Uses of electricity in our daily life essay

Uses of electricity in our daily life essay

Uses of electricity in our daily life essay

Electricity is one of the most important blessings that science has given to mankind. It has also become a part of modern life and one cannot think of a world without it.

The wonders performed by electricity are so many that it would take a much larger space to describe them all. In the last few years, electricity has been used more and more throughout the country. 

Electricity makes our trams run smoothly along the road; it whirls the punkahs over our heads whilst we sit in school; it furnishes light by which we can read our textbooks at night

when we are studying at home; It helps to make the ice which refreshes us during the intense heat; it lights the street at night and makes our cities safer than they would be otherwise

It drives printing presses and enables us to get up-to-date news every day; It works film projections and thus gives us much pleasure when we go to the cinema. What would life be like without the blessings of electricity? 

Another area in our life on which electricity has a great influence in media both in communication and entertainment. Telephones and cellphones which are commonplace today need electricity to operate. Television which is an important gadget in modern life is run on electricity. 

The computer which is central to modern life run on electricity. Internet, e-mail, e-governance, e-commerce, etc. all are possible today due to electricity. There are electric stoves which will cook our meals without the slightest worry.

There are also all-electric restaurants in which the food is cooked by electricity. It is then placed in cases, duly labeled, on one side of a long room.

The customer comes and chooses the food he requires: and when the price is placed in a slot at the side, the window of the case automatically opens and the cu49nler takes away his food to the other side of the r6761, where tables and chairs are arranged for his use. 

When he has finished his meal the dirty dishes are placed on a moving band worked by electricity and are carried away. On they go to the electric washing machine, which very wonderfully sorts out the dishes, cleanses them thoroughly in hygienic conditions, and dries them. 

Even the field of agriculture has been invaded by electricity. Cows are milked by electricity and there are electric plows for plowing the fields.

The farmers' perishable produce, such as milk, eggs, butter, etc., can be preserved in the wonderful refrigerators which are so popular in many households nowadays. 

The medical world also pays homage to electricity. Where would our doctors and surgeons be without the wonderful X-rays, which allow photographs to be taken of the interior of the human body, and thus enable them to see what is wrong? 

All the types of machinery associated with the medical world are run on electricity. There are electric irons for ironing our clothes, electric toasters for toasting bread, electric fires for warming our rooms. 

These and many others are the marvels which man has contrived by harnessing the mysterious force we call electricity. Still more wonderful is the human mind which has harnessed this mysterious power to so many uses, and more wonderful yet the Mind of the Creator, 

which produced both the electrical force and the questing mind of man. However, the demand for electricity is growing because more and more people have access to it.

As a result, everyone should make an attempt to reduce the consumption of electricity in the family as well as in-office by using it more reasonably. 


We can speak on the telephone to our friends, living in the same city or a thousand miles away or even in South Africa, Australia, America, or England, without electricity this couldn't be done.

Mobile phones are used for a variety of purposes, such as keeping in touch with family members, conducting business, and being able to have access to a phone in the case of an emergency.

Some people today carry more than one mobile phone for different functions, such as for business and personal use. Thanks to electricity that has given us such a speedy way of communication.

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