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Science A Blessing Or Curse Essay

Science A Blessing Or Curse Essay

Science A Blessing Or Curse Essay

The present age is the age of science and technology. Like every other thing, it also has its positive and negative aspects.

It is with the help of Science that our life has become easier. Scientific invention helped us to conquer time.

It has given us modes of communication entertainment and education. Nowadays. even fatal diseases are curable with the aid of modern developments in the field of medicine.

Some people misuse the boon and produce powerful weapons to destroy mankind.

Pollution is also a side effect of scientific inventions. Science is actually a blessing. But it becomes a curse when we use it in the wrong way.

Science A Blessing Or Curse Essay ( 100 words)

Science is the sinew of modern civilization. It has worked in every branch of our life. The gifts of science have made our life easy and comfortable.

What was once impossible is now very much possible. In a minute we can contact a friend in far off America.

We have reached the moon. Science has conquered disease, time and distance. It has given us tremendous power. And sadly, with this hand, man is killing a man. Deadly weapons are threatening life. Pollution has endangered life.

Machines have made life mechanical. And mechanical life is sure to lose peace. So the lovers of peace call science a curse.

But we should question man's motives, not science. A knife can cut fruits. It can also cutthroats. Intention - good or bad - is the last word.

Science A Blessing Or Curse Essay (150 Words)

The literal meaning of the word 'Vigyan' is 'knowledge'. The modern age is the age of science. Science is the greatest boon to the modern world. Modern discoveries and inventions have increased human happiness and happiness. The first thing man learned was how to conquer nature. He can now cross vast oceans, fly through the air, travel underground and do much more. Inventions like the telephone, mobile, the computer etc. have changed man forever. Inventions and discoveries have taken place in all aspects of life. Science has done great miracles in the field of health and medicine. Science has been the greatest weapon in man's fight against various kinds of diseases. Technology is increasing every day. Every new day brings with it better technology. So we can say that science is a boon for human life. But it can be a curse for us if we misuse the science.

Science A Blessing Or Curse Essay ( 300 words )

The progress of today is all because of science. Science has brought a great revolution in all the fields of life. Miracles are happening daily. Science has changed our attitude and our way of living.

Electronic media and communication have brought a revolutionary change in our lives.

Because of science, human life has become very comfortable. The world has shrunk. It has changed into a global village.

Telephone, radio, mobile, television, dish, fax, computer and internet has provided many facilities to man. They are the source of pleasure and comfort for human beings.

Medical science has controlled incurable diseases. Even cancer is curable at its early stages. So many heart diseases are easily cured.

The sanitary conditions in our cities have been improved with the help of scientific methods.

We have a sewage and water supply system. Pure drinking water is easily available. Science has played an important role in the production of food. We can preserve fresh fruit, meats and vegetables for a long time.

Now the famine breaks out rarely. Similarly, the industry has been revolutionized now. Industrial machinery has lessened human labour. It has increased the production capacity of the factories.

We see that science has brought comfort and pleasure to mankind. It is right to say that it is a friend of mankind.

But the demerits of scientific progress are not less significant. Science has been used for bad purposes too.

The horrible bombs and missiles are made to disturb world peace. Besides good purposes, Uranium is used in the preparation for Atom bombs.

They can destroy cities within no time. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the worst examples of such destruction.

The use of poisonous gases in the wars caused horrible deaths. Man has become slaves of machines. Unemployment is the product of modern scientific progress. Science is a friend as well as a form of man.

It has helped man in getting knowledge in every field. But it has destroyed the established moral values of society.

Man is running after money. So, modern scientific progress is not an unquestioned blessing. It has its advantages and disadvantages as well. 

Science A Blessing Or Curse Essay ( 500 words)

Introduction - It is hard to imagine living today without using the inventions and discoveries of science. Science has become a part of human life. today the man Due to the progress of science, reached the moon. More and more new things can still be discovered in science reserves. Science as a blessing or good servant - Seeing the good discoveries and inventions of science, it can easily be said that science is a boon. Science has made our life happy, comfortable and progressive. Science can prove to be a good and faithful servant if we use it wisely and carefully. wonders of science There are countless wonders of science that have made human life very happy and useful. Electricity is one of the greatest wonders of science.

It is very useful in our daily domestic life as well as in mills, factories and many industries. Science has killed distance. Human life has become safer and longer. It is now free from deadly diseases. (A) Transport and Communication – The greatest contribution of the progress of science can be seen in the field of transport and communication.

Science has shortened the distance and saved us time in taking long journeys. On land, we travel by cars, buses, trains etc. Trucks and goods trains carry heavy goods from one place to another. Today we can fly like a bird in an aeroplane. Sea travel is possible by ships.

We have also developed rockets and space crafts to explore space. In the field of communication - the telephone, the telegraph, television, the radio and wireless are modern wonderful inventions of science. (b) Medical Science - Revolutionary progress in the field of medical science has made human life safe, happy and long.

There are new medicines, effective injections and delicate operations to save the lives of patients from dreadful and deadly diseases. (c) Agriculture and Industry - Science in agriculture has helped us in mechanized farming. There are tractors and other equipment that can plough fields, sow seeds and harvest crops.

Science has developed the industry. Many useful and difficult tasks are performed by machines. (d) Entertainment - Radio, cinema and television, which are the main means of modern entertainment, are wonderful inventions of science. Radio gives us music, news and other programs.

Cinema gives us pleasure and entertainment. Television can show us the face of a singer, news-reader or sportsperson. Science as a Curse or Bad Guru - Science is a grave curse when it destroys much of humans and our property in war.

Now the wars have become more dreadful and highly destructive with the discovery of poisonous gases, destructive tanks of deadly bombs etc. The invention of the atomic bomb has completely put human life in the face of death.

Thus science has proved to be a curse or a bad guru because our life is in the hands of scientists who invent weapons of war and destruction. This is the most serious problem of the present time. The most adverse effect of scientific achievement is environmental pollution which is increasing day by day. Conclusion - It is true that science is a good servant, but also a curse or a bad master. Its blessings are very useful for us but its use in war is very harmful and destructive. Real science should be used for human happiness and world peace. This is the need of the present time.

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