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Essay On Gallantry Award Winner | Captain Vikram Batra

Essay On Gallantry Award Winner

Essay On Gallantry Award Winner 


Gallantry Awards are given to show respect for acts of bravery and sacrifice of officers and Bravery of the Awardees the government of India with its organization hosts various Sessions.

Meaning of Galoantory Award:- Gallantry Award is given by the Government of India to Honor the acts of Bravery and Sacrifice of the Indian Armed Forces and Civilians. After Independence, gallantry awards namely ParamVeer Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra, Vir Chakra were Instituted by the Government of India on 26 January 1950

Captain Vikram Batra: ( Galantary Award winner):- 

My famous gallantry award winner is Captian Vikram Batra. He was awarded the Param Vi9r Chakra. India's Anniversary of Indian\s Independence. Captain Vikram Batra thus displayed the most conspicuous display of personal bravery and leadership of the Highest Order in the force of the enemy and made the highest sacrifice in the Highest tradition of the Indian Army.

Captain Vikram Batra inspired me to join the Indian Army: 

I am highly Inspired by Vikram Batra as he was fearless and courageous and always ready to serve his Nation. His helpful nature and bravery inspire me a lot. He inspired me to join the army to serve my country. Inspiration is a very strong force. There are various sources for looking for other lucrative careers, But it takes courage to join the armed forces like Vikram Bhatra and live a life of honour.


Those chose the life of a soldier to choose to live with dignity, bound by honesty and an unwavering sense4e of duty. This is his motivation to join the army. I also want to join the army with the desire to serve my nation and voluntarily dedicate my life to the defence of the holy motherland.


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