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Essay On Moral Education For Students

Essay On Moral Education For Students

Essay On Moral Education For Students

Moral education is the necessity of the hour in the present age. Few importance of moral education areas are listed below:- 


Moral education ideally should give the children a ready set of values, rights and wrongs at the school level. Moral education teaches us to make the right choices. 


Every generation inevitably stands on the shoulder of the previous generations. Hence that stands taller and reaches farther. There is not a parent who does not wonder at the great intellectual powers of his or her tiny tot. 


They would unfailingly recall what ignoramuses they were at the same age. The present generation is smaller, sharper and abler. They are better equipped to go through a system of schooling. 


As they become young adults, education should fortify their facility of discrimination, of judgment They do not need packaged wisdom, but they should be equipped to make the right choices. 


for every child is vital. Parents burdened as they are with greater demands of their time, have no time to play their role in educating their wards. 


The heart of morality is therefore to respect the persons. This is a part of never-ending moral education that the great goal of education is not to cosmetically furnish the minds to produce doctors and engineers but to develop the sense of right duty, honour, love of God and humanity. 


A child should be taught about the various golden moral values and virtues. Moral and spiritual values should be infused in a child. He or she is taught to differentiate between rights or wrong which value to put into practice at what point in time. All these germs of beautiful values will adorn the bright and glittering personalities of a child. 


The child will be all set and prepared to face the right and wrong of the world and to eradicate all evils right from the root. The world has witnessed many wars, battles on the basis of caste, creed and colour. It is a global understanding that stops mankind from living together. 


Preserve your culture, and add good things to your culture. Give good to society, good will come back to you. For everything should be in limits, any things which go beyond limits is bad. 


Understanding and mutual brotherhood are attainable only when a child is taught. Only moral education would lead us to attain one to the intimate goal of peace on earth, who can take a better initiative than the budding and tender ones of this world that every individual and society goes through from this process. 


If the present generation of the world adopted all mentioned above moral values as ornaments then they shine like stars in the bright sky of the universe. 

Essay On Moral Education For Students 

Morals as generally said are rules or habits of conduct, with reference to standards of right and wrong. A moral from the Latin word "Mora-lisp' is a message conveyed or a lesson to be learned from a story or event or incident. 

The Latin means manner, character, proper., behaviour is a system of conduct and ethics that is vitreous. 

It is high time people realized the need of the hour and rise to the occasion bringing back the past glory of mother earth and restoring its pristine purity. 

Only moral education would lead us to attain our ultimate goal of peace on earth. Who can take a better initiative than the budding and tender ones of this world? Who has to teach moral values, is it a teacher? Is it Parents? Is it Government? Is it your Religion? Is it Yourself? I say AIL

As this subject is so personal to each individual and each society they inhabit, this article is personal in both its nature & content. 

I hope to show that as I consider morality to be an abstract concept, and that it is difficult to put it into any one category of behaviour that this means that moral education cannot be defined categorically either morals & morality pervade every aspect of our lives. 

Even this piece of work is covered by moralistic guidelines as, if it were punctured by gratuitous use of obscenities. 

According to Wilson. 1967 'A child' needs to accept a certain code of behaviour, parental commands, traditional rules etc. of course, all children have their own interpretations of moral concepts, and obeying these different rules in different situations was my first clue that they were flexible and that they depended on different factors. 

It became clear that the variation on a theme I had to choose determined whether I was 'acceptable 'as a person in a particular Sphere. 

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