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Smoking in public places should be banned essay

Smoking in public places should be banned essay

Smoking in public places should be banned essay

Every time you light up a cigarette you are saying that your life isn't worth living my name is Sahara Molina and today my persuasive speech is about why smoking in public should be bad 

I believe smoking in public should be banned because not only does it cause harm to the smoker but to the people around them another reason. 

Why there should be a stop to smoking in public?

Because it harms the environment as well smoking in public causes secondhand smoke to people around the person smoking you may ask yourself what is secondhand smoke well secondhand smoke is a combination of smoke from a burning cigarette and smoke exhaled by the smoker. 

There are two types of secondhand smoke site steam smoke comes directly from the burning cigarette and mainstream smoke is the smoke that the smoker inhales the smoke that brings off at the end of a cigarette contains more harmful substances 

Then the smoke and helped by the smoker in research about second-hand smoke by the American lung association states second-hand smoke causes approximately 7 330 deaths from lung cancer and 33 950 deaths from heart disease 

Each year going along with this research it also states that since 1964 to now 2.5 million people have died from exposure to second-hand smoke according to the u.s surgeon general 

The report also concluded that second-hand smoke is a definite cause of a stroke an article by the Cleveland clinic explains the exposure time to secondhand smoke and the effects for instance five minutes of being exposed stiffens.

The sorta as much as smoking a cigarette twenty to thirty minutes of being exposed causes excess blood clotting as well as increases the risk of heart attack and stroke also states than non-smokers 

Those who live with a smoker are always near a smoker have a 20 to 30 increased risk of developing lung cancer heart disease or iron and nausea irritation now that you have an idea on how smoking affects those who are exposed to second-hand smoke.

How smoking affects the environment 

In research by tobacco-free life states how each year five 4.5 trillion cigarette beds are disposed of a generously estimate is that half of them end up in landfills and the other half ends up in the soil lakes oceans and forests.

It takes them just under two years to completely vanish and that is under the perfect condition the u.s tobacco industry produces 16 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in one-year global production quadruples 

That amount for comparison one car produces 4 million times less any youtube video called the fabulous life of cigarettes by truth explains how 600 million trees a year are used to produce packages for cigarettes, I do understand that sometimes smoking can be an addiction and it is difficult to quit 

But there are always other alternatives on ways to help you stop smoking, for instance, you can slowly transition to chewing tobacco a way to find a solution to this problem is simple, which is simply talking to the smoker a smoker about your concerns about their health and spreading awareness to others on 

How smoking is harmful to themselves 

Others around them and the environment means speaking up and not staying silent because if we stay silent there will be no change but if we speak up there will be change many countries have already banned smoking in public and have become anti-smoking instance costa Rica a country.

Where there is a lot of conception of smoking cigarettes made in the law to become anti-smoking which has helped prevent people from starting to smoke has protected non-smokers and is helping smokers to quit the future depends on us 

Putting an end to public smoking will not only clear up air pollution but there will be less litter from cigarette butts and packages but it will also improve our health and well-being in some ways 

We can put a stop to this issue is by working together and signing petitions towards banning public smoking another way we can put a stop is by talking to family friends or whoever you may be close to that is a smoker and express your concerns about their health and reasons 

Why they should consider quitting?

It is also important to listen to them and accept the decision but we all need to spread awareness to the world by putting a poster protesting and simply using the internet to our advantage to put out tweets or posts on 

Why smoking in public should be bad?

Now that I have discussed with you why smoking should be banned in public let's review smoking should be banned public to stop health problems and to save lives let's help smokers to quit but also inform them and others when smoking in public is so dangerous but if they do not accept our help that is their choice and we can't force them but we can spread awareness to others

The majority of us here know someone who smokes I say that line with confidence because there are about 1 billion smokers in the world 

so smoking in itself is harmful but smoking in their own private property is not anyone's business however the issue here is not with smokers but passive smokers passive smoking is the involuntary inhaling of smoke from other people's cigarettes cigars or pipes 

passive smoking is also the inhalation of smoke occult secondhand smoke passive smoking is a major issue in public places, so why would a nonsmoker breathe in the smoke passively 

when he or she chose not to smoke actively it has been found that second-hand smoking is a dominant reason for lung cancer by several leading authorities according to an article entitled health effects of second-hand smoke published on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

In the year 2020 since 1964 dieting evening today when I talk about all those people who have been victims of pastors money the purse to do truly against passive smoking 

I will live with the ample amount of research that I've done over the end and a book that I recently came thus I will discuss the range of fastest-moving second I will discuss the attacks of Casas and third I'll discuss the effects of banned smoking in public places 

let's talk about the range past there are passive smokers everywhere in today's world according to an article titled passive smoking killed 100,000 worldwide published on the BBC News website 

In the year 2011, the first global study on the effects of passive smoking has estimated that passive smoking causes 100,000 deaths every year to put this respect secondhand more people than road accidents 

However smoking rates, in general, have decreased around the world education effects of tobacco and anti-tobacco campaigns according to an article titled smoking rates by country published on the world population repeal website in the year 2020 

The United Kingdom has a smoking rate of 13% that has dropped nineteen point one five percent despite the drop in the number of smoke with passive smoking is still unsolved 

Now I have discussed the rate of passive smoking I will now discuss that of passable people our notebook exposure and cardiovascular effect making sense of the evidence that was published in the year 2010 

Just like active smoking supporter secondhand smoke could be considered an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease, so today I will tell you about two major effects of smoke cardiovascular disease at Lancaster talking about cardiovascular disease breathing secondhand smoke 

It's the normal functioning of the heart in ways that increase your risk of having a heart attack according to an article titled heart disease and stroke published, in the year 2020 secondhand smoke caused about 34,000 premature deaths from coronary heart disease 

Each year in the United States alone among non-smokers lung cancer on the other hand even though is still a major effect of passive smoking still has a lesser mortality rate and heart disease is also seen that lung cancer affects past smokers

At a higher rate than active smokers according to an article titled no clear link between passive smoking and lung cancer published in the year 2013, the incidence of death due to lung cancer was 13 times higher in the present smokers and four times higher 

In for most smokers than in never smokers and the association with both current and former smokers buried on the level of exposure there are only two effects that I mentioned here there are various other life-threatening effects of passive smoking

Now that I've discussed if that's passive smoking I will now discuss my final topic if that's banning smoking in public places smoking bans in public places and the workplaces are a part of protecting our environment and people present in those places.

According to an article title, legislative smoking bans for reducing exposure to secondhand smoke and smoking prevalence published in the year 2015 to protect people from exposure to secondhand smoke.

let station banning smoking and indoor public places and workplaces is being implanted in various locations worldwide according to an article titled how smoking bans save lives published in the year 2011

Smoking prohibitions can decrease the number of heart attacks by as much as 27 percent per year according to an article titled banning smoking in person and on beaches published in the year 2013 

The American non-smokers' rights foundation upholds a national database that recognizes smoking bans in a wide variety of outdoor setting with beaches parks plazas and zoos among the most casual or communal places 

To reveal the main points as I could I first discussed the range of passive smokers which is it crazy but still has a long way to go the second I discussed the effects of passive smoking on people which are extremely harmful to people 

Finally, I discussed the effects of banning smoking in public places which can all agree that had a positive effect so many years come if the ban is properly implicated in all countries we can all hope to know a smoker but you have never breathed.

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