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Essay on my school

Essay on my school

Essay on my school

My school is the temple of knowledge. the name of my school is " Your School name". It is one of the best schools in my city, my school building is very spacious and beautiful. 

It is E Shaped, The big colourfully gate of my school welcomes us daily, there are twenty classrooms, a bog assembly hall, a big library, a huge playground and a science lab. 

All rooms are well ventilated and well furnished, my school teachers are very kind and carrying they teach us many new things and moral values, they are our true friends and guides my school is my second home. 

A family of learning is the motto of my school, My school has a huge garden, it makes the school look so beautiful my school is famous for sports education and other co-curricular activities.

I am proud of my school that it not only provides quality but offers all other facilities, I love my school very much.

 Short essay on my school

My school The name of my school is Eklavya International school. It is one of the best schools in my city. The school building is very big. We have many classrooms, science labs, an auditorium, a library and a big computer lab too. 

The teachers of my school are well educated and talented. They teach us in a creative way. My school has started e-learning this year, which makes studies easy. Our teachers also teach us moral values. 

Many functions like Annual day, sports day, teachers day, children's day etc are conducted in school. My school is really nice and I like my school very much. 

My school Essay 

My school name is " Your School name". It is one of the best schools in my city, the building of my school is very big and grand, the game of the school is very high and broad. 

It is V-shaped, there are forty classrooms. a hall, a large library, three laboratories and to staff rooms, all the rooms are airy and well ventilated, we are like a family in our school the teachers are very kind and cooperative our principal is also a kind and competent man

Our school has a big playground, there is a good arrangement of games and sports in my school, Mt school also takes part in various extra curriculum activities, the atmosphere of my school is peaceful and suitable for studies, I love my school very much.

10 lines essay on my School 

1. My school name is " your school name"

2. My school building has very big and beautiful.

3. There are twenty teachers and three hundred students in our school.

4.My school has a good library.

5. There is a big playground in front of our school 

6. I learn new things every day in my school.

7. Our teachers are very kind and hardworking.

8. We celebrate all national events with great zeal in our school.

9. My school is my second home.

10. I love my school very much.

Essay on my school life

It is said that "Student life is golden life" because student life is the most important part of human life, it is the period of pure joy and happiness because of the mind of a student of free cares and worries of grown-up life.

Student life is the time of learning at this time the entire future of human being depends those who use this time can make their life great and comfortable the student who wastes this time in going the wrong work hi/her future is turned to darkness.

The real character of a human being is formed in the student life in itself that is why it is necessary to take thoughtful steps at every turn in life but at the same time. 

It is important to remember that this is also the period when the student's personality is getting shaped the most, so it is so important that the student is allowed opportunities for overall personal growth and development through sports, socializing exposure to various areas of life etc. 

It is also important that the student is taught good mental and values as these the key to a happy life as adults, student life is a perfect life every person's real-life starts from the student life itself based on the students like a very person becomes a good and successful person.

Therefore, everyone should make effective use of students life to become good citizens of this country.

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