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Essay on changes in education system my views

Essay on changes in education system my views

Essay on changes in education system my views

The point of this essay is not a demotivate you from your studies if you currently giving your exams give it your best shot you're making your own future easier for yourself but in today's essay, 

we're going to talk about three truths about the Indian education system that neither your teachers nor your parents will ever tell you their real-life skills so if you've been education is an important part of the Indian education system at any point in your life.

Truth number one:- marks really matter

you're made to believe that marks really matter and good marks will decide your future because your teachers tell you so your marks are only going to determine the initial ease in the initial phase of your career for the rest of your career it's down to your real-world skills and the amount of work you put in so why are marks such a big deal in the Indian today's education system firstly understand the word institutionalization.

Institutionalization happens to a human being when they spend most of their life under one single business or one single organization most teachers tuition teachers in public school teachers coaches are all institutionalized and it's not their fault the entire life is spent in a school and that's why they give more importance to marks than the real world gives

now when a teacher at the forefront of a class when teacher is giving a lecture they'll always project marks like they're the most important thing in the world and that's why a lot of school children get affected by the thought process that's called institutionalization realistically speaking

you only spend about 25% of your entire life in your studies in the school of college so those marks will determine only that 25% of your life after college the rest of the 75% begins.

now most teachers will tell you that in that 25% of your life your marks are going to determine the rest of your life the rest of that 75%of your life but that's not true teachers believe so because they're 75% is still spent in school even your teacher's performance is decided according to your marks

that's why usually the but pressure on you to do well because their performance depends on it now obviously teachers who have the best interests of the college students in mind they want their students studying to do well but a lot of teachers might make you believe that that first 25% of your life's performance will determine the rest of your life and that's not true at all, the rest of your life is determined by your real-world skillset.

Truth number two:- learn more from your friends

you're going to learn more from your friends than you ever learned from your teachers might teach you how to work hard and if they're really good teachers they might teach you ethics they might be two models in life

But your friends are gonna teach you the skills that are gonna help you get ahead in your career realistically speaking you're gonna have one of two job profiles either you're gonna work in some kind of business or some kind of corporate field or you're gonna have your own business

now in both those situations, your number one skill required is communication skills how well you're able to talk to people and more importantly the clarity of your own thought how well you're able to take your thoughts and throw them out into the real world

you know the clarity of your thought and the confidence with which you talk to your best friend you wanna be able to do that with your employees your teammates your bosses your clients everyone in your life communication skills is number one weapon that student learn from school

skill number two that you pick up from your friend's teamwork empathy the ability to understand another person's perspective one of the most crucial traits in life

now in life, you're only gonna get so far if you choose to work alone if you really want to make it big if you want to build some kind of big business organization or if you want to get ahead in your corporate career it's all about how when you work with your friends

that's what you learn from school learn teamwork work on group projects learn how to work with other human beings learn how other human beings Minds work and your own career will benefit from it.

Truth number three:- a biological perspective

Possibly the most shocking truth of all the Indian education system may not be meant for you from a biological perspective

so let me explain everyone's brain is made up of two hemispheres and each of Hemisphere's is responsible for different daily activities and different kinds of thought processes so depending on your genetics you either fall into club one where the left-hand side of your brain is a lot stronger than the right-hand side of your brain

so if this is the case you're possibly more logical you're better at mathematics and problem-solving and you're possibly better at languages you love working within a structure and you'll be a fantastic corporate employee and in most cases, the higher education system does justice to this kind of person

but club 2 is where it gets a little bit interesting people who have a stronger right-hand side hemisphere the more inclined towards creativity towards art they like thinking in free space they possibly better visualization and physics as well

but if you're able to think in free space that's the crucial point that means you don't like working in a structured format and the Indian education system is exactly that a structured format to important people to take note off Rabindra Nath Tagore and yoga Anand Paramhansa

they both tried launching education institutions in India which were meant more for the right-hand-side drained people but that didn't work out so well

so these Institute's believe that every student is different so the subjects taught as well as the kind of culture in these institutes was made both keeping left-brain students in mind and right-brain students in mind

the subjects were both artistic creative but also scientific and mathematical there was something for everyone so that once you graduate from school you'd get to pick any kind of career that you wanted and you would be kind of prepared for that career because of the higher education that you've got in that particular Institute

for some strange reason, these Institute's haven't lasted the test of time they haven't been able to fight the test of time what has happened is that high level of educational institutes have come up in India where we focus a lot more on only the scientific and the logical side of things

that's fantastic for education students were more left-brain the ones who like logic science structures of the students or right-brain

if you're someone who's more creative more artistic more entrepreneurial you don't like working in structures you may not be able to get along with your teachers and that might be a telltale sign be careful about choosing a career

so after we spoke about these three truths what are the takeaways takeaway number one is that you can't really hack the education system it's built the way it is it's not going to change overnight so instead of sulking about it instead of saying I'm right-brained I don't want to study get past it get past that first 25% of your life

but very important when you get done with that 25% choose a job that will suit your strengths if you feel like you're more right-brained don't choose a corporate job don't go for an MBA of course

if your left brain you like working in structures in systems and MBA is the way to go a corporate job is the way to go logic is the way to go continue on the same structured path that you're on right now for the rest of us were right-brain entrepreneurship artistic jobs things like that's what you gotta go for

I'd highly recommend that you go and check out something called the Myers-Briggs test is a psychology test that will teach you more about yourself they'll kind of help you with your career options but the second huge takeaway I have for you guys is this

the one biggest thing I did in an engineering college that helped me decide my own career was that I tried taking up different jobs try jobs in different fields tried corporate jobs try entrepreneurship try some kind of artistic jobs where you work on a film set

it'll help you choose a career for yourself and trust me there's nothing sadder than a person who spent twenty to thirty years of your life especially in that 75% zone on a job that they don't enjoy the seventy-five percent of your life should be the best days of your life even if you've not enjoyed the first 25%.

The exams are on keep studying get marks it will make the initial phase of that 75% of your life much easier but more importantly be self-aware don't be influenced by what you've been told since you are a child you aren't your marks if you're successful in your studies or if you fail in your studies it really doesn't matter what matters is your hard work and your real-life skills. 

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