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Essay on Advantages and disadvantages of money

Essay on Advantages and disadvantages of money

Essay on Advantages and disadvantages of money

Money is very essential for survival in the olden day coins of gold silver etc were used as money before that batter system existed where people exchanged goods and services for other goods and services 

Today we use currency notes and coins as the money we all need money to late a decent social life we need money to purchase food clothes and many other commodities 

We need money for health education and entertainment to everyone tries to earn money by means of business services etc.

so that one can fulfill the requirements in the modern age it is said that money can't give you every happiness but can we live happily without money 

Money plays a big role in today's world and we certainly need some money to be happy when a person has money he has fewer financial worries 

We can help other people and do charity work with money the value of wealth is increasing day by day as the cost of living is also increasing.

There are some people who feel that money is required to fulfill the basic requirements of life whereas there are some who want money for the luxuries of life.

Some people earn money by right path while some earn it by illegal ways like bribery theft etc.

Money earned by wrong methods cannot last long even if money is important and essential earning it by the wrong means is not accepting money is essential in everyone's life 

We all have equal opportunities to earn money hard work and determination can bring enough money to all of us.

Essay on Advantages and disadvantages of money

Everyone knows the value of money. There is nothing more powerful than money. If we do not have money.

we cannot buy the goods, clothes and other essential things we need. Without money, we cannot go to the cinema, theater, or other entertainment places.

How can we spend our free time pleasantly on rainy evenings without color television in front of us? The music of a new Hi-Fi can quickly relax us after a hard day's work. 

But how can we satisfy our needs, our desires, and our pleasures when we cannot afford to buy them?

With money, we can easily improve our spiritual activities. We can go to any school; Any university we want to advance our knowledge.

If our parents are rich and powerful then we can be sent abroad to study. Furthermore, we can enjoy pure happiness by contributing our money to charity funds to help the poor, the wretched, and the victims of other calamities

But money not only brings us well but also bad. It is responsible for a lot of wickedness in the world. 

The rich often depend on it to oppress the poor and the millionaires sometimes treat their servants with great cruelty. 

Many youths, taking pride in the wealth and prosperity of their parents, neglect their school activities, always play careless, and indulge themselves in alcoholism, gambling, and corruption. 

They often commit suicide by playing Duck and Drake with the fate of their parents. Thus money is the root of all evil.

In short, happiness does not depend on the amount of money but on the way we use it. We should use our money properly. Proper use of money can bring us a comfortable life and a cheerful mind.

Essay on Advantages and disadvantages of money

There is no doubt that money plays the most important role in the world we live in. Money makes it easy and far and wide. If someone is lucky, he is lucky. 

However, having a pile of money has some advantages and disadvantages, as it is a double-edged sword. In the essay, I will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of having a lot of money.

The abundance of money has many benefits. Firstly, it makes one's life easier and more comfortable as he can buy what makes his life easier. 

He can lead a comfortable life while ensuring the facilities. Secondly, the affluent person can contribute to society. To give an example of what I mean, let's look at the issue of unemployment. 

He can create employment opportunities by setting up industries. Thus, with mountains of wealth, one person can be the savior of hundreds of unemployed youth. 

Another important thing to remember, in our capitalist society, the amount of money determines the social status of the individual. A person with an abundance of wealth may enjoy a prestigious social position.

However, like everything, money also has a dark side. More often than not, a lot of money can change human behavior. It can make people arrogant. 

A friendly person can turn into an unpleasant person. On top of that, money often leads to an addiction to getting more money. 

Due to this, a person can use unfair means to earn more money. Thus, the abundance of money can be a catalyst for committing many bad deeds.

Overall everyone wants money at any cost. Money keeps us alive in this modern world. Without it, we have to face many problems, while the heap of money destroys our life. Unfortunately, it's a money dilemma.

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