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Essay on Covid-19 Responsive School


Essay on Covid-19 Responsive School

Essay on Covid-19 Responsive School 

"All Schools be responsive please, 
Because Coronavirus is the most dangerous Disease"


No one ever thought that there would come a time when schools Would remain closed and students would depend on online studies By staying at home. True, the Corona pandemic has shaken the Entire Education system. 

But it is said that it doesn't take long to change the time. So today gradually the havoc of corona is Decreasing and the situation is getting back to normal. 

So, in such a situation our government has decided to reopen the schools so that the students can study better. But to avoid the havoc of Coronavirus, it is necessary that all schools are responsive and Protective. All schools will have to make necessary arrangements to stay away from Covid-19 like.  


Today the most effective way to avoid coronavirus is to wear a mask. So it is compulsory for all schools that all students and staff wear masks.

Vaccinated Staff Today Vaccination is very important to fight against Covid-19. So with the reopening of the school, it is most important that all the staff of the school Should be vaccinated. 

Social Distancing 

Social distancing is also very important to avoid Covid-19. Therefore, it is mandatory in all Covid-19 responsive schools that special care should be taken off social distancing like one Student sitting on each bench and 6 meters distance in all Benches etc. 

Cleanliness and Sanitizing 

To stay away from Covid-19, all schools have to pay attention to proper cleanliness and sanitization. Classrooms, washrooms and buses will have to be cleaned daily. Along with this, all students and staff will have to be made aware about washing hands, use of Sanitisers from time to time.

 Quarantine room for Emergency 

All Covid-19 responsive schools should also have a Quarantine room so that it can be used in an emergency. Thermal Scanning To stay safe from Covid-19, All Covid-19 responsive schools Should have an arrangement of thermal scanning So that all students and staff undergo this scanning daily and stay safe from coronavirus. 

Short duration classes, All Covid-19 responsive schools should focus on short Duration classes so that students are not needed to spend a long time at school. 


In conclusion, I want to say that coronavirus has affected our education system to a great extent but now time is Changing. Schools are going to reopen. So it becomes the responsibility of all schools to make all neccessary arrangements to stay away from Covid-19 so that students can take Education again more effectively. 

"Schools let's be responsive and beat coronavirus, Follow all guidelines and spread awareness"

Essay on Covid-19 Responsive School 

"Health and safety of our generation 
Is our number one porosity” 

Introduction: Today Coronavirus is all over the news. Covid -19' hit us by surprise and Consumed us within two years. 

Nobody predicts that it would kill so many people, forcé country to lockdown, shut schools and colleges and public places and put owe life on hold. 

Meaning of Covid - 19 

The new coronavirus, the 7th known to affect humans, has been named Covid -19. The Coronavirus family, causes illnesses Ranging from the common cold to more serve diseases such as SARS and MERS. They can be transmitted between animals and humans.

Covid -19 affecting education:

Covid -19 had affected the education system very badly. Education has both individual and Social 'benefits. 

Both returns are in the form of employment, socio-economic development of a nation, but the covid - 19 impacting both. 

Though there is attention on strengthening, Services, institutions of learning schools-have Memoined closed for far too long. 

It is hoped that in the weeks, more states will open for wider school age groups. 

"Social distancing only works if we all participate and preventing the speed of virus will saves lives." 

Covid -19 Responsive School:

Understanding Covid-19, how it spreads and how we can protect ourselves is an important first step in establish listing procedures and protocols in schools.

The government of India started opening Schools. because from Last two years, Schools are closed and as a result heavy loss of children education.

Understanding Covid-19, how it spreads and how we can protect ourselves is an important first step in establishing procedures and protocols in schools. The government of India started opening Schools because in the last two years, schools are closed and as a result heavy loss of children education. But there should be a critical necessity for covíd- 19 responsive schools to overcome the pandemic problem. 

Measures of Covid - 19 Responsive school 

As schools reopen, it's important that precautions are taken both inside and outside. the classroom to prevent the spread of the Covid - 19. As schools reopen a lot will depend on teachers to ensure that children will be Continue their education in a safe and healthy environment.

• Handwashing frequently is one of the easiest more cost-efficient and effective way of combating the spread of germs and keeping Studentó' and staff healthy. 

• Increase desk Spacing (at least I metre between desks), Stagger necessities/breaks and lunch breaks 

• Stagger the school day to vary the start and end times and avoid having all the students and teachers together at once. 

• Discuss how to manage physical education and sports lessons with students. 

• Use signs, ground markings and other means to maintain I meter distance in queues around the entrance in school. whole 

• Encourage students not to gather and socialize in big groups upon leaving school grounds. 

• weaving Maskers should be compulsory in Schools. 


Covid - 19 has stopped the education. It is necessary that we come out of this situation as early as possible by our opening Schools. Students who attending Schools will have to take extra precautions. various precautionary measures are taken in school after reopening. 

Covid 19 responsive school 

"Schools have to be covid responsive, 
Otherwise, the consequences will be destructive" 

The corona pandemic has affected the whole world. Which has left its impact on everyone from the economic field to the field of education. Schools closed in many countries for some period of time during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of mitigation efforts to reduce transmission of Covid 19. 

To avoid the destruction of the future of their students, all the schools were giving online classes for a long time. Currently, a number of countries have fully or partially re-opened schools or are in the process of doing so. 

There is a lack of scientific consensus about the impact of school closures and re-openings on community transmission of Covid 19. There is considerable concern about the indirect effect of school closures on students and parents.

If schools are opened for the proper education of the students, then they should be opened with full security measures and they should be covid 19 responsive schools. 

• A model should be created for reopening schools such as reduction in class sizes, increased physical distance between students, and limited interaction between groups to reduce the possibility of widespread transmission within the schools. 

• Alternate shifts (morning, afternoon) or alternate days should be used in schools. Schools should decide the age group and ask only the students of the senior classes to attend the school. It should be mandatory for everyone to wear masks in school and proper sanitization should be done. 

• A strict routine should be followed to maintain the hygiene of the hands of the students in the school. 

• There should be a ban on the exchange of articles of study such as books, pens, etc. in the classroom. 

• There should be a ban also on assemblies, sports and any kind of events in the schools. 

To prevent the spread of covid 19 in schools, we need to open schools with full measures. So it is expected that all. the schools will be covid 19 responsive schools and will follow all the guidelines issued by the government. 

"Be responsive after school reopening... Break the chain of covid spreading"

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