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Are we too dependent on computers?

Are we too dependent on computers?

Are we too dependent on computers ?

Computers were fictional years past, and because of their ability to be able to perform varied tasks, they need extremely place to use by personalities. Computers build life easier and because of this they need progressively been a place to use and simply found their manner into the lives of individuals. 

Their area unit varied reasons that junction rectifier to computers being placed to most use by individuals. this can be as a result of they permit individuals to try and do their work whereas reception, individuals area unit able to socialize with those they need ne'er met, and conjointly contact friends and relatives UN agency live so much. 

As humans still use computers, they get captivated with them, and the area unit unable to guide lives while not computers. this can be as a result of their whole lives rely on and revolve around computers. this text can specialize in the importance of computers and see whether or not we tend to area unit too enthusiastic about them.

The world of these days depends heavily on computers and this dependence has each positive and negative impact. Computers have several advantages, however, these advantages conjointly go with negative effects. varied arguments have up against computers and researchers claim that the computer area unit having negative effects on youngsters. in keeping with skilled essay writers at ESSAYONFEST.ONLINE, the speed of illiteracy is rising then it absolutely was before as a result of students not write their assignments. 

They use computers to hold out analysis and work on their assignments rather than freelance thinking. Students use the content got from websites to finish their assignments and this discourages learning. This will increase the extent of illiteracy as a result of learners' area unit deterred from thinking severally. This kills creative thinking as a result of everything they are doing is derived.


This may be a little issue to older learners, however, younger learners' UN agency area unit active on a way to scan and write can have difficulties. once it involves writing system young learners won't have any plan on a way to spell as a result of they're wont to the pc that spells for them. it's necessary to notice that little spellings become tough for younger learners to con. If they did it in writing it might be easier for them to recollect. 

These factors area unit on the increase and it's an advocate for computers to be reserved for older learners, assignments that area unit long such TOK.


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