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Speech on Miss India in English

  Speech on Miss India in English Good Morning everyone, today I am presenting a speech on Miss India I am very happy to win the title of Miss India. It was my dream to wear the crown of Miss India. I am selected for Miss India because I worked very hard, always keep smiling on my face, be determined, be confident, and positive to win this position. I enjoyed this beautiful journey. I am feeling amazing. I believed in myself and that's why I am standing here today. My passion, desire, and strong determination to make it to the top. Thank you to every one of you for supporting me always believing in me and making me feel worth it. Also read: Independence Day Speech For Students in English Also read: 2 Minute Speech on Social Media  Also read: Speech On Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav in Hindi 2022 Also read: Speech on Good Manners for Students in English THANK YOU SO MUCH

Essay on modern means of entertainment for students and children's


Essay on modern means of entertainment for students and children's

Essay on modern means of entertainment 

Introduction - 

Man has to work for his various needs. It is natural to feel tired after labor. Apart from this, being troubled by life's struggles and worries, he wants to forget them and finds a way to get rid of them and he resorts to entertainment. 

The tired mind gets support from entertainment, gets new energy and for a few moments, the person forgets the fatigue and worry goes. 

The need and importance of entertainment - 

A man from primitive times needs entertainment. A man tired of life's struggle wants to find such a means by which both his body and mind become happy.

And he could get busy with the work filled with new energy. In fact, life becomes dull without entertainment. In such a situation, he does not feel like in the work and neither does the person get the desired success in the work. Such need for entertainment becomes unquestionable. 

Means of entertainment in ancient times - 

In ancient times, neither man had developed so much nor the means of entertainment. that nature and animals

lived closer to In such a situation, the means of his entertainment also used to be around nature and these pets. 

He used to keep parrot, myna, partridge, dog, sheep, bull, cat, pigeon, etc. animals and birds and used to entertain himself by fighting pheasant, chicken, sheep (male), buffalo, bull, etc. 

He also used to have fun hunting. Apart from this, he used to entertain through wrestling, drama, nautanki, circus, etc. 

Apart from this, he used to play songs on the occasion of festivals and other events and he used to enjoy dancing. 

Means of entertainment of modern times - 

Due to the development of civilization and the wonderful discoveries of science, the field of entertainment could not remain untouched. 

The gimmicks of ancient times and the excellent form of other forms of dance and song came before us. Due to the change in the arrangement and presentation of the play, the attractiveness of the plays increased. 

Due to playback singing, even the play could not maintain its original form, but the play was able to attract the audience to be successful. People entertain a lot with these in theatres. 

Cinema is the most powerful and popular means of entertainment in modern times. , It is the first choice of people of all age groups. Apart from being cheap and accessible, it is also a tool that can make imaginary events into reality.

It presents miraculously, which has a magical effect on our minds and mind and we are lost in a different world. The films are shown on it take us to the fantasy world.

Radio and television are also popular means of entertainment in the present age. People entertain themselves by singing songs, songs, stories, jokes, talks, etc. on the radio, then on television the events of any corner of the world and the latest

Apart from entertainment, news also enhances knowledge. People forget the fatigue of their day by watching different types of serials, movies, cartoons, sports, etc. 

Mobile phones have also proved to be a popular means of entertainment. On this one can listen to the songs from different channels FM and stored them in the memory card as desired. people play games on it when they are alone

The use of cameras has revolutionized the mobile world. Now it has started being entertained by recording and photography. Apart from these means, music players, tablets, and computers are also used as entertainment being used as a tool. 

Status of means of entertainment in India - 

With the growing need for man and due to the limited resources, the need for the means of entertainment has increased even more, but due to the increasing population.

These resources are becoming expensive and their availability is getting limited. Today neither park are surviving sports grounds. 

In the absence of these, the nature of the person is becoming irritable, dry, and angry. For this, the means of entertainment should be made accessible to all. 


Entertainment is essential for human life, we should keep in mind that we get so engrossed in entertainment that our work starts getting affected by it and we become lazy and drowsy, we should always avoid such situations.

Essay on modern means of entertainment 


Man is a social animal and while living in society, he is busy fulfilling his duties throughout the day. These busy schedules tire his body as well as his mind. 

To remove this fatigue, to convert dullness into dullness, and to make the mind cheerful, man has been searching for entertainment since time immemorial. In this way, new means of entertainment were invented to bring a change and meaning to life.

Meaning and usefulness of entertainment - 

The word entertainment is formed by mixing two words- Manah + Ranjan, which means entertainment of the mind, that is, the joy of the mind. 

Humor also arises from entertainment, and humor increases the life of a person and also brings a smile to the face. In the absence of entertainment, the balance of life gets disturbed, due to which there is dullness, irritability, and dryness in nature. 

In other words, we can say that if food is necessary for the body then entertainment is equally important for the mind. Every human being must take some moments out of his busy life for his entertainment as well.

Means of entertainment in ancient times- Man used to entertain even in the preceramic period, but at that time the means of entertainment were very limited and simple. 

In ancient times, man used to entertain in the form of hunting, wrestling, wrestling, story-telling, horse-riding, visiting religious places, sports shows, fairs, dance, music, etc. Apart from this, the dance of puppets, nautankis, Rasleela, Ramlila, etc. is also used to entertain human beings. 

In earlier times, children also used to amuse their hearts by jumping Gilli sticks, balls, ballets, ropes, etc. among themselves.

Means of entertainment in modern times - 

Today the era has changed. The progress of science has made entertainment a necessity for man.  Earlier the person was not so busy, so even if he used to talk to each other, his mind would have become lighter, but in today's busy life, no one has time, so today we want such entertainment. Take the last time, as well as give us new information. 

Therefore, science has invented many means of entertainment for us like the radio, cinema, movies, television, video games, the internet, etc. Television is the cheapest and easiest means of entertainment of all. 

Programs of interest to people of every age, every caste, and every section come on television. If there is an abundance of cartoons for children, then there is no dearth of saas-bahu serials for women, if it comes to religious programs for the elderly, then there is no dearth of films and sports-related programs for the youth. 

All these programs provide entertainment as well as enrichment while sitting at home. Dance, music, poetry meetings, and theatrical plays are also modern means of entertainment. 

We can enjoy these entertainments of today sitting at home, while for some we have to go out of the house or even need a group of friends.

Means of entertainment outside the home- Cricket, hockey, volleyball, football, basketball, badminton, kabaddi, etc., require a wide field to play sports, as well as having some friends is also necessary. 

Along with entertainment, physical development is also done by these farms. It is very beneficial for students and teenagers. Circus, zoo visits, exhibitions, etc. are also good sources of entertainment for children. 

For the youth, mountaineering, swimming, horse riding, high jumping, etc. also do health promotion along with entertainment.

Means of entertainment inside the house- Games played inside the house like carrom board, ludo, playing cards, chess, business, etc. are also good sources of entertainment. 

Along with entertainment, these games also increase knowledge and mutual friendship increases. Study of good literature, writing-art, etc. also entertains. 

It is also a pleasant feeling to sit at home and watch good programs on Doordarshan, due to which both our eyes and ears are happy. 

Apart from this, a lot of entertainment can also be done by telling jokes, stories, poems, etc. among themselves.

Entertainment according to interest

Best of all - The best entertainment is to act according to one's own interest. Some people enjoy doing gardening and some get pleasure from traveling in the morning and evening. 

Children also take interest in collecting stamps, collecting coins, etc. Apart from this, children also enjoy cycling. 

In this way, there is a feeling of joy in doing work according to one's own interest and that is the real entertainment, when both body and mind feel happy and feel lightness.


Apart from this, one gets pleasure only in taking photographs, decorating the house, sewing, embroidery, weaving, and cooking. 

Whatever the form of entertainment, it should be enjoyed, not tired. Entertainment is a boon for a happy life. Entertainment can convert even moments of sadness into joy. 

Entertainment infuses new energy into the body and increases our efficiency. Yes, entertainment should not be inappropriate because both time and money are lost due to improper entertainment. Entertainment is useful only when it is pure, humorous, and pleasing.

Essay on modern means of entertainment 

It needs the entertainment to make the body and mind fresh again. Entertainment again infuses new energy and vigor in the mind of man. Healthy entertainment keeps his life in balance and he can be successful in fulfilling his responsibilities.

In the present era, science has dominated the field of entertainment. The existence of the means of entertainment coming from the old times has remained even today. 

But their popularity is rapidly decreasing in front of scientific means of entertainment. Even today people entertain with cards, chess, carrom, wrestling, etc., but the importance of these means is decreasing day by day.

The busyness of life is increasing and man is becoming lonely in the crowd around him. Due to this, he is getting more and more inclined towards scientific means of entertainment. TV, the Internet, and YouTube have an important place in the scientific means of entertainment. Through this, we can listen to programs based on music, literature, art, etc. of the country and abroad.

We get news of the country and abroad from the Internet. Through this, the eyes of various sports competitions are also broadcast, due to which we are entertained enough. Ancient historical events are presented through internet plays,

With which we get a glimpse of our ancient civilization and culture. We can easily take the Internet anywhere, in urban or rural areas. If electricity is not available, it can also be powered by a battery. Due to these facilities, today the Internet has reached every nook and corner of the country.

Movie or cinema is also an important means of entertainment. It is both visual and audio. With the help of films, different types of stories are presented in front of the audience. Music, dance, instruments, lighting, etc. are used in their presentation.

There are cinema halls in different places in all the big and small cities and towns of the country. But now due to the spread of VCR, Cable TV, etc., the importance of cinemas is decreasing.

Television is at the forefront of scientific means of entertainment. Doordarshan is making its mark in both urban and rural areas of the country.

As cinema, this instrument is also both audio and visual. Cinema facilities are not everywhere, whereas Doordarshan is present almost everywhere and in every home. Doordarshan programs can be seen sitting at home at your convenience.

Until recently, only 'Doordarshan' programs were broadcast on television. But now B. B. Private companies like C.C., G.TV, Star TV, etc. have also been allowed to enter this sector. 

Now, these private companies also present their own programs on television. All other forms of entertainment have faded away from the television. Other scientific means of entertainment include tape recorders, videos, video games, etc.

Not only do we get entertained by these scientific means, but we also get information about the art, civilization, and culture of the country and abroad. But the excessive use of these means, especially Doordarshan, hinders the study of the students. Sometimes programs of poor quality are broadcast on Doordarshan.

has general harmful effects. Doordarshan and video films also waste a lot of time. Therefore, we should use these scientific means of entertainment judiciously. Friends, how did you like this essay, do tell me by commenting. 

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