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Online education vs traditional education

Online education vs traditional education articles

Online education vs traditional education articles

Hello everyone welcome to we are going to discuss about the offline education versus the online education quite a controversial topic and I do completely agree with that 

now before we even get started I would like to say that I have been teaching for an offline education for quite a long time and I have taken a huge workshops out there where the students like 300 or 400 students in a single workshop and quite a long boot camps about three days or maybe for three months and such like that and from 

the last few months I would say last few years I've been teaching in the online education so I have the experience and I think I am a pretty good person to talk about the offline education versus the online education the pros and cons for both of them and which one is going to suit you best 

now before that before we even try to take a preference over the online or the offline let's get started with that so which one do you prefer out there and most of you might say offline education 

but here's the new concept don't be afraid of the technology online education is also a great now I'm not taking the side of any one of them but yes all that education is pretty much great let's take an example 

let's say Kevin Spacey is a great actor and you want to take acting classes for him from him not at all even possible because he's an expensive guy you cannot afford him to learn from him but with the online education you can just pay around 40 to 50 bucks out there and can learn from him that's the beauty of the online education and try to measure the time 

which you are spending on an offline education let's say your class is of one R and you spend around 30 minutes to reach out at the Institute then 30 minutes to reach back at the home and that's all about it 

so you're spending a lot of time out there if I compare the money you are actually paying around let's say $200 or $300 for a one month class and for that you get a one month access out here while on the online education some of them provides a lifetime access 

so you are just paying almost less than half or I would say less than 25% you we are only paying like 50 bucks or a hundred bucks out there and you get a lifetime access from that instructor and some of you might be saying that we cannot ask questions on the online 

now that's a complete myth you can ask questions in the online forums your teacher is always out there with the direct access and all of such things yes I do agree sometimes offline education are pretty good 

if you found a good teacher out there now believe me finding out a good teacher is not at all an easy task you don't just learn out there for just one three days or five days by having a teacher out there you cannot judge him by three or five days while in the online education you can take free preview courses 

you can have a 30 days money-back guarantee or some things like that okay so let's sum up the things which one is good which one is bad now if I just say that you want to learn acting classes or you want to learn the photography or something like that I would say start with some offline education out there and eventually don't forget to move on to the online education and since we are here on the technical talks 

let's move on to the technical ones so if I say you want to learn to code now try to find out a good instructor near by your area who teaches out the IUS coding I am pretty sure he will definitely fail out it's not at all easy 

if he is going to teach he is going to charge really insanely so the whole point is if you're trying to start on trying to learn the codings out there or programming like HTML or maybe say Java I US development Android development try out with some online education but here is the twist 

now what you'll do most of you will - will try to open up the YouTube and try to search out from some good tutorials I don't agree with that YouTube's are pretty good if they are produced at high quality cameras high Mike's out there and all of that that's pretty good but a person is not going to do 

so because it takes a lot of time lot of money and lot of efforts to put out those courses so those courses are not at all available on the YouTube maybe in some later on movies we will discuss what are the best online platforms and all such things.

so my vote is go for some great websites which are paid so yes you have to a little bit to get started with that okay so quite a long thing we have been discussing let's just quickly summarize all of that offline education pretty gate pretty great a good point to start out there find out a good teacher invest a little time get start with that it's good and on the online education

 you have a lifetime access you have a complete teacher access all the time you pay a very very small amount plus you can re-watch the videos let's say a ten times or 20 times you cannot ask and your teacher in the offline world for a ten times or 20 times plus in case you forget out you can just rewatch the video anytime 

so now you are the one who can judge which one suits you best it might be online it might be offline but one thing I would like to suggest all of you if you found out any workshops or maybe a boot camps these are pretty good in fact I still take the boot camps where I like to learn I am a student out there 

so I like to take the boot camps in the workshop quite a lot but for a long-term course that takes a year or maybe year and a half I always prefer the online education.

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Thank you so much 


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