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Prevention Is Better Than Cure Essay

Prevention is better than cure essay

Prevention Is Better Than Cure Essay

Prevention is better than cure ( 100 words)

It is better to prevent something, which will happen badly, we must bear the provers in mind that " Prevention is better than cure". Students must study their lessons daily.

They must work regularly, If they do they will avoid scoring lower marks, their families also will be very happy, the student gets a scholarship, so the family can save money.

It avoids getting into debt, we must take care of our health to save money, and we should not spend money on unnecessary food items that we need nor spend money on medicines.

Prevention is better than cure essay ( 200 WORDS )

We sometimes handle a knife, carelessly, cut our fingers, allow the cut to go septic, and then the pain is unbearable, consult the doctor. The doctor prescribes a prolonged and costly treatment. Wouldn't it have been better for us to have taken due precautions while using the knife? 

In fact, we can always protect ourselves against common alignments and diseases by restoring proper precautionary preventive measures. Very often we are careless and do things thoughtlessly, we ignore signs that indicate the possibility of trouble.

Finally, when the trouble occurs, we regret and neglect it, but by then it is too late. The proverb Prevention is better than your advises us to take necessary steps to stop something unpleasant from happening. 

This probe has applications in the proper maintenance of machines, buildings, roads, bridges, and health care in the world of natural calamities, in the prevention of epidemic outbreaks, and even at the political and national level. 

The probe stresses the need for foresight and precaution in dealing with this situation in our lives to avoid facing misery and searching for expensive remedies later on.

 Prevention is better than cure essay

Meaning of the proverb:- The meaning of the proverb ' Prevention is better than care' is, that if we follow the prevention measures in all the spheres of life It will keep us happy by all means, It is a famous and old proverb.

Generally related to our physical and mental health, prevention is always a better and wiser technique to avoid diseases and other problems of health that require proper cures. 

The cure is a costly regimen that may or may not treat us completely to the normal level. So, prevention instead of seeking remedies 

How this proverb is applicable in our life.

Prevention measures help us to avoid difficulties in life and give us a peaceful happy life that is full of numerous difficulties and if we are not disciplined we have to suffer too much, therefore, this proverb suits us a lot all throughout life.

Wise people must follow this technique in their daily lives to be healthy, wealthy, and happy, In this polluted environment, anyone can be deceased anytime with any big or small health disorder and any disease requires a proper cure which is very costly and doesn't give surety of wellness.


life is very short and we should enjoy it completely. however, it is only possible when we are stress-free, disease-free, and disciplined in our whole life. our preventive efforts should be able to prevent trouble and difficulties, it can happen if the principles of this proverb are followed strictly and faithfully in every aspect of life.

Prevention is better than cure ( 300 words )

Out of a country's health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures, In this world, many people are dying from various types of health-related problems because of the lack of appropriate health education and preventative actions 

That's why the government should expend a huge amount of money in the health budget for treatment-related education and preventive measure

It's agreed that this policy has a great number of benefits and this will be shown by analyzing the economic point of view of a nation as well as the health aspects of people, firstly many regimes spent an almost amount of money to treat their people that are suffering from different types of serious ailments, this extravagance can be easily diminished.

When the state commences of healthcare educational system by spending money on the health teaching system for instance if the government perceives the slums that smoking drinking and so on are bad things for the Mind and Body through this educational program

Many people will be not attacked by the severe sickness this could save a large amount of money for the state as can be clearly seen from this illustration that the thought may bring colossal economic benefit to the government

Secondly, many governments fight against several types of diseases especially diabetes and heart diseases before these health issues are sought people can be ceased by taking some preventive measures, for example, regular exercise sports entertainment, etc 

may decrease the chances of becoming those patients creating parks playgrounds and cinema halls can influence people to exercise which can shield people from these intense sicknesses this can be achieved by investing the cash in preventative measures from the health budget


This thought is indispensable not only to the individuals but also to the authorities however the tremendous comforts of this coverage reinforce my argument that a government should.

Prevention is better than cure essay ( 500 words )

It goes without saying that prevention is much better than cure, that is why in recent decades there has been a growing body of opinion in favor of putting more resources into health education and preventive measures the debate is that ignorance of such as basic hygiene or the dangers of an unhealthy diet or lifestyle has to be combated by particular nationwide publicity campaigns in addition to longer-term health education.

Obviously, there's a strong humanitarian argument for catching any health condition as soon as possible there is also an economic argument for doing these statistics demonstrate that the cost-effectiveness of treating a condition in the early stages as opposed to delaying and tomorrow's costly and protracted treatment is essential then there are social or economic costs, perhaps in terms of loss of earnings to the family worried or unemployment benefit paid by the state

So far so good but the difficulty starts when we attempt to define what the percentage of the budget should be particularly if the funds will be diverted from treatment decisions on precisely how much of the total health budget should be spent in this way or not a matter for the nonspecialist but should be made based on an accepted healthcare model

This is the point where real problems happen the formulation of this model how do we accurately measure which health education campaigns are effective in both medical and financial terms

How can we agree about the medical effectiveness of various screening programs when the medical establishment itself doesn't agree a very rigorous process of evaluation is called for so that we can make an informed decision?

Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the following topic prevention is much better than cure, From a country's health budget, a large proportion ought to be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures to what extent would you agree or disagree with this statement sample response

A government has various responsibilities to its citizens perhaps the most important would be healthcare there are different approaches to this namely prevention versus cure this essay will explain why my therapy is superior using the case of tobacco as a very clear example

Firstly healthcare education has its limits within the last 20 years various Western governments have tried to discourage smokers by placing certain spawning and revolting pictures yet smokers still want to light up

Therefore seriously questioning government endeavors of prevention rather than cure nevertheless through the same period cancer treatment has improved considerably even generating beneficial spin-off discoveries for asthma sufferers, therefore, treatment is not only more effective it's also bettered other sectors of society

Secondly, even if avoidance has strong evidence of being effective there is the common case of patients suffering by pure chance such as it's known that individuals may suffer from lung cancer who have never smoked anything whereas somebody smoking 20 a day can escape such illness therefore even having followed government advice

There would still be a need for therapy in addition if funds were diverted from research for cures to schooling there would be little to assist chance victims.


Though smoking has addictive elements drawn from observations over various years it's apparent that prevention has failed substantially additionally treatment can help those afflicted by pure chance and even benefit patients with associated challenges.

Prevention is better than Cure essay 750 words

Prevention is much better than cure in that it is better to prevent and undesirable things from happening in the first place than to take necessary security measures later. It educates us to rethink the advent of a situation that would be undesirable and undesirable and make necessary efforts to stop its occurrence.

Because when we allow it to happen, then we'd be left with no option but to take conciliatory or curative measures to repair the damages. Nevertheless, the damages would be carried out. On the other hand, if we take steps to avoid the incident in the first place, we'd escape the damages, losses, harm, or anything similar.

Take the example of your teeth Isn't it wiser to brush your teeth twice per day to avoid decay than to pay a visit to a doctor and spend money on obtaining the tooth removed? Obviously, when you prevent it in the first place, then you'd be saving time, money, and pain, therefore it is advisable to take preventive measures to be treated after the situation has occurred.

Examples of the proverb “prevention is better than cure”

The doctor told his patient to prevent physical contact with somebody who is infected with influenza, even though there are medications to heal it. Nevertheless, prevention is better than cure.

The Indian implied to the officer that they should rather construct a dam to avoid the yearly occurrence of the flood, rather than wait for the flood to occur after taking rescue measures. After all. Prevention is Far Better than cure, the scientist said politely

The origin of this proverb “Prevention is better than cure”

The phrase" prevention is far better than Cure" became popular sometime during the 17th century, though a phrase with similar significance was in popular unity throughout the 13th century. It is better and much more useful to fulfil a difficulty in time compared to seeking out a remedy after the harm is done.

Another origin of this phrase is traced straight back to the Roman poet Persius (A.D.C 58). Who said -" fulfil the malady on its own way" Thomas admires, Church of England clergyman and an English author, also allegedly wrote in 1630. Prevention is so much better than healing because it shows the level of being sick. Since then, the proverb has become popular in use by medical specialists around the globe and many others

The importance of the proverb “prevention is better than cure”

Prevention is better than cure. It is a very important daily life lesson for people from all segments and a myriad of professions. It warns them not only to be ready for every eventuality but also to prevent its occurrence in the first place.

For students, it usually means that they should research well and excel in examinations rather than sense for reevaluations and rearrange in examinations later on. To Working professionals, it advises that they should dispense their responsibilities beforehand well in advance, then seek out approval and time or excuses later on.

A short story on “Prevention is Better than Cure”

There lived a little boy in a small Indian town. The boy was playful and obedient, but he had a disregard for rules. It happened that one day a very deadly virus faded and countless people around the world got infected.

Doctors advised individuals to maintain a distance from 1 end to avoid physical contact and use a facemask whenever stepping outside the house. As usual, our territory did not approve of its inhuman state, and despite his parent's insistence,

He didn't wear the mask and performed with friends without social distancing. 1 day, among his pals, a cousin, who had lately come from Delhi, also joined in the play a couple of days later the buddy and his cousin did not play.

Upon inquiring, the boy came to understand that both had a fever and were taken to the doctor two days later. Our boy also got a fever and was taken to the doctor. He tested positive for the exact same deadly virus. It happened that his friends who had come from Delhi were infected and Subsequently infected additional boys,

The boys had to leave for two weeks in an isolated hospital ward where he wasn't even permitted to meet his parents. Fortunately, he recovered. And on the road back home, he could just think that prevention is far better than cure.

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