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Essay on wonder of science


Essay on wonder of science

Essay on wonder of science

We are living in an era of science, new inventions of science are changing the lives of every individual on the planet. These inventions have become an integral part of our life, and we can't imagine our life without them. 

"It may be Sunday or it may be Monday or maybe some other day, taking science to enhance we may progress day by day"


No introduction can introduce science in the dim dawn of creation when a man opened his eyes, he saw the Blazing Sun, fast-flowing rivers, gurgling cataracts, he cried in amazement. 

What are these?

That remote questions can be fully answered by science. Today science has succeeded in discovering the basic things which made our universe scientist call it

"God particle" or "Higgs boson" science has changed this world into a small fairyland. 

Increasing steps of science:-

"Discoveries are made when 

feelings run ahead of thinking"

The systematic way of knowledge is called science. modern Mans's quality of curiosity, alertness, and observation has given birth to science, with the invention of really and fire, main opened the door of development on 20 July 1969 man's first stepped on the moon and conquered the nature.


"No heat, no cold sciences a full hold"

The invention of electricity is one of the greatest wonders of modern science, electricity is a great source of power, all the electric home appliances like television, fan lights, etc., and the gift of science. 

Electricity is the most wonderful invention of science. it irons and washes our cloth it runs our factories. it cools and warms our house and it lights our houses and roads at night it made life is impossible without electricity.

Medical science:-

"Science has given 

eyes to the blind

 legs to the lame 

years to the deaf 

and arms to the armless"

Medical science is a boom for the lives of humans, the discovery of medicines and surgery has helped to cure many deadly diseases. Science has given rise to the blind legs, to the limb and hearing to the deaf the advancement in medical science, how the transplant is also possible nowadays.

Science has cured humans of the fatal disease it has made us healthier and happier, heart and kidney transplant is possible with the help of science, medicines and vaccinations have controlled malaria, typhoid, cholera smallpox, etc. modern machines like x-ray, ECG, sonography are also useful in medical science. 

Science in education:-

students and children rise up more frequently towards the technologically and scientifically advanced world, people need to be scientifically educated to succeed. Ideally, science for students is the way to approach how to think, learn, solve problems, and make informed decisions.

Means of transport:-

"Science is a stair towards heaven"

Means of transport like buses, cars, trains, airplanes, and ships are also contributions to science. Today, we can reach any part of the world within a few minutes. In ancient times people used to travel in bullock carts, now we can travel very fast from one place to another within few seconds with the help of trains and airplane, etc. the fast means of transport have won time and distance.

Means of communication:-

"What is this life if full of care, there is no time to stand and stare"

Science has simplified the process of communication for all of us, we can able to use scientific inventions like mobile phones, fax, telegram, etc. for distance communication. Wireless telephone television is the means of communication the providers' knowledge as well as recreation, science has brought a massive change in our daily life it has made our life comfortable.

Farming and agricultural:-

The field of agriculture is also benefited from science. Today, farmers use new scientific tools to increase agricultural production.

Computer and robotic:-

"Necessity knows no law"

Computers are one of the wonderful inventions of science, they help us make complex calculations in a fraction of a second, we can store a lot of information in computers and communicate through them too. Computers are the most wonderful invention of science they do several complex works in a very short time, scientists have invented robots for our help robots are useful in industries defense. 

Internet and social networking:-

"Internet is the world of infinite"

Internet is the short form of the international network we can contact with our friends and get knowledge through it, we have heard about www dot it means world-wide-web [networking is a great way of exchange information between friends Facebook, Twitter, Instagram our famous social networking sites.

Disadvantages of science:-

"Every rose has it's thorn"

science says it's dark side also, man has become the slave of machines hypertension heart attack are there dangerous effects of science.

"Science is an angel in peace and devil in war"

Nuclear & atomic energy is also a wonder of science, nuclear weapons like atom bombs help in the security of the nation. Hydrogen and atom bombs can destroy the world in a few seconds, we have seen their effects in "Hiroshima" and "Nagasaki"


Science is great, All these windows of science have simplified man's life to a great extent. Science is a good servant but a bad master so play it enjoy it use it but never misuse it, science is a blessing and curses it depends on the mind how he uses it should be used for peace and happiness.

Gandhi Ji had rightly said:-

"Science has taught us to fly like a bird in the sky to swim like a fish in the ocean but it has not taught us how to walk on the earth".

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