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I am shade book review | summary

I am shade book review

I am shade book review

Details of  I am shade book

  • Book Name:  I AM SHADE
  • Authors: Mayank Sinha
  • Pages: 80
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date:  23-12-2019
  • Language: English


So the genre of I am shade by my Mayank Sinha is science fiction, so it's a story about a guy named Jaden Smith who is 22 years old and he works in FedEx and he leads a completely ordinary life,

but one day he comes in possession of a mysterious dragon statue and everything in his life changes entirely now this book is around 80 pages long so it's not even a quick read it's a super quick read this is pretty much the background of the story and as I already told you the genre is a science fiction.

So if I talk about the characters in this story I would like to limit myself to talking about only Jaden Smith because if I talk about any other character it would be like spoiling the story since it's a really short book 

So Jaden Smith as I told you is a 22-year-old boy leading an ordinary life he often wonders if something special is going to happen in his life or not but that's about it because not much has been talked about his character in general because 

Even though he is the protagonist of the story this is more a plot-driven book instead of being a character-driven book for the most part Jaden's character is confused because some really confusing things happen to him even I was confused while reading the turn of events in the story 

So the main question that has been thrown in this book is that whether Jaden Smith is going to find his purpose or not and I believe that there are going to be more books that will follow this one this book for me seemed like a pre nude or a background to a bigger story that is going to follow.


Now talking about what I thought about the story in the iron shade so for the first 40 pages I was really confused as to what was happening because I believe that was the purpose of the story because some things were happening haphazardly one thing after the other and they were not making sense to me

but as the story ended I understood the concept of the book entirely but at the same time I would like to say that when a book is like 80 pages long and 30 to 40 pages in the book the first 30, 40 pages in the book are kind of confusing that makes up for 50% of the book 

So I think that part should have been a little racier in terms of the pace of the story I would say I definitely liked the second half of the book better than the first half and also it is the second half in which everything starts to make sense 

I would say that the ending of the book is complete in itself and yet there is a cliffhanger so that was okay I thought that was nice, so even though the genre of this book is science fiction yes, it does have the elements of a science fiction story but at the same time I think it also kind of played around with the concept of spirituality in between the story 

I found there fair that the story got over a little too quickly as I said I like the second half of the story more it was also heavier on the science fiction element but it got over in no time I wish it was a little more elaborate a little more detailed 

but from that, if I talked about the writing in this book so this story has been told in first-person by Jaden Smith so the writing is very conversational and very simple and very to the point so that is a good thing but at the same time.

I have to also mention that this book is not exactly polished and comes across editing errors or spelling mistakes even in books published by big publishing houses 

But in this book, the number of errors was more than what was acceptable that is what I felt so I feel it's a pretty great thing that an Indian author has written a science fiction story and the story

that I read in this book is going to be followed by more books, so I hope that in those books Jaden Smith's character is elaborated a bit more because after all, he is the protagonist.


So as a reader it would be nice for you know to discover more about his personality about how he is the person the kind of background that I'm shade has set for the story that is to follow the story has a lot of potential in terms of the scope of imagination in terms of what the author can do with it 

As for I am shade it's a super quick read and has some good points but it is not without flaws so that was my review for iron shade by Mayank Sinha.


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