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Can love happen twice summary 

Details of can love happen twice summary Book

  • Book Name: can love happen twice 
  • Authors: Ravinder Singh
  • Pages: 222
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Publish Date: 2011
  • Language: English


    Can love to happen twice by Ravinder Singh is a true story based on the life of Ravinder Singh it is the sequel of I too had a love story, in I too had a love story that our winner had a girlfriend named Khushi to 

    whom he loved a lot but just before few days of their marriage Khushi dies in a car accident this incident made him too depressed

    He wasn't able to move with other respects of life but God has something else in his face due to some business reason he flies to Belgium he explored the beauty of that country.

    He met different people with different languages colored faith and beliefs and here in Belgium he met a sweet and pretty girl named simmer, simmer as a beautiful and charming girl from Gurgaon who was moved to Belgium for completing her MBA degree

    They both first met at the gym and they started meeting and hanging around she starts visiting his home for having other time 

    Ravinder starts treating her as someone very special in his life, it becomes hard to digest and imagine the fact that he was in love again 

    he had been in love and passed but falling in love again he had a question in his mind was it failing to happen too fast why was it lighting attracted to simmer why did he like her he showed all his pure feelings and affection on simmer as he did for Khushi

    They roamed around visited different places saw the movie and made love they were madly in love after spending 10 months in Belgium Ravi come back to India,

    It's hard to bear the distance when two people are in love they compensate their longing mass to see and feel each other for video chat and phone calls 

    Simar come back to India for holidays and ravin meets her parents, after some time she also results in ravin's parents in Chandigarh everything was going smoothly as one expects once in love 

    Simar goes to Belgium again for completing her studies but change is constant and it starts taking place once they have made up their mind to get married the problem starts 

    Simar wants to settle in Belgium with ravin she wants to explore different parts but with Ravin only

    But ravin, on the other hand, doesn't wish to leave his parents regarding this ravin had a word with simmers parents and they don't even astonish hearing the illogical and insensible amount of their daughter that's how she has been raised and that's how she always be.

    Going through all the pain madness and fights simmer finally leaves ravin on 24th Feb the same day when Khushi died and left him alone.

    Ravin again gets hopeless he says that he has lost two important people in his life, he decides to write about his experience in a diary but is admitted to rehab before he could finish it

    Ravin's friends found his diary and they read it on air on a radio station in Chandigarh thousands of people tuned into the show including simmer.

    she hears the story and realizes her mistake she quickly drives to rehab to win back her lost love again so finally this story does as yes love can happen twice if you have faith in it.

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