make it through your day without acquiring some form of plastic. That's where reuse comes in once the plastic is in your possession, it is your chance to be creative and find different usages for it. reuse plastic grocery bags for small trash bags and reuse your plastic silverware, most people skip this step and go directly to recycle, but reusing plastic can reduce the demand for new plastic to be created.

The last step is to recycle: Afeter you have reused plastic as many times as you can and are ready to dispose of it, choose the recycling conditioner instead if the trash recycling plastic takes less energy that makes plastic from raw material sure it can be a hassle to clean your peanut butter jar to recycle it rather tossing it in the trash, but the impact is vastly different and the choice is yours.

Conclusion:- Plastic is a fact of material life as is pollution derived from it however with a little planning, commitment, and effort, its easy to make steps towards reducing your carbon footprint, the biggest impact is made by avoiding plastics in the first place, enough people taking these simple steps to keep our planet clean and healthy for the future generation.

Principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in plastic waste management essay

People produce huge quantities of trash every day each year people throw away 200 million tons of trash into landfills, landfills are areas of land where garbage is dumped into huge piles this trash quickly piles up and can change the local environment 

Household garbage may contain harmful chemicals some materials do not break down easily and they add to the amount of trash that builds up over time 

People can help protect the land water and air by following a few rules of conservation




People can reduce the number of natural resources they use reducing the amount of fuel used to heat homes or choosing to drive more fuel-efficient cars will help conserve natural resources 

Reusing materials also saves natural resources there are many products that can be reused you can use washable dishes instead of disposable dishes

Think about the amount of garbage that piles up in landfills from paper and foam tableware using washable dishes cuts down on waste, look in the kitchen and you will find numerous containers that when empty can be reused instead of being thrown away 

Empty pasta sauce jars can be used as storage for nails and screws in the garage modern artists have made many amazing and unique sculptures from materials they found to be reusable 

One idea that's gained popularity is reselling building materials when a house or building is torn down a crew will remove all usable materials these items are sold to contractors or homeowners to be reused in new homes 

People can also save resources by recycling materials that can be reused in new ways you can separate your trash for recycling and take paper products plastic glass and metal cans to recycling centres 

These products can be recycled and reused instead of piling up in landfills many new playgrounds are covered with shredded rubber mulch that has been recycled from tires this recycled rubber protects children from being injured while keeping waste out of landfills 

Recycled paper is washed and combined with other materials to create a special mixture this mixture is spread using large rollers into thin sheets once dried these sheets are cut and used for new clean pieces of paper

Recycled paper can also be turned into cardboard or newsprint reducing reusing and recycling waste keeps garbage out of landfills and helps to protect the environment.

Principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in plastic waste management essay for kids

There are three words that start with the letter R which I love. They are: Reduce, reuse and recycle. Do you know why I love them so much? Because they are almost magical words. Together they can make all living things as well as myself be happier. 

I said that they are “almost” magical because without your help it won't work, they need all of your children in order to do the trick. Each and every one of you is the real 3Rs magicians, those three words which can change the world. 

The first R is for reduction. 

If you think about it, there are many things you don’t need. When you go to the supermarket, I am sure you could take your own canvas bags instead of using disposable ones given to you. 

This way you will be reducing the amount of plastic which is very contaminating. And I am sure that you don’t need to print out so many documents or photos, nor leave the lights, television or computer on when you are not using them. 

If you remember this, you will be reducing the amount of paper being used as well as energy, and in turn will be helping reduce the contamination. And these are just a few examples. 

I am sure you can think of many more different ways to reduce what you are using or creating unnecessary waste. The following question will help you with this task: Do I really need this or is this just a whim? 

The second R is for recycling. 

Now it is easier than ever to recycle things we don’t need anymore so that they can be reused. Near your home, you can find places, like the recycling station and containers for cans, plastic, paper or organic waste. They each have their specific colours to make them easier. 

By using them, you will avoid contaminating nature, the rivers and seas as well as the atmosphere, which is the air we breathe. 

And finally, we have the third R.

Which refers to reuse. How many things do you think we can reuse again and again instead of throwing them away? Let´s see…a piece of paper that has only one side printed on it, a carton box, a plastic bottle…you think now. 

With just a bit of imagination, I am sure you will come up with many more exciting and fun new uses for them. And remember: if you apply the 3Rs rule, you will make me a much cleaner planet, with less contamination and where we all can enjoy a better life.

Essay On Principles of Reduce,Reuse, Recycle in plastic waste management


The purpose of this activity is to provide you with basic information and ideas on waste management. This will also help us to be more resourceful on materials that we can reutilize and at the same time reduces solid waste production. 

What is reduce, reuse, recycle? 

► Reduce - is decreasing unnecessary and wasteful purchases. 

► Reuse- is a way of using again the item or materials. >

► Recycle- is to make something new from something that has been used before. 

How can we reduce it? 

► Buy only what you need. 

►Buy products that can be reused. 

►Buy an all-purpose household cleaner. 

►Buy products with little packaging. 

Sell or give away unwanted items. 

► Reduce paper waste. 

►Reduce the use of harmful products eg.

Polybags etc Promoting awareness amongst the humans towards judicious use of the products to reduce waste generation 

Learning to use products that are eco-friendly & biodegradable 

Household waste (vegetable peels, garden waste) can be used reduced to make compost 

Using washable napkins instead of paper napkins 

Disposables like plastics plates, plastic food storage bags must not be thrown away as they last for a long time and can be put to many uses 

How can we reuse it? (Think before you throw) 

► Papers and envelopes can be used as scrap paper in making notes. 

► Cardboard, Newspaper, and Bubble Wrap can be used as packing materials. 

► Jars and Pots can be used as small containers 

► Plastic and Paper Bags can be reused in the shops, used as bin bags, or wrapping paper. 

►Used wood Can be used in woodcrafts for objects. 

Benefits of Recycle 

Recycling reduces the need for landfilling and incineration 

►It prevents pollution It saves energy 

► It decreases emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change It conserves natural resources 

►It helps sustain the environment for future generations

Promoting awareness amongst the humans towards judicious use of the products to reduce waste generation 

Learning to use the products which are eco-friendly & biodegradable · 

Household waste (vegetable peels, garden waste) can be used reduced to make compost Minimize the effect of hazardous or nuisance waste: on the community Reduces waste disposal 

Processing the waste into raw materials used in other useful products 

Recycling becomes possible if the waste is segregated, cleaned & reprocessed into new useful products 

Recycling is beneficial only if the cost of reprocessing is recovered by the demand of the product 


It helps in conserving the natural resources Helps in reducing the pollution that may come up due to disposal of waste materials 

• Recycling helps to limit the amount of glass, paper, and plastic that must be produced Makes people environmentally aware It saves space in landfills. The items that we recycle are not biodegradable. 

• By saving energy you are cutting down the amount of CO2 being added to the greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere. So you are slowing down global warming.

• Converting old pieces of cloth into doormats, cushions, etc 

• Fly ash from the power plants is used to make cement substitutes, bricks 

• Many waste material serves as raw material for handicrafts.

 It is less expensive to buy used than new. 

 When reusing materials, instead of creating new products from virgin materials, there is less burden on the economy. 

 Reusing helps in making some other useful products 

Governments initiative in waste management 

Both central & state government takes up the responsibility of sustaining the environment & proper waste management. Implementing schemes & laws for environmental protection. 

Governmental environmental policy. 

 Not building large dams for hydroelectric power generations. It leads to the submergence of normal land and displacement of people. 

 Checking degradation of land & water through wasteland management 

 Making laws of environmental protection THE ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION) ACT, 1986 

 Conserving natural resources by making reserved forests & biosphere reserves 

Role of the government in improving the existing technologies 

• Using CNGs in automobiles to reduce vehicular pollution 

 Setting up National waste Management Council 

• to manage solid waste CNG 

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