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Speech on National Unity Day in Assamese

Speech on National Unity Day in Assamese

Speech on National Unity Day in Assamese

Ladies and gentlemen, dear students of Assam, today, I stand before you to talk about a special day that holds great significance for our beautiful state, Assam, and our entire nation. This day is National Unity Day. It's a day when we celebrate the diversity that makes our state and our country so unique and strong.

National Unity Day is celebrated on October 31st every year, and it's a day that reminds us of the importance of staying united and working together. It's a day to remember a great leader, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who played a vital role in bringing different states together to form the India we know today.

Assam, just like the rest of India, is a place of diversity. We have many different communities, languages, cultures, and traditions. And that's what makes Assam so colourful and beautiful. But sometimes, we might wonder why we need to celebrate unity if we are all so different. Well, that's the beauty of it!

Imagine Assam as a big family, with each community and culture being a unique member. Just like in a family, we may have different interests, likes, and habits, but that doesn't stop us from loving and caring for each other. Similarly, in Assam, we have various communities and traditions, and that's what makes us special.

National Unity Day is the day when we remind ourselves that our differences should be celebrated, not cause division. It's like a grand family reunion where we come together to celebrate our unique qualities and recognize that these differences are what make our state strong.

We, the people of Assam, have a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and traditions. Bihu, our most famous festival, is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm by all Assamese, irrespective of their community or background. It's a beautiful example of how we come together to celebrate something unique to Assam.

But why do we need a special day for unity? Well, the answer is simple. Unity makes us strong. It's like a team that works together to win a game. Each player may have different skills, but when they come together and support each other, they achieve great things. Similarly, Assam is at its best when all its communities and people work together for a common goal.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, whose birthday we celebrate on National Unity Day, was a leader who believed in the strength of unity. He worked tirelessly to unite more than 562 princely states into the newly formed India after gaining independence from British rule. This was not an easy task, but his determination and leadership brought them together.

Assam is an essential part of India, and unity with the rest of the country is crucial for our progress and development. Just like the different parts of our body work together to keep us healthy, the different states of India need to work together to make the whole country prosperous and strong.

We also need to remember that unity doesn't mean we all have to be the same. It means we should respect and appreciate our differences and work together to achieve common goals. Just like in a school, we may have students from various backgrounds, but they study together to learn and succeed. This is how Assam should work, with each of us contributing our unique strengths to make our state and our nation strong.

National Unity Day is a reminder that we are all like a big family, and in families, we care for and support each other. It's a day to be kind, help those in need, and be a good friend to others. When we treat everyone with respect and love, we make Assam a better place to live.

In conclusion, National Unity Day is a day to celebrate the diversity that makes Assam and India so unique and beautiful. It's a day to remember that when we stand together, there's nothing we can't achieve. 

Let's always remember the importance of unity, respect, and love for our state and our fellow citizens. Assam, like a bouquet of diverse flowers, blooms with unity in diversity. And it's in our unity that we find our true strength. Thank you, and let's always stand together as one.


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