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My Vision for India 100 Years Paragraph 150 words, 400 words

Essay on My vision for India @ 100 years Paragraph 150 words Introduction: India is a developing country that needs many things for development. India is going to complete 100 years of its independence and sovereignty, which inspires Indians to think big and make them strong. Body After 100 years of independence, my vision for India of 2047 is to be strong like the freedom fighters who fought for our country and lost their lives in making India an independent country. My vision for India in 2047 is to be self-reliant in every decision so that gaps can be bridged in such a way that no one has to struggle to find a home and earn a living. In the year 2047, India should be known as a superpower and not a country that is not only known for its culture but also for its valour and defence capability. The literacy rate should touch an all-time high percentage and people should become as humble and knowledgeable as our ancestors were in different eras. My vision for India in 100 years i

Essay On One Step Towards Green And Clean Energy In English

Essay On One Step Towards Green And Clean Energy In English

Essay on One Step Towards Green and Clean Energy 

Let's keep it in our Memory, For Environment, Green and Clean are Good sources of Energy... 

Right now energy is very essential for life and all living organisms. Every day we depend on energy to run our daily life smoothly. Every time we turn on the light switch, use the computer or take a hot shower, or turn on the heater, we are using up energy. Life requires a lot of energy, but not all energy is created equally.

All the electricity that flows into our home comes from the electrical grid, which distributes electricity from a variety of sources. Some of these sources burn fossil fuels and cause pollution, while others generate clean, renewable energy from natural resources such as the sun and wind.

Our energy choices and decisions affect Earth's natural systems in ways we may not be aware of, so it is essential that we choose energy sources carefully. At present, most of the planets are dependent on fossil fuels to provide power and energy due to which they are facing a lot of environmental problems.

crisis. Our traditional energy sources like ours play a big role in creating the impact of global and climate change on the earth. Environmental and ecological destruction is now a runaway problem. In such a situation, it is very important to use such resources which save the environment from getting polluted.

We need to increase more dependence on renewable energy sources like green energy and clean energy. Friends, green energy which includes green electricity is clean energy.

This means that it is produced with little or no environmental impact and does not release greenhouse gases into the air that contribute to global warming, the way fossil fuels do.

Green energy and clean energy sources include wind, geothermal, hydro and solar energy. Wind and water sources generate energy through the circulation of wind and water, while geothermal and solar sources generate energy through heat. All these sources provide reliable energy and protect the environment.

Friends, it is a sad fact that most of the electricity in the United States is made from dirty, polluting, non-renewable. resources such as fossil fuels. Sources of electricity generation such as coal, oil and natural gas have contributed to a third of global greenhouse gas emissions.

On the other hand, green energy and clean energy are 100% pollution-free. It is produced using naturally occurring and virtually inexhaustible sources such as the sun and wind. These energies do not harm the land and do not emit carbon dioxide (Co2), nitrogen oxides (NOX).

Sulfur dioxide (502) and particulate matter in the air. Water and soil. These energies lead to development in rural areas. The best part is that it can have a positive impact on the effects of climate change.

Today 17% of the world's population still uses biomass for electricity and 38% of the population for cooking, heating and other purposes in their homes. So the United States set a goal of making electricity accessible to everyone on the planet by 2030. To meet this objective, it is necessary to establish healthy and non-polluting sources of energy.

So that our environment is not harmed much. Friends, Green and clean energy sources have very little or zero carbon emissions, so they are eco-friendly. Another advantage is that, unlike their non-renewable counterparts, renewable energy does not need to be dependent on any one country for its supply of resources. Scientists who support the use of green energy said that we can reduce the rate of climate change by using such resources. Unlike fossil fuel sources, these sources are renewable.

Today some places have started taking green energy sources more seriously, it is extremely important that everyone starts to understand the far-reaching benefits of green sources of energy. In 2019, India also announced that it would more than double its renewable energy target from 175 GW to 450 GW by 2022,

India is rapidly working towards becoming one of the green energy leaders in the world. Green energy resources are primarily one of the highly beneficial ways to improve and maintain the environment in which we live.

After all, we have only one planet to live in and keeping that planet healthy is an important part of keeping us healthy too.

In the end, I just want to say that I support renewable energy...

Essay On One Step Towards Green And Clean Energy In English

"Move towards green and clean energy, Decorate the environment with lots of purity." 


The present era is the era of industrialization. It is through industrialization that India is steadily moving on the path of development. Energy is the resource that too is required to do any industry or work. To do most of the work, we use traditional energy sources, which greatly affect our environment. That is why the government is emphasizing the use of renewable energy sources, which we call green and clean energy.

What is green energy?

Green energy is energy that can be used in a big way without harming the environment. It is environment friendly and powerful. various systems, releasing very little toxic material into the atmosphere. Green energy can also be defined as renewable energy because this source is never exhausted.

It is sustainable energy that can be used for generations. Green energy is known as clean energy due to the lack of negative effects on the environment. It is one of the alternative energy sources that has received special attention from governments and various international organizations to keep the planet clean.

Importance of clean and green energy

In today's time, when the whole world is troubled by the problem of increasing pollution, green energy is seen as an essential source because it can prevent pollution. Through renewable energy sources, we can increase energy by reducing pollution.

The energy generated from the sun, wind, water and ground plants is called the green energy sector Today, due to the increasing population in our country as well as all over the world, resources are becoming scarce and we are using such resources from which pollution levels are increasing.

Coal, diesel, petrol are the resources that use causes pollution. The use of such resources will have to be reduced, for which sources of green energy can be established as a good alternative

India's growing steps towards green and clean energy-

According to a United Nations report, in 2015, India was among the top ten countries in the world investing in non-conventional means such as solar and wind energy.

The future of renewable energy sources in India is bright. The country is trying to bring a revolutionary change in the field of making electricity through solar energy and wind energy. The government has implemented a solar pumping program for irrigation in the fields.

The sources of renewed energy are gradually displacing traditional sources due to the ever-increasing technology, government cooperation, cheaper alternative energy technologies and the attraction of the industrial world.

India is the first country in the world to implement the carbon tax. Such a regulatory system and model is gradually taking shape in India which is very favourable for the development of renewable energy sources.

Our efforts towards green and clean energy

We need to make a personal effort in the field of green energy. By using green te energy sources, we can avoid the effects of greenhouse gases. We should use solar cookers and solar lights in homes, which will save both electricity and gas, which will be left for future generations to use.

Green energy is an economical source that will not cause any harm to the environment. It is a renewable source of energy. It is the best alternative to some conventional sources.


All of us should give our cooperate to protect the environment by using green energy. By doing this, our earth will soon become pollution-free. Along with this, green energy makes our life easy and is also left for the use of the next generation. If we want to live in a pollution-free environment, then we must move towards green and clean energy Direct.

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