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Essay on importance of peace in our life


Essay on importance of peace in our life

Essay on the importance of peace in our life


Peace is often defined as a state devoid of conflict or disturbance of any kind. We live in a world that is severely divided by too many factors.

These factors would most likely include things like race, tribe, and language. Because of these factors, it can be really hard for the light of peace to shine in the world. 

Peace, in general, is something that needs to be adopted by various individuals and groups for several important reasons.

Importance of peace

The importance of peace in our society cannot be denied. There is hardly any harm in having peace. Some of the benefits of being in peace include;

Peace is the opposite of war and chaos: there is almost no part of the world today that has not experienced the brutality of war. 

For this reason, most nations have made efforts to make war a thing of the past. Peace is the only way by which war and chaos can be eradicated forever. 

When people yearn for peace and live in a peaceful world, this will lead to an end to wars and the system will completely and utterly reign supreme without any doubt.

Peace Promotes Cooperation and Unity: Many famous personalities who once lived on Earth have dreamed of a time when the Earth would be very cooperative and work in unity. 

Then, there will be no need to fly around with diplomacy and threats. The only way to achieve this is through peace. 

Peace is the reason why most people sit down and discuss the matters that affect them the most. This is the reason why nations constitute conflict resolution committees. 

The clear truth is that the world cannot move forward without implementing peace. This is what makes it all the more precious and important to mankind.

Peace saves mankind from extinction: imagine a world without relative peace. What do you see? 

No matter what you imagine, the sight just isn't satisfying enough. Peace gives us the system to live and achieve many things in life. 

Without peace, the world would be a place where only the strongest of people would survive to tell the story. 

Peace is what allows individuals to have equal opportunities in their lives, whether physically strong or weak. 

Taking away the peace would be very disastrous for most of mankind. It can even lead to the extinction of mankind if taken to the extreme.

Peace balances the world: The world is delicately prepared to accommodate many people with diverse cultures and backgrounds. 

Take away the peace and get ready to let the balance in the world spiral out of control. Peace is responsible for integrating all groups of individuals in the world today. 

This is also a major reason why the world today can be referred to as a global village. Peace is the key to maintaining the core of our existence.


The world we live in is ever-changing and with it will come challenges that mankind will have to face boldly and bravely. 

However, this can be achieved only when we realize how important peace is to the world in general and to the preservation of humanity. 

No civilization in the entire human history has lasted forever without peace. Peace is the only way by which we can secure the future of our coming generation.

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