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Details of The genius of Indraprastha book

  • Book Name: The genius of Indraprastha
  • Authors: harsh Vardhan
  • Pages: 360
  • Genre: historical fiction
  • Publish Date: 2 January 2021
  • Language: English


The genius of Indraprastha by author harsh Vardhan, so the genre of this book is mythological fiction for sure but I personally also got the vibes of historical fiction within mythological fiction while reading this book.

So this story is taking place during the Vedic times in a place called Gondwana, now Gondwana has five native tribes and one foreign tribe that invaded Gondwana and settled there.

So the five native tribes are that of irens, varners, asuras, garuds, Vaishyas and the foreign tribe is that of kidmat guards, kidmat guards have been in Gondwana for 250 years and they have only grown stronger and needless to say they are not on good terms with the five native tribes of Gondwana they are enemies.

The main highlight of this book is the war of Indraprastha that completely changed the fate of Gondwana now the story opens in the present time which is 22 years after the war of Indraprastha took place.

The story introduces us to the relevant characters in the present context we get to read about the relevant details in the present context so this is what happens for the first 150 pages or so after the first 150 pages we get to read about the war of Indraprastha.

Characters development:

This book has a lot of characters and a lot of these characters are quite important in the story as well but after reading this book I will say that there are two characters that caught my attention for the most part 

So commander bhakt khan is an extremely efficient and ruthless strategist and he is a big reason why kidman girls are so powerful and on the other hand prince marthand of Hastinapura is a scientist he's a genius and a fierce warrior and a brilliant innovator

Commander bhakt khan attacks and conquers the warner city of agnipuram and there he gets his hands on some ancient scrolls that contains some really powerful knowledge from the times of the mahabharata 

This is the type of knowledge that can make the commander very very powerful that can make khidmat guards very powerful in gondwana and the commander plans to use this knowledge 

But he is not the only one who has this ancient knowledge prince marthand of Hastinapura also has some ancient knowledge that is equally powerful and he plans to use this knowledge to destroy the kidmat guards 

Now one phrase that is used quite frequently in this book is gyanam amuliyan asthi, which means knowledge is invaluable now both these enemies have some really powerful knowledge and they both intend to use it what happens as a result of that is what the story is about.


Now I'll talk about my experience of reading the genius of India pasta for me this book is divided into two parts this book has around 360 pages and the first part for me is the first 150 pages or so and the second part is the remaining 200 pages or so 

I definitely was more invested in the remaining 200 pages because for me they were far more fast-paced they were far more interesting and I literally flew through those 200 pages

The first 150 pages in this book for me had an introductory vibe the scope of the story is quite vast it's very evident so I do understand that a lot of introduction is required for the reader to understand the relevant details to understand the story better 

While reading this book I had to wait to get to the part in the story that I really enjoyed reading which was the second half of the story but this book has its fair share of details and descriptions 

These are descriptions of some battle scenes violent scenarios technological descriptions usually when I read books that are overly descriptive I get bored and I feel that a lot of description can make the story weak because it can take the interest of the reader away from the book 

But in the case of this book I would say for the most part these details and descriptions were not unnecessary and they were very pertinent to the story because of which they were actually interesting to read 

I would not say that they were my favorite part in the story but i definitely did not get bored by reading them so as i said this book has a lot of characters and the two main characters are that of commander bhakti khan and prince.

Now these two characters are very strong and they have been given quite a lot of importance and it was good reading about these characters but I did not particularly connect to any one of them because i did not relate to any of these characters in any capacity.

But if I had to choose between these two characters i would definitely make the choice and it would be prince martin if this character was a real person I would definitely be very impressed by his personality and that's why I would say that his character did have an impact on me in a way.

Bottom line:

Now if I talk about the writing and the language in this book the writing is easy to understand and very simple and the story is very easy to follow because of the way it has been written so that is an advantage for sure.

I don't necessarily have any complaints about the way this book has been written but if I talk about this book in the future I will be talking more about the story than the writing in the language because for me the story in this book is definitely the highlight.

so this book ended with a lot of questions which is a great thing because it gives us something to look forward to in book two of Gondwana chronicles if you are into reading mythological fiction then this is a book that you should definitely consider adding to your tbr or to be read list.

Because i believe that if you are interested in a particular genre then you should be open to reading different ways in which it has been explored and this book is a very different reading experience indeed.

so that was my review of the genius of Indira by author harsh Vardhan so this was the book one of Gondwana chronicles so if you want to get your hands on this book then I have given the link for that.

 click here to get the book

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