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Beyond Placebo Book Review | sukhendu Mandal

Beyond Placebo Book Review

Beyond Placebo Book Review 

Details of Beyond Placebo Book

  • Book Name: Beyond Placebo 
  • Authors: Sukhendu Mandal
  • Pages: 202
  • Genre: spirituality
  • Publish Date: 26/01/2021
  • Language: English


Beyond placebo harness the power of your words by Sukhendu Mandal. This is a non-fiction work and the author of this book refers to it as the beyond placebo project this book primarily talks about the placebo effect.

Now what is placebo effect so placebo effect according to this book is when the mind rather than the medicine plays a vital role in creating a therapeutic effect the book tells us in detail about a unique placebo code system which is healing with the words 

While working on this project the author has spent the past two decades in deep spirituality and inner work during the time he has had experience with yogic systems healing modalities and behavioral tools reading and analyzing behaviors coaching and interacting with coaches spiritual masters healers and yogis

As a result of this beyond placebo, the project has developed a unique code system that I have already told you about and the best part is that anybody can apply this tool to transform their emotional and mental well-being 

One can heal any distortion and prevent further damage also it has been clearly mentioned in the book that the results of this project have been filtered experimented and generalized before sharing 

This book clearly emphasizes that how as human beings we have this inner potential that we can use to create the type of life that we want and desire to achieve the type of health that is optimum and also how we can achieve everything we want with ease 

Also if we harness this inner potential that we have we can do away with all the obstacles that stand in our way to create the life we want and all this not only helps us in building a positive relationship with others but it also helps us in building a positive relationship with ourselves.

The overall focuses of this book are to help the readers see that how each and every aspect of our lives is chosen by ourselves it's our mind that chooses how our life unfolds and in this way, this book seeks to empower the readers so that we can use our inner potential and our natural potential to go for what we want and ultimately end up living a life of joy peace and growth 

This book has conveyed that this concept sounds simple and that it has been well talked about and it is not that interesting to many people but the kind of change it offers makes it worth trying


So when I started reading this book I did not get into it straight away it was not a smooth reading experience right from the start because there was some time before I got into the flow of this book i think this is a common experience when it comes to non-fiction self-help books 

But as I kept on reading this book it kept on getting more and more informative and there were a lot of topics in this book that I realized were quite relevant for me so I got more and more interested in the book as I turned the pages in my kindle of course 

This book has ten chapters so in the first one to eight chapters the author has talked about his experiences through various topics, so these topics are related to the project work of course and they have been explained by the author with a lot of clarity which makes this book an enlightening read 

Reading this book is definitely a learning experience because I got to read so many new things I particularly found the chapters on emotions and trauma to be eye-opening chapter 9 and 10 contain testimonials by different people who have tried and applied these codes in their lives and these chapters also contain information about the upcoming books by the author 

So there is a list of keywords that have been provided at the beginning of the book that can help people understand the concept better because these keywords have been provided with their meaning so that's definitely helpful 

So this book has quite a few storytime sections and as you can tell these are those sections that have stories or experiences shared by the author or different people and these stories are one to two pages long and these stories are certainly related to the topics that have been discussed in this book and these sections were very interesting and informative to read

I admit to the fact that there were a few chapters that I had to reread because these were some really new concepts for me and I really wanted to understand them better so definitely this was not one of those books that I was just able to fly through 

As I said before as well the start of this book was not smooth either but yes definitely I had to re-read a few concepts to get a better grasp on what this book was trying to convey and the placebo quotes that have been provided in this book cover almost all the aspects of life 

And I am really amazed that they seem so simple and definitely, by reading this book I had this urge to try them for myself and I will the chapter on placebo codes provides all the information that is necessary regarding these codes for example how to use them what to expect, etc this chapter lists out all the placebo codes and their purposes

It also contains some healing sessions with details this book also has a questions and answers section that answered most of the questions that came to my mind while reading this book also this is a very short read it has only 123 pages and the language of this book is easy and simple. 

Reading this book was a very new and unique experience for me because there were some concepts that I had never heard of before and it was like exploring a new territory which I was unsure about in the beginning but as I kept on reading it became more and more interesting

If you want to know more about this book then you can visit the website beyondplacebo.co.inyou can also check out the youtube channel beyond placebo that contains some healing sessions that this book has talked about.

So that was my review of beyond placebo harness the power of your words by Sukhendhu Mandal.


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