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Essay on my favourite sportsperson Virat Kohli

Essay on my favourite sportsperson Virat Kohli

Essay on my favourite sportsperson 

Virat Kohli

Cricket is the cult of all Indians and all age group Indians abode this game among all the cricketers I am a great fan of Virat Kohli going is a very famous cricketer who currently captain's the Indian team.

Virat Kohli is a right-handed top-order batsman the stylish good-looking captain is considered one of the best batsmen in the world, Virat Kohli was born on 15 November 1988 in Delhi to a Punjabi Hindu family, He is the third child of his parents. He has an older brother and an older sister.

Kohli was passionate about sports since childhood Conley shot to fame after leading him there to glory in the under-19 World Cup at Kuala Lumpur in early 2008.

His talent and consistency earned him a place in the Indian cricket team after becoming captain his exceptional leadership skills brought triumph and glory to our country to date he has scored more than 20,000 runs in international cricket and 68 centuries?

Kohli has been the recipient of several prestigious awards such as the Arjuna Award in 2013 the Padma Shri in 2017 and the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna in 2018.

when he was three years old, Kohli picked up a cricket bat, and start swinging it and ask his father to bowl at him. Kohli's father took him to the academy after their neighbour suggested that Virat shouldn't waste his time in such gully cricket and instead join a professional club.

So, at the age of 9 Kohli enrolled in west Delhi cricket academy. And his coach identified the spark in the young boy that is Virat Kohli and he took to professional training quite seriously and thought of all the different techniques.

The time management of Virat was immaculate. Also, the commitment and hard work of Virat impressed the coach for more attention. The parental attention and the encouragement of brother and sister always gave force Virat to perform and prove.

His father, brother, and sometimes mother dropped him at the academy and picked him back home whenever required. The support and strength lend him immensely helped him to focus on the game.

The family may have seen rough economic situations but a commitment to the grooming of Virat Kohli as a cricketer was never let loose its poverty in any situation For Virat Kohli, cricket has been the biggest leveller. In pain or in happiness, Kohli has not let his cricket suffer. The first signs came as early as a teenager trying to break into the big league.

A young cricketer in a desperate situation, unable to decide, on one side is the death of his father and on the other side is his responsibilities and an opportunity in an area where his father wanted him to excel. Just imagine in this situation anybody would have felt depressed and blanked. But instead, he calls his mentor for advice to whom his father had entrusted him to groom this cricketing child for excellence.

He was crying while speaking to his mentor because he informs him that his father has breathed his last breath. On the same day, Kohli was playing for a Ranji Trophy match against Karnataka. He was batting on the 4th day and Virat scored 40 runs overnight and the team needed him very badly as the team was in a dire situation.

So, the mentor was unable to decide and a few minutes later he decides to play because his father wanted to see the glory as a cricketer. Then he thought of batting first and then decided to go to the funeral of his father. on that day when the body of his father was at home, however, Virat was in a normal situation.

he walked into the dressing room, all the players were not knowing about the death of his father and Virat shared the sad news in the dressing room and he was prepared to go to the field. He was composed and very natural in his body language.

He scored 90 runs and was given out unfortunately LBW. Virat was not satisfied and the umpire has given the wrong decision on that match. That was a very sad thing And then he dashes to participate in the funeral of his father.

This is a rare situation that players can face and the way Virat negotiates the situation to do his duty and contribution in the match speaks splendour. It is not so easy to keep such tragedy out of mind and focus on the game when the situation is very difficult but Virat did it.

That incident has changed his behaviour a lot. Naturally, Kohli is an aggressive batsman. Most of them say that Virat is a very arrogant temper and angry man but he is a person who always liked challenges and gives tough fight to others. There could not have been a bigger example of how Kohli learned to handle responsibility from an early age.

Falling down and fighting back is part of sport and life, but the ability to come back made him realize that one incident had made him so strong. The ability to come back became so much stronger and right now he feels grateful that he could get the kind of strength from such a difficult point in life.

He never gave up his passion and the way he approached the game was changed his day. He just had one thing in mind is he should never give up a dream or passion for any situation. That is why he succeeded in his life and still, the whole world speaks about him Work for your passion.

Whatever the purpose of your life is, work for it. Give more time to it. Utilize time wisely for it you may know about your purpose now or much later but at least follow your passion Manage your fears by not believing in your negative thoughts.

Don’t focus on feelings of fear or anxiety which stop you from taking action. Take some risks. Try and try until you get your desired output. I hope this information has motivated you and me because this Virat Kohli tells us how to make a decision in such a difficult and painful situation.

He has become a source of motivation and inspiration from many young aspiring cricketers his immense passion for cricket made me an ardent fan of him Virat Singh Kohli is the pride of India.

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Essay on my favourite sportsperson Virat Kohli

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