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why trees are important? | Essay about Trees

Essay About Trees

Essay About Trees

Trees are best friends of humans, they play a very important role in our life they give us fruits flowers from medicine paper firewood, etc, 
Do you know how many trees on earth? 
almost three trillion it is difficult to imagine such a large number and it sounds like 

so many but the truth are we need even more because they are essential for our environment to remain healthy, trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is very important for the survival

Every year 15 billion trees are cut down, it's crazy when simply looking at a tree we only observe a part of a complex and fascinating living thing underground you Can trace roots and it is because of them that the tree sticks to the ground while at the same time they suck water and minerals. in the soil 

Allowing these roots to grow is like a handgrip and the earth's grip prevents it from being clogged by wind and water and water A true column for the trunk of nutrients derived from its roots spreads throughout the tree through the inside of the trunk.

The branches of the tree which grow outwards in a similar fashion to the roots underground, the leaves sprout out a fundamental element in all trees as it is because of them that photosynthesis takes place so they can feed


It's a fascinating chemical process the water enriched with minerals reaches the leaves and then with the help of the sunlight and the chlorophyll, which is also responsible for the green color they receive is mixed with carbon dioxide absorbed from the air through the leaves 

Photosynthesis is essential for trees but also is really important for all living things living close by because it traps carbon dioxide or co2 which is one of the causes of the greenhouse effect that is making the temperatures rise all over the planet, 

During this process, the tree exhales oxygen, allowing us to breathe and there are many more benefits to an essential part of the air that we can get from small to small. 

The living planets, offering food and shelter for a multitude of different animals, receive wood and fruit from trees that help soften the force of the wind and also rain. as reduce air contamination filtering it through the leaves and branches

The forests are one of the best things that help the planet to regulate the climate thanks to their shade and ability to avoid water evaporation as you can see there are many good reasons to look after trees.


Did you know that algae and trees were the first forms of life on Earth five million years ago? This was because they produced oxygen so that humans could develop so quickly. There are billions of people living on our planet today, and our living environment has undergone many changes. 


Absolutely! Trees after all algae in the seas and on land produce the largest percentage of oxygen on Earth. And we can't live without oxygen. They also absorb CO2 from the air. 

This is a good thing because increasing emissions of greenhouse gases release so much CO2 into the atmosphere that it results in an acceleration of global warming. By absorbing CO2, trees are immediately slowing down this process. 


This means they're making the air a lot healthier. But this isn't all. A single tree supports the lives of more than 250 species of plants and animals and so contributes to biodiversity.

 For instance, with its pollen bee colonies can pollinate other plants and keep them reproducing. 

Furthermore, trees provide a natural cooling effect, enhance good drainage, serve as a shelter from the wind and make people happier! Happier? Absolutely! Because we are more creative, more involved with others, and more active when we're surrounded by trees. 

So we too smile more often and get sick less often. When you think about it, the trees are really fantastic! But all over the world, the number of trees is declining. Trees that remain can no longer cope with our CO2 emissions! 

Couldn't we reverse this trend? 

Yes, We Can! There are many people who know how important trees are. These are the people who run the nurseries. They really want to change things and make the world a greener place. 

They implement 100% sustainable methods to allow young trees to grow, making them useful for carrying out their important work elsewhere.

After all, we would not be here even without plants! What would you do to make our world greener?

Thank you so much😉


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