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Half girlfriend book summary | pdf download

Half girlfriend book summary


Half girlfriend book summary 

Details of Half girlfriend book

  • Book Name: Half girlfriend book
  • Authors: Chetan bhagat
  • Pages: 260
  • Genre: love
  • Publish Date: 1 October 2014
  • Language: English


Half girlfriends by Chetan bhagat is a story of a boy name Madhav Jha who falls in love with a girl names Riya Somani, 

Madhav was a rural Bihari boy who was weak in English on the other hand Riya Somani was a smart rich businessman daughter who lives in Delhi, Riya's love to play basketball and caught admission in prestigious ST. Stephans college from sports Kota. 

While playing basketball they both interacted and soon they can best friend's Madhav generated feeling for Riya which he expressed he Riya was a reserved nature said no to him and told him to he is just a friend 

On continuously questioned Riya agreed on the term half-girl friendships which excuse physical that means no s*x on hearing this Madhav said " Deti hai to de Warna kettle"

on hearing this Riya breaks up with friends and tells Madhav never to call her again and never approach her and walks away.

The month passed before Madhav got the courage to speak with her again and when he does Riya gives him a wedding card full of chocolate and stuff then she told Madhav that she got marry and goes to London.

Madhav gets angry over her and through's the wedding card on the dustbin keeping chocolate and sweets 

he decides to go back to his village Bihar to help his madhav to run her old school but before he leaves he gets the placement of HSBC offering a job but Madhav rejects the job and leaves 

Madhav came back to his village then he knows that his school was lacking funds, so he decides to talk to his area's MLA. who told him that bill gate is coming to his village who raise funds for some school and if he is gonna impress him then got some funds too.

So Madhav decided to take the opportunity and prepares some dance songs and presided over speech in the end,  as Madhav can't speak fluent English so he gets nervous then Madhav decided to join English-speaking classes in Patna the city where he also loves Riya,

On the other hand, Riya is now what Debussy and working with Nestle with no hope of love Madhav of help her to set up a little apartment and in return the lady have sympathy speech telling him to read chicken burger to improve his English. 

very close to the big day of speech Madhav meets Riya to her mother who says Riya to stay with us, Madhav delivers his speech and he gets lots of money from the Bill Gates

Immediately after the grand event, Riya goes missing when Madhav goes looking around at the lady love he received a letter from Riya in which she tells him about terminal lung cancer and how she has decided to go underground and die alone.

Three years later Riya's landlords from Patna find some of our journals from the apartment and gives them to Madhav, Madhav was confused to either give them in safe hands or throw them away or burn them

Then he remembered Chetan Bhagat and decides to take the general to the student, bhagat was also confused and dump the journal in the garbage bin  accept so much literature lying in his bin, he desires to take a look Chetan bhagat read those on the whole night and calls Madhav early morning

Madhav reaches his room soon enough and he asked him to read some of Riya's dairy, through the journals he knows about that how Riya s*xually harassed in childhood, how Madhav's mother told her to stay away from him because it she has to make cancer story.

Madhav remembers Riya always wanted to be a singer in the bar in new york and therefore she must be in new york. Madhav request a few of his friends at the Gates Foundation who gives him a 3-month internship in Manhattan 

at last in America he finds out her where Riya could be singing thus he does seven miles in the snow to meet her and sends in front of her why she was sending with her eyes closed

Riya pens her eyes at the end of a song and both cry, then the couple Riya and Madhav decided to go over Riya's place in Bihar and finally do some lovemaking romance.

Three years later Chetan bhagat visits the ruler area of  Camaro and finds the could Riya and Madhav who have now happily married and now have a son. Chetan Bhagat is also now free and happy.

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