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Essay on Gallantry Award Winner Neerja Bhanot


Essay on Gallantry Award Winneris Neerja Bhanot

Essay on Gallantry Award Winner


Gallantry awards are given by the government of India to honour the act of bravery and sacrifice of the Indian Armed Force and Civialns. After independence, gallantry awards namely param Veer Chakra, Maha Veer Chakra, Vir Chakra were Instituted by the Government of India on 26 January 1950.

Neerja Bhanot ( Gallantry Award Winner):

My favourite Gallantry Award Winner is Neerja Bhanot She was awarded the Ashoka Chakra. She was an Indian head purser who died while saving passengers on Pan Am Flight 73 which had been hijacked by terrorists from a terrorist Organisation during a stopover in Karachi, Pakistan. On 5 September 1986. Just two days before her 23rd Birthday.

Posthumously, she becomes the youngest recipient of Indian's Highly peacetime Gallantry, the Ashoka Chakra as well as several other accolades from the Government of Pakistan and the United States.

Someone has said:- 

A hero is someone

who has given his/her life

to something bigger 

than oneself...

Neeraj Bhanot is a perfect example of someone who gave her life to something bigger than herself. she sacrificed her safety to save the life of others.

Neeraj Bhanot Motivates me:

I am highly Inspired by Neeraj Bhanot as he was fearless and courageous and always ready to help others and to serve his nation. his helpful nation and bravery inspire me a lot. inspiration is a very strange force. there are various sources for looking to be like Neerja Bhanot and live a life of honour.


Now we can say. It's depend on us how we can make our country supreme.. her story continues to inspire your women, and in order to commemorate the courage, Bhanot's family used the funds from Pan AM Trust.

Do your duty, come what may 

Never tolerate any justice and 

Never compromise one Self-Respect...

Essay on Gallantry Award Winner Neerja Bhanot

"Neerja Bhanot is the best awardee of gallantry who sacrificed her life for the people of the country"

Gallantry Awards are given to show respect for acts of bravery and sacrifice of officers civilians and forces gallantry awards have been instituted by the government of India to honour the acts of bravery and sacrifice of the officers personal of the armed forces other lawfully constituted forces and civilians 

these country awards are announced twice a year first on the occasion of the republic day and then on the occasion of the independence day 

Gallantry about winner Neerja Bhanot

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself -- Joseph Campbell "

Neerja Bhanot is a perfect example of someone who gave her life to something bigger than herself she sacrificed her safety to save the lives of other heroes show courage even in the toughest times and are kind to everyone 

Bhanot's act of courage on paradigm flight 73 proved her to be a heroic figure because she died saving the lives of hundreds of people inspired generations of Indian citizens to be courageous when faced with a dilemma and encourage individuals to be compassionate with all people even strangers 

Even though she was killed that day her legacy will not be forgotten for Bhanot's acts of compassion she received the Ashok chakra award this award is given to India's most honourable people Bhanot's was given this award for her fearlessness and kindness on the flight manure's act of compassion influences the people of India to be kind to everyone she is the role model for young women everywhere to this day i look up to Neerja Bhanot and consider her a true hero 

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  1. If I had been ________________(Name of the Gallantry Award Winner)What would I have done for my nati on?

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  2. If I had been Neerja Bhanot what would I done for my nation

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