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Essay on Mitali Madhumita How she inspires me to

Essay on Mitali Madhumita How she inspires me to

 Essay on Mitali Madhumita 

"A soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him. He fights because he lives what lies behind him"

Some of the women, all of them have been fascinating, but some have moved us in particular, and those have been the women in uniform. 

Lt Col Mithali Madhumita is the first woman officer in the Indian Army to receive the Gallantry Award, She received the Sena Medal in 2011 for the exemplary courage and operation shown during the attack on the Indian Embassy by terrorists in Kabul, Afghanistan on 26 February 2010. Jammu and Kashmir and the northeastern states of India.

Lt Col Madhumita went to the Indian embassy that was hit by the attack and rescued several injured civilians and army personnel from the rubble. Around nineteen people, including seven Indians, lost their lives in the 2010 Kabul embassy attack.

Mitali Madhumita says " It's your individual aspiration as to what you want from your life. challenges are there in every field. There is no profession that does not come with its own set of difficulties and challenges, especially for women"

So what I feel is you should be motivated enough and you should be ready to take on the challenges and you should come with that strong willpower that once you join in Indian Army, you have to stick to it in thick or thin and then people support you.

The army is the only organisation where you are taught values, ethos and you become a warrior for life. this organisation is gender-neutral. It will bring out the leader in you. And the idea of leadership is not a man or a woman. It is being gender-neutral.

A lot of people out there want to know what are the roles and responsibilities of women in the army, that women can be a part of this organisation? 

here are fields like technical. There are fields like medicine, law, education, army aviation, air defence and this is the only organisation which will help you earn as well as have a taste of adventure. 

You've seen that there are women who have skilled Mount Everest. You've seen women who have circumnavigated the globe. There are daring fighter pilots also. So this is the only organisation where you are taught values, ethos and you become a warrior for life.

I like to share Three Mantras and I would like to advise if you can follow them too. 

  • Be willing 
  • Unlock your potential.
  • Believe in yourself. 

Please bring out the warrior in you because each and every person is a warrior within himself or herself.  I'm sure that one day you will tell yourself. Yes, you have it in you. 

What would I have done for My Nation?

I am greatly inspired by the first Indian women Gallantry Award winner Lt Col Mithali Madhumita because she was proved women can occupy any significant position in the Indian Army.

If I had been Lt Col Mithali Madhumita, I will do been the chief responsibility of the Indian Army.

Include national security and maintaining unity, protecting India from external and internal threats, maintaining peace and security within Indian borders.

Also, I shall conduct rescue operations during National Calamities and disasters. like Lt Col Mithali Madhumita who showed courage during the attack on the Indian embassy by terrorists in Kabul Afghanistan. 

I will play an important role in the life of every Indian and be perceived as a role model to support many women to join the Indian Army.

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    common people have such huge respect for them. it is an amazing journey to be.


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