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Essay about deforestation | causes of deforestation

Essay about deforestation

 Essay about deforestation 

You have been listening about deforestation but you may not know on what scale this is happening today I will give you an exact idea at what level this deforestation is happening?

What are the causes and effects of deforestation?

Agricultural extension. Changes in deforestation in agricultural plantations are a major cause of deforestation. The increase in global demand for commodities such as palm oil and soybeans is driving industrial-scale producers to clear forests at an alarming rate.

What is the most common cause of deforestation?

Damage to trees and other vegetation can cause climate change, desertification, soil erosion, reduced cropping, flooding, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and a host of problems for indigenous people.

What are the 5 effects of deforestation?

Effects of deforestation

Soil erosion destruction. Soils (and the nutrients in them) are exposed to the heat of the sun.

the water cycle. When forests are destroyed, the atmosphere, water body, and water table are all affected.

loss of biodiversity. 
Climate change.

What are the disadvantages of deforestation?

Deforestation losses are carbon dioxide emissions and soil erosion as well as the destruction of forest habitat and loss of biological diversity of both plants and animals.

we humans are cutting point 13% of trees each and every here from the total amount of trees on the earth with the speed humanity needs about eighteen thousand years more to destroy them completely,
eighteen thousand years sounds a long span right but this man appears long from an eye of a human this trees and forest first emerged four hundred million years ago and considering this pan of their lifetime.

Eighteen thousand years is nothing for them if in a thousand years it just points zero, zero four-five percent of their existence on earth to get more clarity so let's take a human being, for example, 

his average life is 66 years but let's consider it 80 years for now and if you calculate a point zero four or five percent of 80 years of any person's life span that is just a single day it is like you just open your eye then you got killed.

Does the world forest what its role in humans' life?

for most of us, forests are the place where you go on weekends and picnics get relaxed for some it is the place to experience adventure and to explore wildlife but we have somewhere forgotten that forests are one of the most important natural filters and producers of oxygen which is most essential for humans

Or any other patient to survive a single tree produces 100 kilograms of oxygen per year on average and the humans require 740 kilograms of oxygen per year on average by this calculation one person needs six to nine trees to remain,

alive humans, of course, are not alone in requiring oxygen to sustain life the decline in the total forests cover area contributes to the extinction of animals and bird species since 1998 the number of threatened species of plants and animals have increased by more than 120 percent from 10,000 to 23,000 species.

we know that the popularity and use of wood as a material in building construction and other manufacturing is increasing day by day and this results in deforestation and the volume of forest coverage is reducing year after year

the World Bank statistics from 1990 to 2015 yielding a loss of 1.3 million square kilometers of the forest area but how much exactly is that area a person needs one square meter of space to stand easily that is one meter by one meter and as the base of one tree will consume similar space and if we calculate accordingly in 25 years we have killed 1.3 trillion trees

That is one 1300 billion trees it is like killing 1,300 billion number of people this amount of people were never born or never ever will be born on this earth and to kill 1,300 billion people

you will have to kill the entire human population on earth almost 200 times, 1.3 million kilometers of destruction is like destroying 1700 cities the size of New York City in 2015, 89 countries reported to total decrease in the rain forest area during the 25 years of weird whereas 80 reported again and 37 reported no change

With an increase of computer users emails and internet, we think we are going paperless but in last five years the paper industry is growing by three points five percent and altogether result of this is global warming we know co2 emission from cars and industries Kollel actress it

generations and we think Greece helps to absorb that co2 which helps reduce global warming that's true but you may not know when please occur down the stored carbon dioxide increase are released into the atmosphere

 so the rate of deforestation doesn't only reduce protection from co2 it actually increases co2 into the atmosphere and this co2 Wingull greenhouse effects from the source and contributes to global warming

When we talk about co2 emission we should know the top countries which are contributing to this situation the most the number-one co2 emitting country in China which image 30% of total emission then comes the United States with 15% after that comes European Union with 10% emission followed by India and Russia

with the emission of 7 and 5% respectively these top 5 countries emit almost 70% of total co2 emission of the world and the rest of the world image 30% and to contradict that four of the top five co2 emitting countries are also the top four countries who have expanded their forest coverage in last 25 years isn't it bit strange 

Where China is on top of the forest coverage expansion of 500,000 square kilometers on the second position in the United States with 76,000 square kilometers followed by India, Russia, and Vietnam 

the difference between the top of the list China and the second top united states is really massive by china expanded by 500,000 square kilometers and united states expanded with just 14 percent of China's expansion

Even if you combine the rest of the top four countries that area is just fifty percent of single China but how did China do that is an entirely different topic to study but for now, let's see the top countries who reduced their forest coverage in the last 25 years

Top of the list is Brazil with a loss of 500,000 square kilometers followed by Indonesia Sudan Nigeria and Myanmar one interesting fact is the amount of area expanded by the country which tops the forest expansion list almost the same amount of area is lost by the country which stops the forests reduction list but that is just the top of the list countries

When it comes to the world as a whole these are already lost 1.3 million square kilometers from what we had 25 years ago and we have increased co2 emission by 13.5 million kilo tons in the last 25 years

 altogether world as a whole and every individual need to take deforestation and global warming seriously until we find some other planet we need to protect what we already have.




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