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Essay on The importance of Communication barrier


Essay on The importance of Communication barrier


Essay on The importance of Communication barrier

Communication barrier implies any form of hindrance occurring at the time of communication due to any reason which disturbs the flow of communication. 

That is when one party is not able to understand or get the message conveyed by another party accurately, clearly and intently. Then that barrier is called as a communication barrier. 

The barrier to effective communication often led to distortion of the message, which not only waste the time, money and efforts of the parties to communication, but also causes confusion and misunderstanding. 

There are a number of barriers to communication which may occur at any stage of the process, and these barriers often interrupt the entire flow of communication and result in the failure of interpersonal communication. 

These barriers are

  1. Physical barriers, 

  2. Semantic barriers, 

  3. organizational barriers, 

  4. personal barriers, 

  5. psychological barriers, 

  6. cultural barriers, 

  7. attitude barriers, 

  8. technology barriers, 

  9. physiological barriers 

  10. gender barriers. 

Now here I'm going to explain you, each one of them in detail

  • Physical barriers

Physical barriers are a result of our surroundings. That is our physical environment. It arises due to weather or climate time and distance between the sender and receiver of the message disturbance in the medium of communication, workspace, design, noise, etc. 

  • Semantic barriers

Semantic barriers, also called linguistic barriers, these barriers often develops misunderstanding between the sender and receiver due to various meaning of words and symbols used in the process of communication. 

It occurs when the sender or recipient have a very limited language proficiency or do not have a good knowledge about the use of words. 

It takes place due to bad or unfamiliar expressions during the process of communication, using technical terminology and clarified assumptions, faulty translations, the notations and connotations, use of words, having multiple meanings, etc. 

  • Organizational barriers

Organizational barriers refers to the disruption in the process of communication among the members of the organization that its managers, supervisors, employees, directors, etc. , 

This type of barrier occurred due to inappropriate information transmission system, lack of supervision, unclear organizational hierarchy, undefined rules and responsibilities, organizational rules and policies, complex organizational structure, etc. . 

  • Personal barriers

Personal values, other factors, personal to the sender or recipient of the message like life experiences, emotions, behavior, attitude, etc. , that stops a person from communicating rationally, these barriers arise out of lack of listening skills, selective attention or perception, lack of knowledge, lack of vocabulary and unwillingness of the sender or recipient to communicate. 

  • Psychological barriers

Psychological barriers, as the name suggests, other barriers related to the psychological state of a person that is attitude, point of view, perception, emotion or opinion, status, consciousness and so forth. It is also known as emotional barriers. 

It is caused by lack of attention, premature assumption, poor retention, power, distrust between the communicators, defensiveness, suspicion of intention, jealousy and anxiety. 

  • cultural barriers 

You might have noticed that when a person possesses knowledge of different cultures, he or she can communicate effectively and better than others with the people belonging to another culture due to the difference in culture of parties to communication, walls and symbols may be understood in a different way as intended, which causes miscommunication

  • Attitude barriers

Attitude of a person also affects the process of communication, you might have noticed that an energetic and motivated employee will always be ready for communicating effectively to his seniors and subordinates, 

whereas a lethargic and dissatisfied employee may not even try to initiate the process and even refuse to communicate, which causes misunderstanding and confusion. 

  • Technology barriers

Technology has helped the people to communicate faster and better than before. But within the organization and outside the organization, technology barrier is specifically related to the medium of communication, which should be latest and advanced for an effective communication flow. 

However, both parties should be using the same technology to communicate effectively or else the communication would be difficult. It is caused by the use of outdated or old software or technology, accessibility, barrier mode of communication that is online or offline, etc.

  •  Physiological barriers

As the name suggests, these barriers arise out of physical state of the sender or receiver, which includes physical inability of the party to communication, to send the message communicated by another party that is able to include provision in the health hearing disability speech disorder, poor memory, etc. 

  • Gender barriers

There is a huge difference in the way men and women communicate. That is, men usually talk in a logical and straightforward way, whereas women use both logic as well as their emotions when they talk further. 

Women are more talkative in comparison to men, and this often creates a disparity in the way they communicate and often causes misunderstanding during the process of communication.

Overcoming barriers to effective communication

There are certain ways which can help in overcoming the barriers to communication and thus it prevents confusion and misunderstanding to take place between the sender and recipient of the message, not only to discuss those with employee orientation. 

The new joinings should be informed about the company's plans, policies, procedures and authority. Relations during the process of orientation and industry. Conflicts and misunderstandings can be avoided to a great extent. 


Developing good interpersonal relations, good interpersonal relationships should be developed and maintained in the organization, which helps in accomplishing goals. For this purpose, status differences should be shelved. 

Suggestions and valid criticism should be appreciated. Active listening, active listening is a key to effective communication. 

It implies paying full attention and showing interest to what is being said and giving the speaker proper time and opportunity to state this viewpoint and not prematurely assuming anything you of proper language and dialect. 

Semantic barriers

Semantic barriers can be avoided by communicating in such a language, which is a straightforward, simple to understand and meaningful as well. The sender should avoid the use of technical jargon and also talk in a dialect which is familiar to the receiver use of proper body language and gesture. 

You might have heard the saying that actions and deeds speak louder and louder than words, and so proper body language and gestures are to be used while communicating the message. Otherwise, it may lead to communication, failure, use of latest technology to minimize the disruptions. 

During the communication process, one should use latest technology, which not only makes communication better but faster.


Feedback is the most important part of every communication process. Communication is said to be meaningful and effective when the feedback is received at the end of the process and as it was expected to friends. This brings me to the end of this lesson.

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