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Essay on the importance of water


Essay on the importance of water

Essay on the importance of water 

Water is the basic necessity for the survival of all life-forms that exist on earth, without water life on earth is impossible, it's probably one of the regions why the earth is the only planet there support life, water is the gift of God for a human being it is impossible to function life without water, in our personal lives.

Water is the basis of our survival, the body requires water for everyday survival 70% of our body comparisons of water and helps our body to function normally apart from drinking water we use it at home for various domestic purposes a lot of our day-to-day activities such as bath in cooking cleaning and the like are dependent on the use of water.

Importance of water in our life 

Don't we all agree for once that there is one thing that unites all of us living across the country, caste, creed, color, race, every living, breathing organism that exists? And that is our home, our love, our life, our pride, the very crux of my existence, our most unique and wonderful blue planet Earth.

We quote very often, “water is the elixir of life”. How many of us actually give a thought to this?

More than 70% of the human body constitutes water. Seventy-one per cent of the earth is water. And the name Blue Planet. Our only hope of survival in this vast, unexplored, and very expansive, dark, unforgiving, and unpredictable universe is our tiny blue planet. We, the Millennials, the generation next have been fed with post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction, endlessly painting Earth in use of red and grey, angry volcanoes, fuming lava stripped of green chaos and destruction.

But I digress. Even Nostradamus ACA had predicted that it was in the future will be fought for water. Can you imagine this was being fought for water in the olden days? Water was an easy commodity to come by, but now a price tag has been put on water. A study had been conducted on a typical tap in India. That particular tap can leak up to fifty-five thousand litres of water per year. That much amount of water is enough to fill a paddling pool every day for the whole summer.  Learn more about the best Waterdrop RO water filter with UV light

Can you imagine such wastage of water? People are struggling for this water use in India, a country which is undergoing intense urbanization, industrialization, water is hard to come by now is portability is of utmost importance to us. 

We have to understand that ninety-six point five percent of what on earth is selling in oceans, 2.5 to two points in five percent of that water is locked in glaciers and ice caps. That leaves such a small amount of water readily available for human use, such a small amount of water.

But we walk across such a leaking, dripping faucet every day of our lives without even blinking an eye. We don't mind wasting such copious amounts of the so-called elixir of life. Why do we have an answer? It is imperative that we as citizens play a small but decisive role in the conservation of water. 

 Importance of water resources 

The agricultural system is entirely dependent on the water around 70% of our water is used for agricultural purposes water is used for irrigation of length to grow food and other crops, water is also used to grow grass for our animals thereby all living creature depends on water in addition the interest is consuming a lot of water for industrial purposes water is used in manufacturing and processing of various products.

water is also useful for hydroelectricity power plants, water is storing big dams for utilizing it to generate elect city for domestic industrial and other purposes the artist made being happy and growing because of water, in fact, it is true that no matter no life on this planet our planet Earth is luckily blessed with an abundance of water around 71% or more area of the earth is covered with water what mild seems abandoned but clean water is very limited.

water is available to us through various sources including rivers oceans lakes streams groundwater jane et, the ground water is an essential source of water, water is pumped out from the ground in various ways like digging wells installing hand pumps to bells, etc

During the rainy season pure water pours down on the to make it green and lovely, therefore not an only human being but plants and animals to require water we need to employ proper management techniques to prevent the vestige of water water is an inseparable part of our daily life and we need it to use it without wastage.

The importance of water conservation and the ways to save water:

More than 40% of the world's population is already affected by water scarcity it seems baffling for a planet that is over three-fourths covered by water but the irony is that less than 2.5 percent is portable and of that only 1% is groundwater, as the population increases and the resources deplete conservation is our only option and we have to start immediately.

Top 10 ways to conserve water: lines on importance of water conservation

Number 1 don't let it run:- did you know that a running tap uses six liters of water a minute shut off the water when you brush your teeth or are shavings don't let it run while you wait for it to get cold keep a pitcher of cold water in the fridge instead and avoid rinsing fruits and vegetables in running water if you must collect the water that you use while rinsing them and use it to water house plants.

Number 2  fix the drip:- a leaky faucet or pipe is literally dripping money all over the place you can usually see a faucet leaking because it's right above the sink or the top a leaky pipe may be a bit harder to spot and you may have to go rooting around underneath.

your toilet bathroom sink kitchen sink etc to make sure they are not leaking water a little drip doesn't seem so bad right but when it drips three times a minute that's 20 times an hour or 480 times a day that's 175 thousand 200 drips per year it adds up quickly doesn't it 

Number 3 wash smarter:- limit yourself to just a five-minute shower and challenge your family members to do the sink better still use a bucket of water we all love long baths but currently, that is a luxury even if you do not have water scarcity in your area soak in the tub once in a while if you must and when you do use that water to clean the bathroom so that it is not a complete waste also make sure to run only full loads in the dish and clothes washer.

Number 4 water wisely:- water is the lawn and plants during the coolest parts of the day and when they truly need it to make sure you, your family, and your neighbors obey any watering restrictions during dry periods use leftover water from washing to water plants.

 Number 5 choose efficiently:- fixtures editing your faucets investing in a low-flow toilet choosing efficient showerheads and opting for a WaterSense rated dishwasher and washing machine can add up to big water savings and cut water usage by up to 50 percent consider buying a dual flush toilet it has to flush options a half flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste 

Number 6 go native:- use native plants in your landscape they look great and don't need much water or fertilizer also choose grass varieties for your lawn that are adapted for your region's climate reducing the need for extensive watering or chemical applications 

Number 7 natural alternatives:- use all-natural non-toxic household cleaners whenever possible materials such as lemon juice baking soda and vinegar make great cleaning products and are inexpensive and environment-friendly 

Number 8 reduce reuse and recycle:- reduce the amount of stuff you use be it clothes or vessels and reuse what you can recycle paper plastic cardboard glass aluminum and other materials use fewer chemicals around your home in the yard and make sure to dispose of them properly especially please don't dump them on the ground 

Number 9 rain gardens:- rain gardens are a brilliant way to create low-maintenance delicious areas the small depressed beds planted with native shrubs and the like are positioned to make the best use of rainwater runoff from one's roof or drains in recent years they've been touted as a great solution for areas with excess moisture-absorbing polluted water into the plants before it seeps into the grounds but it turns out rain gardens are also pretty sustainable in the drought-stricken area 

Number 10 knowledge is power:-  above all learn more about water conservation and spread the knowledge of how our children will live depends on what we do today.

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