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How I Spent My Dussehra Holidays Essay in English


How I Spent My Dussehra Holidays Essay i

How I Spent My Dussehra Holidays Essay

Dussehra holidays are a special time of the year, eagerly awaited by kids like me. It's a time when we get a break from our daily routine, and this year's Dussehra holidays turned out to be the most exciting yet. Let me share with you how I spent my Dussehra holidays in 700 words.

Day 1: The Start of the Adventure

As soon as the school bell rang on the last day before the holidays, my friends and I could hardly contain our excitement. We had been planning our Dussehra adventures for weeks. The first day of our holidays began with a grand visit to a local fairground. The colourful lights, lively music, and delicious street food filled the air with a festive spirit. We hopped on various rides, from the giant Ferris wheel to the thrilling roller coasters. The day ended with cotton candy and a promise to explore more adventures in the coming days.

Day 2: A Trip to the Zoo

One of my favourite places to visit during the holidays is the zoo. It's like stepping into a wildlife wonderland. On the second day of my Dussehra holiday, my family and I visited the local zoo. We saw magnificent animals, from the majestic lions to the playful monkeys. I was particularly excited to see the tigers up close. Their fierce yet graceful presence left me in awe. We also spent time at the bird aviary, where colourful birds from all around the world chirped and sang.

Day 3: Creative Crafts Day

For the third day of my holidays, I decided to get creative. I invited some friends over, and we had a craft day at home. We made colourful rangoli designs in front of our house, using vibrant powdered colours. We also created beautiful Diwali greeting cards, decorated with glitter, sequins, and colourful markers. It was a fantastic way to express our artistic sides and prepare for the upcoming Diwali festival.

Day 4: Nature Adventure

Nature has a unique way of calming our souls. On the fourth day, my family and I embarked on a nature adventure. We went hiking in a nearby forest. Surrounded by tall trees, chirping birds, and fresh air, I felt a deep connection with nature. We enjoyed a picnic in a meadow, and I couldn't resist plucking wildflowers to make a colourful bouquet. Exploring the great outdoors was not only refreshing but also a wonderful learning experience.

Day 5: Movie Marathon

Sometimes, it's nice to have a relaxed day. On the fifth day, my friends and I organized a movie marathon at my place. We watched our favourite animated movies, indulged in popcorn, and sipped on homemade lemonade. It was a day of laughter, movie quotes, and snuggling under blankets. The movies were not only entertaining but also taught us valuable lessons about friendship and courage.

Day 6: Delicious Cooking Day

The sixth day was dedicated to our love for food. I decided to try my hand at cooking. With my mom's guidance, I prepared a simple yet delicious meal – pasta with homemade tomato sauce. It felt great to be in the kitchen, measuring ingredients and stirring the sauce. My family praised my cooking, and we relished the meal together. Cooking turned out to be a fun and fulfilling experience.

Day 7: Visit to Grandparents

Spending time with family is an essential part of any holiday. On the seventh day, we drove to my grandparents' house. Their warm smiles and stories about their own Dussehra celebrations filled the day with love and laughter. My grandma prepared a mouthwatering feast, including traditional sweets like gulab jamun and jalebi. We also lit sparklers in the evening, and I could see the joy in my grandparents' eyes as they watched us play.

Day 8: Visit to Historical Sites

Dussehra holidays are not only about fun but also about learning. On the eighth day, we visited some historical sites in our city. We explored ancient forts, admired intricate architecture, and learned about our rich cultural heritage. It was like stepping back in time, and I couldn't help but feel proud of our country's history.

Day 9: Cultural Extravaganza

As Dussehra approached, the city was buzzing with cultural events. On the ninth day, my family and I attended a cultural extravaganza at a nearby ground. The evening was filled with traditional dance performances, music, and a Ramleela play. The Ravan Dahan (the burning of the effigy of the demon king Ravan) was the highlight of the event. The crackling of fireworks filled the night sky, signifying the triumph of good over evil.

Day 10: Grand Diwali Celebrations

The final day of my Dussehra holidays coincided with the grand celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights. Our house was adorned with diyas and colourful lights. I helped my mom make sweets and savouries for the festival. As evening fell, we lit lamps and candles, creating a mesmerizing ambience. We exchanged gifts and sweets with friends and family, spreading joy and love.

Conclusion: Cherished Memories

My Dussehra holidays were a fantastic blend of adventure, creativity, family time, and cultural experiences. As I went to bed on the last day, I realized how these holidays had been a treasure trove of cherished memories. It wasn't just about the activities but the joy, laughter, and bonding that made it truly special. I can't wait for the next Dussehra holidays, hoping for even more incredible adventures and unforgettable moments.

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