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Should Extreme Sports be Banned or not?

 Should Extreme Sports be Banned or not?

I'm going to discuss with you an essay that has been seen in the past in the guide to make as well as in the gender training I EFTS writing the test. Some people think the government should ban dangerous sports such as sky diving and rock climbing do you agree or disagree. Although I do not support an outright ban on set sports I do feel that the government should regulate set sports so that they are played under supervision which will minimize the risks. 
Those who maintain that the government should bandages sports. S. activities argue on the grounds that the government has a responsibility to protect its population, in other words, the law should be there to prevent citizens from taking risks themselves whether deliberately or intentionally. 

So in this paragraph I have given the points for those who argue that they should be about they're the firstborn they give is that the government has the right to has it just once ability to protect its population I'm a law should be there to prevent citizens from taking risks themselves knowingly or unknowingly. These sports can be highly dangerous and sometimes life-threatening. 

More than that it is not just the participants who are at risk but spectators tool can be seriously injured if, for example, a former love one car crashes the driver may not this keep on Holland and there are also good shots that involve seeming tired or debris may fly into the crowd. So in this paragraph two boards had given 

I'm van is that the government has a responsibility to look after the citizens and if they do something the daily brief you're to knowingly on unintentionally means unknowingly the have to be dead they have to be stopped they should be loss I and then they also give the plea that it's not just the players themselves who are the truest much even though spectators sometimes may suffer so this is why they see that the government should take action. However, now 

I'm going to put the opposite points so however, badly set sports is not the answer. Instead, the government should ensure that the companies are centers that provide the facilities for such sports should meet the required legal safety standards another argument against spamming is that when people then people would play these sports are them in Haiti these sports. 

And then they would be even more. Risky. After all, we know we all know that forbidden fruit tastes sweeter. A further point is that instead of the sticker terms there is a low probability of injury in many also according to sports I'm people who are at greater risk of getting old everyday activities such as crossing the road or cooking a meal. part of these challenging activities. 
What are more all sportsmen who excel in fact sports bring name and fame to their country big break record set by others I meant the double soul the name of the country their country shines in the whole foot? 

I also believe that people should be allowed to go for whatever this shoes so if someone wishes to free fall from a plane at thirty thousand feet then you should be free to do so and it should be accepted that it is not the place of the government to dictate how they lead their lives. Not infringing citizens' freedom should be regarded as the government's priority. To sum up it can be said dot set sports should be performed after sufficient training. 

I'm under the supervision of experts they just sport companies should require a license for providing such streaming to leave up prohibit shin Ansett sports is not the answer. And following is very simple in the introduction I've disagreed I've made for forty better graphs tool of gays to run for banning and three against banning onda in the conclusion 

I have written that did these sports should not be back but particularly to it I've tried not to overlap points have tried to put separate points in each paragraph I hope you feel like this is a state of the. Daughter forget to give me a thumbs up below and death subscribe to my channel for more such issues thank you so much still is to the extreme sports are banned or not we have opposing views and box seats because I think extreme sports should be banned.

 Actually, I am firmly opposed the idea and then being extreme sports but before my reasons why a team like that. Because I believe that they are like a seaside. Who jumps from Klay small in a. Hello, I can. He or she can die. Of. These clever people want to do these last days he'll thing. And Bob suicide this little different from the extreme sports. People commit suicide because. 

They don't want to leave anymore a day commits suicide because they call you for nothing the extreme sports make people happy healthy people commit suicide because of being kept. They don't commit suicide because of. Being happy. They consist of sites with the aim of being happy or have an action. This is not a bad thing they do something that they know.

What you gain something. Because these entities bring with them all the stuff. In there or. The one that is a good cell. Can you imagine that? You have to. Live in or disabled or bad. For the sake of a few minutes. Tag team wins or. Action. But if there is an entertaining mind this is the peak experience for them the risk of injury or death. There are always they are Romeo will keep your driving or to remind me. Just a small mistake. 

Did you do vanguard driving it can kill you and there is a risk of failure she is able to fly? Because of. The meaning fewer reasons you should take their green eight or eight the in the fear of getting like can't stop the bleeding now. They usually yes. I think that's gonna be. The day like that people dreams it's. Just because of the same do you put your life? At. 

The risk for the seventeen famous of course you should come. And. Is sick children before just one small mistake can be very dangerous for you all. And you can call the other day planes. And cars are different totally different than this. Because of the hit to use them for going somewhere. Sister and. 

The consulate without the eggs but that's me carry without the extreme sports. An a to Z. you can buy books they can't even Miley you. People do. Speaker 1: Don't do. This to four because it's fate or not the support that they want to get a day off from work and life success AT and T. L. E. and a. Team sport our. Teams in this connection lead and fading people's fear makes these exciting movie elements like water I can see you're believed by saying that color or the great is this is the ideal. But I know. 

That there will be specifically off that. And also any mom. Speaker 1: I can't force you to do something about you for seventy-two. Actually. I'm not that anyone can force me to these activities are. Something. Like that. Also, I don't suppose anyone stops something. The only thing that I want to realize he's very skewed views feel the person. Because too much code must do you harm to them. Later they accept. Or not doesn't mean that. People who work in the sports field die even if it is. 

This is. Their own decision from my perspective and I think it seems for and there's the freedom there is. Another point. I want to mention. If these for. Our beds and the others for tribute band schools back to because in football and the other sports players can injury or they have to live in them disabled change. Add to that and the idea of banning the sports exhibited middle my idea. No. This cannot be their own season. 
They have similar to one still lusting realities for the sake of dust and entertainment. Or. Having the next session the island of children to do the supports. This. No. And. Because it can bring beds itself. Also, it's not freedom the freedom of the police will do to steer people who want to jump from buildings or should it themselves. And. I am purchasing is also a different thing. The final. They take. 

All precautions I can take like changed my ideas. But they don't know how many people died because of this craziness. Maybe there is some interest in football or basketball and the other sports but there is no innocence. I have your chances all day and rates from these extreme sports for example by understanding one in five hundred thousand and skydiving longing one hundred thousand hang gliding. Five hundred sixty examples in one in six. 

Now maybe you'll see that there are not so high. Once how can you be sure about you can't beat the long who will die from five hundred thousand? Yes, the disputed there isn't any relationship between discipline people and freedom you can compare people who do extreme sport and coming to fight. 

In addition to that you can live a Fairfax this is fate. And people. And. Speaker 1: All precautions are. Taken they can. Degrees is your date of death and injury maybe some of these rates are a hi bye bye except hang gliding the others have a low rate. Speaker 1: 

And. Whatever. Rates are this is their own decision. So the. This should be better because of it if your people aren't too bad. I think when they decide these for they're not conscious and the person can. They oppose. Possible results and during that time thanks. And I believe that some dangerous teams. 

The. To be for the public if the order is better than the public get deals so this preclusion if not the morning sun the more yeah for a new generation using them. Not. Being cautious. I am one of those people who want to drive support. Of the. Fans I think that. I am a little and anyone can the site in my place. One eight. And then the sports are bent. Low on this gig.

 Use this back. Because nobody is also. A member there are lots of people losing thief and then also forever your banks. I don't think so because sometimes these are forced these bikes you conferred flush to the. The extreme sports. For the music. A person who loves it seems too much noise it takes a big work as I said before I am strong please again softening the support. I know. Okay. Then but those are just my thoughts they never changed too. As an. I think he doesn't change each other's ideas. Yes. So we can stop you have something to it.

Should Extreme Sports are Banned or not?
Should Extreme Sports be Banned or not?


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