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Essay on legal framework of social media during election

Essay on legal framework of social media during election

Essay on legal framework of social media during election

One of the most important developments in election campaigns over the past seven-eight years has been the advent of social media 

It has fundamentally changed the ways in which Indian Political parties have conducted their campaigns and has fundamentally changed the way in which citizens are exposed to political information 

So what is the impact that this has on the outcome of an election it could mobilize certain segments of the electorate for example in the BJPreferend it did mobilize 18 and 19 year-olds who were voting for the first time? 

In terms of the last general election held in Indian, we know that they were over 7 million tweets leading up to the campaign and in those that came from parties we know that most of them came or about almost 50% came from the BJP  and about 30% came from the Congress Party 

But we know that the outcome of the election went in the other direction and the BJP won a decisive victory so we have to have a more much more nuanced understanding of the impact of social media on campaigns and that's for several reasons

One reason we know that people who seek out information on social media are likely to be engaged in politics anyway we also know that people select out information that's consistent with their own preferences so they're not likely to be exposed to opposing views 

We also know that amongst young social media users that they're not sharing political information that's a very small segment of the information that they share in that they're exposed to on social media 

So yes social media has changed the conduct of elections but we have to have a much more nuanced understanding of its impact on the outcome.

Essay on legal framework os social media during election

Politicians are spending more and more money on social media but is it worth it last year research firm Burrell associates estimated political campaigns spent more than 1.4 billion dollars on digital advertising in 2016.

That includes ads for video mobile email social media and online searches, to reach voters online especially young voters politicians and staffers try to use blunt and authentic language that's responsive to the news that's trickier than you'd think but a key to using social media seems to be consistency 

Politicians who've had some success on social media include Arvind Kejriwal 2017 tweet apparently won the most viral post during a house democrat online all-star competition to gain new followers on social media 

Another politician who does well on social platforms online Prime Mister, Narendra Damodardas Modi, P.M Modi is pushing a billion Twitter mentions I tweeted today at real Donald trump by a tweet I have my own form of media  

Of course, there are drawbacks to politicians using social media before the 2016 presidential election the pew research centre found more than a third of social media users surveyed were quite worn out by the amount of political content they encounter 

During the 2016 election, a recent study found political content on Facebook and Twitter was more partisan and unreliable than the news media 

For politicians ben das says the risk of creating partisan echo chambers is real but says they can avoid that by speaking directly to voters as a whole instead of targeted audiences.

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