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Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television


Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television

TV is very beneficial for us in modern life. This is mass media. next to the radio. It reaches 79 percent of the Indian population through 534 transmitters.

It broadcasts news, current affairs, educational programs, dramas, films, sports, cartoons, etc.

The world has shrunk even further thanks to communication satellites. BBC, Star Plus, and Discovery Channel broadcast amazing documentaries enriching the audience's knowledge of nature and scientific development.

MTV provides music round the clock. ESPN delivers sports news focusing on major world sports. Cartoon Network, Nick Pogo, etc. delight kids.

But TV also has its disadvantages. It forces children to neglect their studies and stick to TV. Many private cable operators screen movies almost every day.

TV. It does more harm than good to the present young generation. It is rightly called the Idiot Box.

If parents do not control their children, their ideas can be charming villains and corrupt politicians and criminals in real life as well.

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television

Television is a wonderful and powerful invention of science and technology television is one of the best and cheap sources of entertainment in today’s modern era, 

Television plays a very important role in our daily life we can find it in almost every house most of the people spent their free time watching television it keeps us updated it entertains us in many ways by showing movies songs, cereals, cartoons channels, etc.

Children also get entertained by watching cartoons stories that provide moral values and increase their knowledge and lessons the television also shows comedy shows which affect our lives in a positive manner 

Television is the most effective way for business industries to use to take advantage of showing advertisements, television helped the family to spend a lot of time together.

If there are advantages to watching television there are a lot of disadvantages to watching television in excess can affect our eyes television also makes a lot of sounds 

This affects our minds many TV shows are not suitable for innocent children who will not concentrate on their studies if watching too much television.

We spend most of our leisure time flipping the channels, kids get attracted to the advertisements and demand the same from their parent's youth can become aggressive while watching crime-related shows and act in the same manner in their real-life and make violent behavior people.

The Pros and Cons of Television viewing for children

Television is good or bad?

we all enjoy sitting down after a day of work and watching our favorite television shows for children in particular television is one of the most popular forms of entertainment with children ages 2 to 5 only 32 hours a week watching television and 71% of children coming to TV in their room it is essential at Paris to understand the pros and cons of TV viewing and there are tips on how to ensure their child safety.

Pros of viewing television for children

Television can be really helpful for your children educational programs aim to educate about different cultures they would not usually learn about stimulative graphics and child-friendly language can barely help a child grow and develop in the early

Positive role models can influence children's behavior making them understand the importance of manners in stranger danger however TV can affect school performance with so much time being spent in front of the telly children spend less time reading completing homework sleeping and exercising.

Cons of viewing television for children

It has been found that TV viewing can have a long-term effect on academic achievement the more television watched during childhood the higher the chances of dropping out of school

Television can have other negative effects on child development with two-thirds of television content containing violence children are very likely to than improper things from watching reality shows on television unsupervised and often seeing adult themes and hearing the explicit language.

The research found that children exposed to violent media are less willing to help in an emergency cognitive development can also be damaged in later life and motivate people if television is watched frequently before the age of three research has shown that 17% of adults do frequently watch tv during childhood or overweight today.

Further cognitive development can be affected by TV violence violent programs watch live late at night can cause unpleasant dreaming causing children to have a bond 

Despite the negatives, there are many ways you can keep on top of your child's tv theory, creating schedules with allotted time devoted to TV can encourage and reward children to complete their homework and enjoy their hobbies watching television with your children allows you to keep track of the content they are seeing this content can also be discussed it's flattening or violence

Today we have looked at the negative and positives of TV viewing by doing links you can be aware of the dangers as well as appreciate the positive and imply new techniques and strategies to help improve your child into a unique viewer.


Television plays an important role in our life. We need to manage consciously how and when we watch television.

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television


Educational programs on television are numerous. There are many programs available in science and technology. Current news is made available through audio and visual media through television.

Many educational programs and social programs are also broadcast on many channels. This would be a great way to motivate/inspire people to know and excel in their area of ​​expertise.

The women of the house rely on television as their best partner. Today the women of the house cannot even imagine a day without television. They may also find television as a medium to bring everyone in the family together for a while.

Many animated programs and cartoon channels are broadcast for babies and toddlers. Informative and easy-to-teach programs are also available on such channels. When the kids are done with their assignments it gets them occupied too!

Television is a big stress buster for those who work a full day. Watching different channels, fun shows and songs will give them a lot of relief.


With the development of television channels, the competition between different channels has gradually increased over the years. In such a situation, relying on telecasted information becomes a challenge. Channels broadcast news based on their media requirements.

Children start getting addicted to television. This ultimately spoils their studies. Through educational programs broadcast on television, children and children only watch cartoon programs and time-consuming programs.

Another major disadvantage is that prolonged television viewing can disturb a person's sleep cycle, and can also have serious effects on routine and health.

Television certainly inspires people to move from need to need. Advertisements that are broadcast on TV attract people to change their brands and enhance their needs and wants; Most importantly, children start harping on the stuff that is being broadcast on television.

Although television played an important role in transmitting news and information around the world, its importance in society has diminished significantly after the advent of computers and the Internet.

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television

Nowadays many people all over the world spend most of their free time watching television; But since its appearance, television has brought many advantages and disadvantages to man.

Firstly, television plays an important role in our daily activities: it keeps us informed of all the current affairs of the world. Programs through television are more likely than those through books and magazines.

Second, television helps us to enrich our spiritual life. Our knowledge expands in many ways. Through language learning programs, we can learn the language of our choice like English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, etc. We can become proficient and clever in doing jobs, making cakes, or arranging flowers through practical courses taught on television.

Lastly, television is a source of entertainment. Humorous stories and funny movies give us relaxation after a hard day's work. 

For me, watching an international football match on television from the comfort of a chair is more interesting than queuing for tickets in a crowded stadium.

Apart from its advantages, television also brings many disadvantages for the viewers.

First, the television audience gradually becomes passive in its action. Television can be a great medium of communication, 

but it prevents us from communicating with each other or with the outside world. The world seen through television is only restricted: it isolates us from the real world.

Second, television, with its alluring power, sinks people of all ages into oblivion: entire generations are becoming addicted to TV. Students and students become so absorbed in television that they neglect their school activities. 

Food is left unfinished, homework is undone and lessons are not prepared. Housewives are so eager to watch TV that they neglect their duties towards their husbands and children. 

Instead of watching television, we can use the time for an actual family hour. Without the distractions of television, we can sit together after dinner and talk to really get to know each other and like each other better.

Finally, the ill effect of television on the younger generation is inevitable; It encourages them to commit crimes. 

The spectacle of sadism and violence on television leads them to robbery, theft, rape, and murder.

In short, television is useful to us when we know how to use it: be careful not to over-engage ourselves in it and use it judiciously.

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television 200 Words

Television plays an important role in modern families. Many people believe that various TV programs can be useful.

However, some materials hurt life. The purpose of the present essay is to discuss how the advantages of television outweigh its disadvantages.

It is generally believed that television is beneficial for two main reasons. For one thing, television increases our knowledge of the outside world.

For example, watching documentary programs helps us understand many areas of study. Secondly, television introduces us to different cultures.

For example, there are many channels with different topics and they provide all kinds of information about the lifestyles and cultures of the people.

In contrast, television has several serious disadvantages. First of all, by watching TV, the weight of children increases day by day.

An example may help clarify the point. Children who watch TV for long periods do not do any activity and tend to eat more while watching. In the second place, television causes poor concentration.

Overall, television can be very harmful to those who watch it for an average of six hours or more a day.

By comparing and comparing the positive and negative aspects of television. I personally think the upside of it is much more productive than the downside.

To support my point, I would like to present a basic argument. First, Dr. Smith, head of the psychology department at Harvard University, claims that TV programs keep us up-to-date with the latest news and information.

Therefore, television has an important role in awareness. It helps us to communicate easily and be together.

In other words, watching television provides us with a pleasant way to relax and spend our free time.

In short, it can be said that television can enhance the quality of life. however,

The question is, can television improve the health and happiness of humans in general? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, television will continue to influence every aspect of everyday life.

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television

Although people differ on whether television is good or bad, TV programs have both advantages and disadvantages.

About benefits, television can be viewed as a means of entertainment, information, instruction, education, and advertising. Through TV, people can spend their free time pleasantly and happily.

In addition, the public can be kept informed of the latest events and world news. TV also contributes greatly to the development of people's thoughts; It can enlighten them on various subjects like science, arts, and general knowledge.

Additionally, TV plays a fundamental role in the business sector, as it promotes a wide range of products and goods through the advertising campaigns it organizes and presents. However, this is only one side of the coin, namely the positive side.

With regards to the downside, TV can be seen as an instrument of corruption and a waste of time. 

With the introduction of TV in our modern world, people have become more and more viewers and listeners and fewer and fewer actors and participants.

The practice of exchanging with one's neighbors and relatives, which marked social life before the introduction of TV, has recently declined dramatically.

Moreover, students have become so attached to TV that they sometimes forget to do their duties as they prefer to watch some TV programs or movies at home for a long time by being relaxed and lazy.

This is even though some of these programs and films encourage violence, crime, and indecency.

In short, we can say that TV programs can be useful and harmful. However, it is the duty of the censors and the parents to choose and give time to such programs which enrich the character and personality rather than spoil them.

If people want the TV to play a constructive and noble role, not harmful and destructive.

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television

Television is derived from two different words, 'tele' and 'vision'. 'Tele' in Greek means 'from afar' and 'sight' is the Latin word for sight. Therefore, television can be simply defined as an electronic device or system used to transmit moving images in black and white or in color with sound.

Television sets gained their current popularity in the early 2000s. Since 2010, with the invention of Smart TV, Internet TV, etc., owning a high-end TV has become a matter of both necessity and pride. Television is seen as the most widely viewed and influential medium for advertising, information, news, and entertainment.

Today, major television manufacturers include Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony, TCL, etc. In layman's terms, a television is basically a device with a screen that receives electrical signals and converts them into moving images and sound.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Television 

Like all man-made inventions, watching television has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at them separately.

  • Advantages of Television:
  • Monotony kills.
  • Powerful messages are shared through programs for the benefit of society.
  • One can also watch live coverage of sporting events, rock shows, political speeches, etc.
  • Cooking Channels can help you learn cooking skills.
  • News channels are the biggest source to stay in touch with what is happening around us.
  • Television creates awareness about the economic, social, and political conditions prevailing in our country and the outside world.
  • Many teleshopping channels offer quality products at dirt-cheap prices.
  • Television helps us to stay current in terms of the latest trends and fashion through multiple fashion channels and modeling shows.
  • Television is a great source of advertising.
  • The many channels are shown on television help track the stock market through live updates and expert interviews.
  • Television can help us feel a little less lonely.
  • Some television shows are extremely educative for children.
  • Television brings the whole family together.
  • There are many shows on yoga and general exercise that are followed by millions of people around the world.
  • There are many such programs and shows aired on television which are highly motivating and motivate the audience a lot.

Disadvantages of Television:

  • Crime and violence are often shown on TV.
  • harmful to health.
  • Watching television for long hours comes in the way of spending quality time with family and friends.
  • Most of the channels are repetitive and monotonous.
  • Television makes us lazy.
  • Tele-shopping channels lure us to buy things that we don't really need.
  • wastage of time.
  • Children and adolescents can be easily influenced by what is being shown on television.
  • Most news channels carry propaganda that impresses the audience.
  • Can cause insomnia.
  • Makes a lot of noise.
  • Television can have a bad effect on our eyesight.

Television has become overly commercialized with commercials replacing actual programs.

In today's generation, the pleasure of reading books has been left behind by television.

Though there are some drawbacks to which television can be attributed, its role and importance in our household cannot be denied. However, it is important to maintain a vigil on what is good and what is not while watching television.

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television

Advantages of TV

  • It is a healthy source of entertainment that is less destructive than drug use.
  • They inform people about current trends, political issues, and social issues.
  • Some TV channels elaborate on health issues in more detail. Hence, they encourage people to eat healthily and stay healthy.
  • With a TV in your home, you can learn all about different recipes and how to make them.
  • TV helps youth to improve their eloquence and develop correct grammar.
  • They serve as advertising platforms for various companies and their goods.

Disadvantages of TV

  • They waste time which is a valuable resource.
  • TV is expensive to buy and maintain as these are some monthly bills that have to be met.
  • TV distracts children, resulting in poor performance in schools in most cases.
  • Some of the information provided by the media is not genuine and causes a lot of damage to the country.


TV is an important part of our life. They play a major role in informing the public about what is happening in the world. 

It only acts as a reliable information source that makes sure that people are on the date on many important matters. 

From the above discussion, I am pretty much convinced that you are smart when it comes to TV. Whether to buy one or not is now in your hands. Choose thoughtfully.

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television

Television is one of the most important marvels of science. It has revolutionized the field of entertainment.

Education and Communication. Truly mankind should be grateful to its inventor JL Baird who has brought cinema and the stage into the homes of the masses.

Now anyone can see moving, talking, and live pictures on the screen sitting at home.

Thus, we can watch all kinds of programs that are broadcast on TV sitting in our homes.

Many educative and informative programs can also be shown on television which are of great help to the students and the general public.

Television is especially valuable for an underdeveloped country like Bangladesh where most of the people are illiterate and live in villages. 

A lot of information and education can be provided to people through television programs.

Now anyone can enjoy movies sitting in their home. between family members. Many plays can also be shown on television.

People can be informed about the latest events and current problems through talks given by eminent scholars. Politicians, scientists, social workers, and other eminent persons can also directly talk to the people through television.

Thus the benefits of television are numerous. People can listen to the point of view of all the eminent persons, which can be of great help to them in forming their opinion.

Television can also help in removing social and political evils from society. It can expose the evils of dowry. drink. gambling, etc., and help eliminate them.

Similarly, government programs like family planning, afforestation, adult education, and cleanliness of cities can also be successfully promoted through television.

The results of successful candidates can also be announced on television at the time of elections. VIPs like President, Prime Minister, etc. can also keep in direct contact with people by addressing them on television.

Of course. Along with its advantages, television also has some disadvantages. If a person spends too much time watching television every day, then he/she becomes lazy and shy to work.

He would like to sit idle and waste his time. If one looks at the pictures on the television set from a distance, it affects eyesight. Thus it is very risky for young children who always sit very close to the television set.

Students also get into a bad habit of watching movies on television. In the time of television, students do not pay any attention to their studies which will affect their educational careers. The use of television sets also increases the electricity bill significantly.

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television

Television is one of the most popular ways to relax. It is one of the biggest sources of entertainment at home. Watching TV has also become an important part of today's daily routine.

Television today offers a wide variety of programs for all age groups. Unlike the old days, television is now available 24 hours a day and on all days. Earlier it was limited to a few hours.

Television came to India in the early eighties and since then it has changed the outlook and outlook of our society. Many people were against giving television to Indians. But today, it has become an essential source of entertainment.

Television has a profound impact on society. It has many advantages and disadvantages if we are with advantages then there are many.

Firstly, it informs the audience through informational channels. Many such channels keep broadcasting the latest news from around the world. Each event reaches the audience in split seconds.

There are other channels like Animal Planet, Discovery, and National Geographic which educate about different species of animals, forests, oceans, underwater world, etc. Nature has its various shades, pleasant and unpleasant come alive on television.

Television also offers a wide range of popular entertainment programs. Most people see it as a way to relax after a hard day's work. Various programs like talent hunt shows, comedy programs, movies, dramas, reality shows, etc keep the audience engaged.

Various sports channels cater to those interested in sports. Many channels are specially designed for kids. They convey information in a fun way.

Most of the people in India are illiterate and live in villages. These people benefit greatly from the information and education provided through television programs.

Some programs like Hamara Kisan help farmers by informing them about the latest techniques and techniques used in farming.

Thus, each channel satisfies a different audience. Television has many advantages.

People become aware of the political and social problems affecting society, new developments in the field of science and technology, etc. The views of eminent and learned persons help them a lot in forming their own opinion.

Television also helps in removing social and political evils from society. It throws light on the evils of the caste system, dowry, drinking, gambling, etc.

Similarly, government programs like family planning, afforestation, adult education, and sanitation are also successfully propagated through this medium.

Despite all the above advantages, television also has its disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the quality of the material, unsuitable for children.

Children get affected by what they see and sometimes violence and bad language affects their mind and makes them distracted and distracted from studies and daily activities.

Watching too much TV also has a bad effect on health. Watching TV for hours is harmful to the eyes. Thus it is very risky for young children who always sit very close to the television set.

Television also distracts children from doing physical exercise or indulging in sports which is very important for their development. Children spend most of their waking hours watching television and thus waste time and are lazy.

Despite all these shortcomings, it has more advantages and fewer disadvantages. The immense importance of television in the field of education and entertainment cannot be denied.

The censor board of television has become very cautious and they have a big role to play in influencing channels to show purposeful and good programs on television to increase their usefulness.

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