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Essay on Actions speak louder than words


Actions speak louder than words Essay

Actions speak louder than words Essay

All of us are born preachers, but when it comes to practicing what we preach, we find excuses. Just telling someone what to do or how to behave is not enough. Behaving in the way that one wants us to behave has a more powerful effect. 

Telling others what to do and not doing oneself is absolute hypocrisy. Children quickly observe the gulf between the speech of adults and their actual behavior. They are influenced more by the action of the elders than by their words, the immediate actions inculcate the habits.

Gandhi Ji impressed villagers with the importance of cleanliness by taking a broom and sweeping those fruits. His action had more effect than any speech he might have given. 

A father who smokes cannot scold his son when they find him smoking. He should first give up smoking himself. In short, we should have to do what we want others to do. This is because actions speak louder than words. An ounce of example is worth much more than the dawn of precept.

Actions speak louder than words in speech

Stop whatever it is you're doing right now focus and blackout whatever it is that has you distracted block in and listen to words are the talk actions are the walking people don't really care,

what you say they are more concerned with what you do we hear people say that actions speak louder than words but those same people are saying it more than they are doing it ultimately your daily actions determine.

what you go it's up to you to make sure your actions and goals know what the Rose means you must self-assess and know where the holes are and execute towards your true passion and soon you'll get that gold star 

see stars like you know that on the road to glory, there will be moments that will define your story think about what I'm saying words are the TUC actions are the walk don't tell me you're going to do something, I'd rather you show me don't talk about it, I'd rather you be about it and all of a sudden

you want to quit all of a sudden you want to drop out all of a sudden you want to give up like in and listen harder than you ever listened before because quitting is not an option dropping out is not an option giving up is not an option the only option is for you to start living up to your potential what I need you to understand is words are the talk actions are the walk because at this very moment in time

you're ready to break like a glass Shawn you are ready to break like a speedy car breaking is not who you are seeing right now my friend it's simple and you know what I need you to do for me when you're in the dark turn the lights

on what I'm talking to you because you said you go with the graduate you said you're going to make yourself your parents and your family proud those are your words, not mine because, at the end of the day, your words don't mean much it's your actions.

now you feel like the world's most significant but this is the moment that I need you to transform and become the world's biggest user because I need you to choose to start deep I need you to select the start I need you to select the star to redefine it

I need you to choose to start realigning and priming yourself for a major comeback be different think different words are the tough actions are the walk, now all you got to do is walk the talk your actions are what people will remember you by not your words

now they might remember you said a cool quote or how much you sounded like some intellectual philosopher but if you don't practice what you preach how much do people really believe you 

so let's do the math the common denominator is you and you are falling into that well with Smith syndrome but I need you to detox and get that wine out of your system and change that Louis meat syndrome to the OS Smith syndrome because yes my friend you are the problem,

And so I need you to own and not rich that fact your actions are what makes your words believable it's not the words that make the actions believable don't get mixed up if you want someone to believe you when you say something then you have to do something words alone can't cut it you never have will word are the top actions are the walk 

we all know someone that says I'm going to be successful I'm going to be famous I'm going to be a millionaire but every time you see them they're just chilling relaxing pain getting outpost it up just being lazy

so, what that tells me is that they have the words but not the action the fact of the matter is if you're being totally transparent it's apparent that you're not maximizing your time you are not in recycling mode because you continue to waste countless hours only needless time-wasting activities I need you to take it out at least enough sit.

your butt down reevaluate you need a self to assess look in that mirror and confess that you are not given 1000% you are not putting every ounce of your heart and soul into now Miss vixens you teach your professor assigns the work you teacher professor schedule is the test it's up to you to manage your study time 

so you can put your best foot forward so when you're playing video games when you're shopping at tomorrow when you're at the party and the DJ is right when you're surfing the internet at your leisure well yeah what you're free is grabbing a pizza I did a host of other things that don't involve studying or complete an assignment that's what I mean.

when I say your actions and your goals are not in alignment because you wrote down graduate Thanks so now it's time for you to reenact this part of your movie, talk is cheap your actions are expensive you want people to value who you are then you have to be worth something 

how do you become worth something by doing what you say you're going to do in other words we're talking about action words don't do many actions do everything and think about it?

all of the famous people that have become success stories didn't get there by simply talking about being there they did something about it, they worked their butts off to be where they are today they got off the couch they made something happen

they realize that words are weak they realize that talk is cheap they realize that if they didn't get up and do something about their situation then they'd still be in that situation 

now it's time for you to reenact this part of your movie by going all-in on all things related to passing in every class this semester so replace the wasted time with study and watch how quickly

you become an excellent test Yakka demi ki stock one store like an eagle this may require you for a short period to become a hangout with friends protesting 

because she's so hungry to pass every class with flying colors you understand you must eat and trick your subjects and become an official scholastic digest now this goes for every aspect of your life think about it but it's the action it's the act of showing up to pass the exam that counts never forget your daily actions determine

what your goals it's up to you to make sure your actions and goals know what their roles are meaning you must self-assess and know what a holder and execute towards your true passion and soon you'll graduate and get that gold star aka your diploma 

so here's to you and the future success that awaits and your testimony of going from almost flunking out to all smiles with your diploma when your class graduates

you got this my friend so keep pushing with purpose focus and determination and never lose sight, you hold the key to your success it just requires preparation dedication calculation and eternal motivation now throw your cap in the air and celebrate.

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