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Of all the subjects you are studying at present which one do you think would be most useful to you in future and why?

Of all the subjects you are studying at present which one do you think would be most useful to you in future and why?

Of all the subjects you are studying at present which one do you think would be most useful to you in future and why?

 ⚫ Introduction Need for so many study subjects. 

 ⚫ Their relevance.

 ⚫ The subject of my choice. 

 ⚫ How it would be useful to me in future.

 ⚫ Conclusion:

The multiplicity of subjects that we have to study bewilders me. I do sometimes wonder about the utility of studying Shakespeare in English Literature, History, Geography, Social Studies, etc. 

There are a host of other subjects, which have probably no use in our later lives. One could understand if we were to study the History and Geography of our country. 

What is perplexing, however, is that we have to learn the history and geography of different countries and continents, that we shall probably never even see in our lives. 

Though valid, this hypothesis is far from the truth. All the subjects are equally relevant, to have a holistic view of things in our later lives, irrespective of the subject that we are specialising in. 

Thus it is equally important for a doctor to know, why and how seasonal variations take place. Similarly, the historian should have elementary knowledge of the human body so that he can take proper care of his health. Out of all the subjects I am studying, I have a special liking for Science, for not only is it interesting but also systematic and logical.

Chemistry and Physics are tough no doubt, but quite engrossing. Biology is the most interesting of the three. It dwells on aspects directly concerning us. We get to know the functions of different organs like the heart, liver and kidney. 

We also learn how to avoid dreadful diseases like malaria, chickenpox, dysentery, etc. In the unfortunate event of our affliction with these diseases, we also know their malady. Besides this, we pick up knowledge of hygiene that is important for us in our later lives. 

Though I have a special liking for Biology, as all three subjects are in the science stream, my single preference is Science. 

The reason for my choice is obvious. It would be of tremendous use to me in realising my ambition of becoming a doctor, a profession which is noble and respectable.

To study medicine, I would need to have a thorough knowledge of Science, which would encompass Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

This would enable me to pass the pre-medical competitive examination, held every year for selecting students for pursuing medical studies in the various medical colleges in the state.

Lakhs of students appear in this examination for a few thousand seats only. Hence there is very stiff competition for each seat. 

This does not deter me, for I am not studying out of compulsion or force, but studying for the love of the subject. Moreover, I know that "Life's battles don't always go.

To the stronger or the fastest man. But sooner or later the man who wins. Is the man who thinks he can" as said by H.W. Longfellow.

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    The prompt encourages students to critically assess their current studies' relevance to future goals, fostering introspection and strategic thinking. It emphasizes practicality and utility, allowing students to prioritize subjects that align with their interests and career aspirations. The prompt encourages self-assessment and career planning, empowering students to make informed decisions and foster a mindset of lifelong learning.


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