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Essay on Computer 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words

Essay on Computer 100

Essay on Computer 10 Lines

1. Computer has great importance in the modern world.

2. There are many fields in which computer is a necessary part.

3. Computer is used in the educational field for study.

4. It is used in the medical field to monitor patients.

5. Computer is used in stores.

6. It is used in educational institutes for maintaining records.

7. Computer has made our life more easy and simple.

8. Computer can solve complex problems in seconds.

9. Computer is also used to play games and watch movies.

10. We should use the computer purposefully.

Essay on Computer 100 words

Computers Computer is an amazing gift of science to all of us. The first mechanical computer was invented by Charles Babbage. He is also known as the 'Father of the computer'.The computer has made our life easy and simple. It is used in many offices, banks, educational institutes, hospitals and even at homes. Monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse etc. are the parts of the computer. A computer has a huge data storage capacity, hence it is used to save a lot of information. Computers are also used for listening to music, watching movies, playing games, video/photo editing etc.

Computers can complete big calculations in a fraction of a second. Nowadays people can even interact with each other with a computer and an internet connection.

With the new technologies coming up every day, computers have become like windows through which we can watch the world that is virtual without boundaries.

Essay on Computer 200 words

The computer is an electronic device that can process store and retrieve data in the fastest way, the computer was made by Charles Babbage in the 19th century, 

Earlier computers were not so fast and powerful after thorough and meticulous research and work by various scientists modern-day computers come up, a computer consists of CPU, keyboard, monitor and mouse these are the main parts of a computer.

We use the computer for many purposes such as securing information sending emails, data processing, software programming, calculations etc. computer is used in various fields like business education health care defence etc computers are used everywhere 

Nowadays computers are available in different shapes and sizes there are various types of computer desktop computer, supercomputer, laptop and tablet.

The computer has become very important nowadays because it is very much accurate it can do complex calculations in just a fraction of a second 

In today's world, humans have become so dependent on computers that it is impossible for them to live without them the amazing benefits of computer makes them the most needed technology equipment.

The computer is a wonderful gift of science created by men to help mankind laptop and desktops are the forms of computers that are ruling the world today and these have definitely changed the lifestyle of people and the status of developing countries 

 Essay on Computer 300 words

 A computer is an electronic device. It is used to perform complex calculations and to perform multiple tasks which are not only difficult but impossible for the human mind to accomplish effectively. 

The computer is one of the best inventions of modern technology. The first computer was mechanical, which was made by Charles Babbage.

The four basic part of the computer is CPU ( Central Processing Unit), Monitor, Keyboard and house. The CPU is known as the brain of a computer that processes all functions. 

The monitors are the output devices of the computer which shows results while the keyboard and pointing device mouse are input devices that are used to give commands. 

A computer has not only process input and out devices. It possesses a control and arithmetic unit and memory unit which stores data some other peripheral devices like printers, speaker and camera can be connected with it. 

All these are output devices. In this digital world, computers possess an important place in our life. It has made our work easy. 

It saves our time and reduces our effort. The computer is used in offices banks, hospitals, railway stations defence, educational institutions etc. computer is used to enter information and store them computer are also used for entertainment like computer games watching and listing to music, studies. 

It helps them to make their assignment, and presentations and search for information about different topics.

The computer is a wonderful gift of science created by man to help mankind. laptop and desktops are the forms of computers that are ruling the world today and these have definitely changed the lifestyle of people and the status of developing countries. 

 Essay on Computer 400 words 

Introduction:- A computer is an electronic device that can store data and perform complex calculations and many other tasks like messaging, printing, etc.

Nowadays computer has become a need of every person many people use it either for office work education or for entertainment computers have simplified lot of tax for human beings although computers have proved to be a boon for humankind it has some disadvantages also following are the advantages and disadvantages of computers 


Speed:-  computers perform many complex calculations in a fraction of a second hence we can do a lot of work at a faster rate of accuracy than computers give.

Accurate:- output of all the calculations 

Data Storage:- lot of data can be stored in computers it can be easily accessed as and when required 

Communication:- with the help of computers and the internet we can communicate with any person across the globe we can also express our views on social media sites 

Reduces use of paper:- because of a lot of data can be saved on computers the use of paper is reduced this saves a lot of paper which comes from trees 


Addiction:- people play games on computers this can lead to addiction 

Virus:- attack many viruses and trojans can attack the computers this can cause loss of valuable data of a person or organization 

Decreases learning ability:- students these days use calculators for calculations and google for many simple answers this can reduce the learning ability and creativity of students 

Loneliness:- people use social media sites for interaction these days but real interaction is missing this has become the reason for loneliness amongst people 

Reduction in employment:- when computers have simplified a lot of tasks some jobs like that of a clerk or a typist can be reduced many people who were not aware of computer functionality have lost their jobs 

Conclusion:- computer has both advantages and disadvantages if we use it wisely and in a limited manner then it will always prove to be a boon thanks for watching.

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