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One arranged murder book review

Details of one arranged murder

  • Book Name: one arranged murder
  • Authors: Chetan bhagat
  • Pages: 312
  • Genre: fiction, thrill, mystery
  • Publish Date: 20 September 2020
  • Language: English


One arranged murder by Chetan bhagat, the events in one arranged murder take place sometime after the events of the girl in room 105 which was Chetan bhagat's previous murder mystery.

so if you have read that book then you will find two recurring characters in one arranged murder Keshav and Saurabh and now there are slight references in this book that are made about the girl in room 105 but that doesn't mean that you have to read that book to read one arranged murder you can read this one independently as well 

so Keshav and Saurabh work at the same company it's called cyber safe and they also run a detective agency on the side so Keshav regularly uses tinder and he hooks up with his tender matches Saurabh on the other hand is in a happy relationship he's engaged to a girl named Prerna and they basically bond over their love for food because they are both massive foodies

so much so that when Saurabh describes his feelings for Prerna now he says that she makes his heart melt like a chocolate cake so basically the thing is that Keshav and Saurabh are best friends but they are not really on the best terms in the current scenario because of something that transpired between them.

On the night of karwa Chauth prana invites Saurabh to her house she tells him to come and break her fast and she tells him to come to the terrace of her house using the back door of her banglo, so Saurabh gets extremely excited because he's so much in love and he tries to reach the terrace as soon as he can and when he reaches the terrace he finds that a terrible shock awaits him 

The review of this book 

I read this book in two sittings it has 304 pages in the kindle edition so 150 pages in each sitting it's a super easy and a quick read and even if you're not a regular reader you can still read it fairly quickly 

The first 10 pages of this book are pretty descriptive about Saurabh and prana's relationship and in all honesty, they are quite cheesy the story kind of picks up the pace from page 10 onwards and it does dip a few times here and there in the book in terms of the pace but overall the story moves at a good speed 

One thing that I found weird about this story was that Keshav keeps calling Saurabh and his girlfriend Prerna fat from time to time because they are plus-sized people and the weird part is that he understands that he's being mean but he justifies his meanness and he continues to do it so that was a problematic aspect of his personality which was irritating to read beyond a point 

One element in this book is that the story has talked about a tight-knit Punjabi family from south Delhi and I think in order to add some sort of fun element in the story Chetan bhagat keeps on making commentaries about Punjabi families and these commentaries and statements are mostly light-hearted.

One societal aspect that this story sort of touches upon is family honor and it kind of talks about in the story in how the story progresses that at what lengths people can go to save the name of their families 

So definitely an attempt has been made by Chetan Bhagat to make it more interesting and adventurous as a murder mystery because apart from Saurabh and Keshav there are other characters as well and you know the more characters there are in a murder mystery the more scope it has for being entertaining 

As for the writing it is very easy and beginner-friendly this is a typical Chetan bhagat book the writing in this book will not make you go wow but at the same time it is not going to make you run for a dictionary every now and then 

so what you feel about the writing of this book depends on the kind of reader you are 

As for the mystery and suspense factor in this book I would say that this book did have a few twists and turns that were unexpected, there was one twist in this book that I honestly found distasteful but it did fit the narrative of the story to some extent so I think that's all right as for the ending of this book I would say it was somewhat predictable not 100% predictable 

Though there were some aspects about the ending that did catch me off guard some part of it I was able to predict beforehand that I knew that was coming I couldn't help thinking about Agatha christie books in general I mean this is something that I've noticed with a lot of murder mystery novels the thing is Agatha christie is called the queen of crime for a reason, A lot of murder mystery books tend to have shades of the style in which Agatha christie books are written.

Bottom line:

Now talking about my final thoughts on this book it cannot be denied that Chetan Bhagat has a wide readership and also the opinions on his books are very divided always there are people who love his books and there are people who cannot stand his books

Now depending on the kind of reader you are based on this range which part of the spectrum you fall into I would say that if you are somebody who loves a typical chain bhagat book then you can definitely go for this book 

More so if you had loved his previous murder mystery which was the girl in room 105 because this book has a decent amount of twists and turns and if you like that book you are definitely going to like this one as well

Now if you are somebody who is not a fan of a Chetan Bhagat book and you detest the way he writes then this book can annoy you because it does have the typical elements of his books but still if you want to read how he has written a murder mystery you can give this one a try from that perspective 

So that was my review of one arranged murder by Chetan bhagat I feel that now he has kind of shifted his genres it seems like he's going to write more murder mysteries in the future as well 

well, that was my review for his current murder mystery one arranged murder I hope you liked it I've shared my honest opinions with you guys so that was it.

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