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Importance of healthy food essay


Importance of healthy food essay

Importance of healthy food essay

The famous proverb "Health is wealth" reminds us of the importance of good health. Health is the most important aspect of life and if eat healthily we can live a prosperous life, However, people nowadays tend to eat junk food that is harmful to our body and has proved to be fatal many times. 

Junk food contains excessive amounts of salt, sugar and fats. This category of food must be strictly avoided as they have a lot of negative impact on our well-being. Though junk food is harmful to health, they seem our taste buds. The fast-food industry is constantly growing. 

Now that we have food delivery apps, we have started consuming junk food all the more, people prefer it because it is readily made available to them. Consumption of junk food cause health trouble like heart disease, breathing problem, hypertension, cancer etc. 

 Junk food also causes digestive issues as it can not provide us with fibres. It increases the level of cholesterol. in our body. Junk food is also the reason for the irregularity in blood sugar levels (Causes diabetes).

Therefore it is important to make people aware of the benefits of healthy eating so can adopt a healthy lifestyle and keep themselves from diseases and away from infections. 

There are numerous benefits of healthy, food. Healthy food promotes physical health. It keeps us active and energetic throughout the day. It also impacts your mental health. 

Healthy food provides us with nutrients that are crucial for the proper functioning of the brain, Healthy Fruits and vegetables are rich in protein, vitamins and carbohydrates and fibres.

They boost the immune system and protect us from chronic disease's Healthy food controls unnecessary weight gain. 

It shapes our bodies and makes our skin glow. dūr mood Our when have a brightens up a delicious healthy meal. Moreover, healthy food saves Home prepared meals are cheaper than junk food options. 


One must resort to an alternative way to have tasty and healthy food lat the time. We must drink lemon water and herbal tea instead of soft drinks. one should drink plant-based milk, eat raw fruits instead of juices, switch to a lean protein diet and eat less processed foods to keep them healthy and fit.

Hence, we must realize this fact that even though junk food looks appetizing, we must not eat it and should include it in our diet to live a long life full of health and good well–being.

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