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Failure and desire It is believed that failure is the consequence of ambitions shortage

Failure and desire It is believed that failure

Failure and desire It is believed that failure is the consequence of ambitions shortage

"There was a young man who tried his level best to clear his exams at University but he repeatedly failed and finally he just gave up 

thinking that marriage would be the best way to make him responsible his family got a merit 

after the marriage, the man took up a job as a primary school teacher but due to lack of experience was walked by the students and finally removed by the school authorities in just a few weeks time 

when he returned home that day his wife wiped his tears and comforted him she said to him you can teach young kids only if you've taken formal training or at least have some experience of teaching kids and for you, you didn't study teaching at university nor have you bailed with kids earlier 

so how could you know how to teach kids don't be too sad about it when God says yes to your prayer he gives you what you want? 

but when he says no to your prayer he has something better for you probably there is a better more suitable job waiting for you out there gathering some hope the man kept trying to find opportunities and when he did finally find one he was once again chucked out on the job judo slowest 

yet again his wife tried to encourage him by saying I'm sure there are people who are skilled and experienced and their job and their experience comes from many years at it 

as for you, you were in school trying to teach kids all this why so how could you acquire the needed skills don't worry, when God says no to your prayer it gives you something better but when he says wait to your prayer, he gives you the best 

the man kept trying his luck with several jobs which never lasted more than a couple of weeks at best months each time he would return back home dejected and depressed and his loving wife would comfort him never once was she disappointed or resentful 

by the time the man was in his thirties, he'd found his calling and had acquired a flair in languages he ended up being a counsellor in a school for those kids who were challenged in hearing and speaking and a little later he opened his own school for specially-abled kids 

in a couple of years, he set him a chain of stores in different cities and provinces selling apparatus and equipment for the specially-abled and went on to become a multi-millionaire 

one day the now rich man asked his wife when I was so negative about my own future how could you have so much faith in me the reply that his wife gave him was simple yet very profound and inspiring 

she said when a piece of land is not suitable for planting wait we should try planting beans and after all the years of effort if beans are not growing well we should try planting fruits or veggies and if the vegetation doesn't work we can scatter buckwheat seeds 

these seeds will one day bloom in flowers and on the very land itself there will be one seed that in germinating and grow after having listened to the wife's explanation the man wept her faith in him her love her patience her persistence was actually responsible for the successful Empire that they now moved 

ladies and gentlemen no one in this world is useless the land may be very fertile but you may not have figured out your seed it takes a while to figure out what's your seat works for you 

but once you discover your seed your passion your calling excellence and the bundled growth will simply be a consequence until then you need to believe in yourself more so we need someone who can believe in and keep you going do you see your day.

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